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The Grotty Little Newspaper is proud to present the Grotty Little Tournament!

Tournament draw starts
22.00pm server time
Wednesday 20th May 2020

Follow the link in the banner above to see where to apply for each qualifier.

High TV, Old Teams, Forlorn Races, Specialty Qualifiers?

You can apply to one of the following 4 qualifiers

High TV

Any Ranked or Blackbox team can apply to the High TV qualifiers. (2000+TV)

Old teams

Any Ranked or Blackbox team can apply to the Old Team qualifiers. (80+ Games)

Both High TV and Old teams are welcome to any team that meets the entry criteria. If you meet both either should work as they usually end up with a similar distribution of teams


Any Ranked or Blackbox team can apply to the Forlorn Races qualifiers as long as they are one of the races listed below.

If you are sending any of the following types of teams it is recommended you send them to this qualifier.

Chaos Renegades
Ogres (LRB4)
Amazons (LRB4)

We are including any teams that have not won a major since LRB4 in the forlorn qualifier now.

In addition one qualifier in this group will be made up of only Goblin and Halfling teams.

Speciality Qualifiers:

Any Ranked or Blackbox team can apply for any of the following qualifiers

1 High CR qualifier (over 165 CR)

1 Ranked qualifier

1 Black Box qualifier

1 Gauntlet qualifier (open to anyone)

All 4 specialty qualifiers are in the same group so the High CR qualifier will be filled first, then Ranked/Blackbox, and finally the Gauntlet. Please have this in mind when applying.

Each specialty qualifier will attempt to be as close to the same size as possible

There is something for everyone!!

The Goblins have some special weapons for the winner. Two secret weapons from Chainsaw, Bombs, Ball and Chain and Pogo. All (except pogo) come with Secret Weapon.

So apply and have fun in the craziest major tournament of the year!
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Bazakastine on Friday, May 08, 2020 - 01:45
It is once again time for a new round of XFL XIV Qualifiers. This month the races that get to play are Amazon, Chaos Chosen and Vampire. A nice mix of flavours and styles for everyone to enjoy, and some races in the mix that don't get to play that many mirror matches normally. In short: we're counting on another massive turnout!

If you have a [B]lackbox or [R]anked team from one of these races you are hereby invited to APPLY on the group page. The tournaments will start on May 6th.
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Cloggy on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 22:41
So, over the last week or so, a number of people from America (north, central and south) and Australia have been reporting trouble connecting to the site and playing games.

I've looked into this in as much detail as I can, and this is not a problem on the FUMBBL side, but appears to be an issue with an atlantic interconnect. Given the length of this trouble, I am guessing that it's simply something being overloaded by the higher than usual traffic causing problems (I've seen numbers around 30% higher than normal).

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do from the site end, because the problem isn't on my end. However, there are a few things that can be tested:

1. First ensure that your Java installation is good and correctly configured: https://fumbbl.com/note/christer/JavaConfig

2. Second, try to access the site through an alternative ISP (mobile hotspot for example). See if this helps, in which case you could play through this hotspot instead (be mindful of your data cap though).

3. Set up a VPN and access the site through that. Try various different exit points to see which one works best for you.

VPNs come in various forms ranging from free ones to commercial ones. I will not recommend any particular one, but feel free to look around. On a more abstract level, though, I would recommend looking into VPN services you pay for since then your data isn't being tracked or sold to advertising companies. Generally speaking, if you're not paying anything *you* are the product (and I do realize the irony of saying that as someone who runs a for-free website).

I hope this information will be helpful to some of you, and allow you to play games again.
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Christer on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 21:52
I am going to be performing some site maintenance consisting of updating firewall and switch firmware and restarting the FFB server. This will cause a downtime of around 15 minutes (hopefully), where games are interrupted and the website is inaccesable.

I apologize for the inconvenience of this interruption.
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Christer on Sunday, April 26, 2020 - 09:51
After a short delay caused by the remaining member of XFL staff being a moron we are ready to get going on the next rounds of XFL XIV Qualifiers.

Time for Human, Slann and Wood Elf team to battle it out for the honor to represent thier races in the XFL Masters! In this Ulthuan Invitational period of the year it seemed only fitting to have an "all-light" XFL Qualifier.

All coaches with a [B]lackbox or [R]anked team of any TV/TW from one of these races is hereby invited to APPLY on the group page.

The tournaments will start on the 8th of April, with the first round deadline on the 15th.
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Cloggy on Friday, April 03, 2020 - 10:44