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The news of the Crown of Sand prize had reached the ears of the goblin organisers of the Grotty Little Tournament (GLT).

Much mumbling was heard among the green masses. How on earth could they keep up with a prize like that? It took days to finally come up with their unique idea.

They went through all they were good at. Fouling, flying through the air, fouling, more fouling, bribing, fouling and more bribing.

Then they settled on it...

SECRET WEAPONS! Who doesn't love secret weapons.

As a prize they will offer to the winner 2 secret weapons and the knowledge needed to sneak them onto the pitch.


The winner of the GLT will be rewarded with the choice of 2 secret weapons (not 2 of the same kind) from Ball and Chain (player gets MA3/ST7), Chainsaw, Bombs or Pogo stick (player gets VLL and Leap).

They will carry the secret weapon trait which will follow normal rules.

They must be placed on a player that played in the final game.

The winning coach can also award one of their players the 'fan favourite' skill.
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Throweck on Friday, May 25, 2018 - 00:20
As some of you already noticed, the FFB game server has been acting a bit flaky recently. I've been hard at work trying to figure it out, and am still working on it.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience this instability has caused you, and continues to cause.

For those of you who are not interested in technical details, you can stop reading now as I'll simply be explaining the problems and background for the rest of this post.
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Christer on Monday, May 21, 2018 - 17:50
A stirring had been heard from the desert. The pillars of fire had been seen flickering, as if they were changing, before they returned to their normal form. This is most unusual.

The rumours amongst the races and teams already there is that the Crown of Sand itself looks strangely different as it sits on top of the risen plinth. Lich Lords scurry around to make sense of it.

A dark silhouette of a Lich Lord stepped forward. 'Settra has spoken! The Crown of Sand will now bestow great power and responsibility on it's owner. But beware, this great power cannot last forever.' The cloaked figure returns back to the shadow of the plinth.

The noise around each of the 24 pillars was deafening as the excitement for the Crown of Sand grew.


The Crown of Sand will now bestow +ST/Leader/Regeneration on it's owner. It will also allow the team to raise sand skeletons (functioning like a necromancer). As a display of the Crown's power, a single sand skeleton will be added to the team.

Once the wearer of the crown has died, the ability to raise sand skeletons has gone.
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Throweck on Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 19:40

Each year the Tomb lords of the Khemri meet at a charred and blackened crack in the desert. There powerful magic is called upon from ancient Tomes and Lich Lords under vow to assist, and the dusty magical conflagration sends up a flaming beacon into the sky. Teams from all over the world see the sign and flock to the desert for the chance to compete for the Crown Of Sand.

The Crown Of Sand is accepting applications here.

Apply with whatever team you wish to enter into the Qualifiers.

At the moment that applications are closed, the 8 most numerous races are each placed into their own qualifier. The other races are allocated into these groups first in reverse (race 8 gains race 9, race 7 gains race 10) and then from 17-24 in the original order(so 1, 16 and 17; 2, 15 and 18), and the draw is made.

Each Tournament must feature the highest 5 TV applicants from the lead race in that group, the 3 highest from the race numbered 9-16 and the two highest from races 17-24 and be filled to a maximum of 16 teams, with the remaining highest TV teams from all the races allocated to that group. where this is not possible, filler teams will be used.

The draw will start at 22.00pm on Wednesday 16th May.

The winner of each Crown Of Sand Qualifier will recieve +1 bonus MVP and the winner of the main draw will recieve an additional +1 MVP. They may then chose to elect one of the players who completed the final to don the 'Crown Of Sand'. The Crown Of Sand gives the chosen player an instant and permanent +stat of the coaches choosing (to a maximum on any stat of +2 still) and also bestows the skill Decay. The coach may also, only at this moment, choose to fill their roster with as many Sand Skeletons as they wish. The first of these arrives skilled to 16spp and with the skill Pro and Leader, but all such Skeletons also recieve the skill Decay, to reflect that they are made from sand. They will have 30TV

So what are you waiting for?

Apply to take part in the Crown Of Sand VII.

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Throweck on Wednesday, May 02, 2018 - 00:24
We've already arrived at round 5 out of 8 of the qualifiers in XFL XII. The chances to book your ticket to the main event are quickly running out, so it's time to get going!

This round you have the opportunity to become the champion for one of the three races drawn by random diceroll:

Elven Union

If you have a [B]lackbox or [R]anked team of any TV/TW from these races you are hereby invited to APPLY on the group page.

The tournaments will be drawn Wednesday May 2nd at about 22.00 server time and have a first round deadline of May 12th.
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Cloggy on Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:29