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With last night's update, a bug snuck through that erroneously could affect teams with Expensive Mistakes and/or Spiralling Expenses.

To be able to assist people who got affected by this bug, I have set up a forum thread where you can post the info I need to fix the problem.

I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, and strive to fix these as soon as I can.
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Christer on Friday, March 24, 2017 - 22:03
At some point on Thursday, the site will go offline for a short while. A technician from our ISP is coming by to replace a fiber converter box. Hopefully, this will be quick and not cause too much of a disruption.

This has now been completed.
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Christer on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 22:44
After the announcement of expensive mistakes being put into effect in April, I've been monitoring how players have behaved with their huge stacks of gold.

As some of you have experienced, some individuals have been pushing massively amounts of inducements into games, making the matches spectacularly uneven and no fun for the underdog.

In light of this, I have gone ahead and pushed through the expensive mistakes feature for the Ranked and Blackbox divisions. All teams that are not currently scheduled or involved in a match that have treasuries above the expensive mistakes limit (100k) have been placed into the post-match status and will be rolling for expensive mistakes if their treasuries are left as-is.

For those of you who did not abuse this window of time, I apologise for not sticking to the original plan of leaving it as-is until the end of the month.
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Christer on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 02:41
I've pushed through some changes that should fix the issues we had with petty cash and inducements earlier today. With this fix, I've also re-enabled the BB2016 settings for petty cash (meaning all treasury is moved to petty cash automatically, and it doesn't affect your TV). Note that using gold beyond the "underdog" free inducement gold you get will affect your team treasury.

Beyond this, the previous announcement regarding Piling On has been revised. The absolute storm of responses on it made it very clear that a majority of you are unhappy with the decision that was made. I have taken a few of the points brought up to heart and have chosen to change the way it's going to be dealt with:

Players in R and B who have the Piling On skill will have that skill replaced with Juggernaut.

Why the change? The key problem with switching it to Mighty Blow is that it hurts big guys (who inherently have mighty blow). The lookups I did on skill picks did not take these inherent positional skills into account, and taking that into account made it abundantly clear that switching to Mighty Blow would more or less be equivalent to simply leaving it as-is.

With Juggernaut as the skill to replace Piling On, there are far fewer players with duplicates (6% of PI players, who will still be left as-is with a skill that simply bloats the player).

This skill change will take place at some point soon(tm), e.g. within a few hours unless some other more pressing thing crops up (for example more problems with results).

Players in Ranked and Blackbox now have Juggernaut instead of Piling On.
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Christer on Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 20:47
As part of the work Kalimar and I are doing to update FFB to the 2016 ruleset, an error ended up sneaking through. This problem was in place between 12:39:27 and 15:13:00 today, and affected Ranked and Blackbox teams (30 matches total).

Quick description of the problem:
With BB2016, petty cash doesn't affect TV in the inducement phase. The client was changed to support this, and at the same time move all treasury to the petty cash for purchasing inducements.

When a match is uploaded to the site, there was still code that reduced treasury by the amount transferred to petty cash. This caused all teams involved in matches uploaded during this timespan to lose all their treasury.

I have reverted the options back to LRB6 rules, and will be going through the matches affected and returning the gold to each team.

FFB will be updated to include enough information for the site to process this correctly soon, but for now we're back to the old way of doing things.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

In total, 54 teams were affected by this problem.
All gold lost due to this bug has been returned to the teams involved.
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Christer on Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 15:35