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Only 2 about a month to go until the biggest Eurobowl/Europen ever takes place in Cardiff, Wales. Reason enough to start up the hype train by bringing the competition to your home with the

Sign up as Squad of 3 coaches for 6 weekly games running up to the Eurobowl 2018 in Wales

  • Winning Team can collect a free round of beer from myself in Wales :-)

  • We are using the official Eurobowl 2018 rules with 1100k TV and 3 tiers

  • There are 6 rounds of Swiss in 3 groups, top 4 Squads qualify for the playoff

  • Please state the Team name you are playing for in your Bio (as well as your NAF number), Also list your team in the forum thread

  • Round 1 will start at 22:00 CET (Fumbbl BB-Time) on Monday, 3.9.18

  • Create your team with this link and then apply the team to the Online NAF fumbbl group

  • All details are available in the €uropen Online 2018 Rulespack
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Strider84 on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 11:05
The first official FUMBBL Vlog is now available on Youtube!

It covers the 145 Club, Instant Smacks and the FUMBBL Cup.

Please subscribe for regular updates and videos.


Throweck and Morehouse
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Throweck on Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 10:02
It has come to my attention that the way petty cash is handled on the site is not working as intended as of the BB2016 rules. While there is no up to date official FAQ about this to my knowledge, the grapevine is pretty clear about this. The linked website states there will be a "published FAQ" with a clarification, this FAQ has not appeared anywhere as of yet.

Either way, given this resource and the posts made on Facebook and on TFF, I think that's about as close to an official ruling as we can expect to see about this.

So, to this end, FUMBBL will be reverting back to the CRP rules for this for the competitive divisions (Ranked and Blackbox). Specifically, there are two options that will change:

- Petty cash affects TV. This will be turned ON.
- Treasury is automatically transferred to petty cash. This will be turned OFF.

This change will be done at some point on Monday morning (2018-07-30).

Edit: This rule change has now been applied.
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Christer on Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 21:49
Apologies for the late notification, the 8th & final round of this seasons XFL kicks off on Wednesday 11th July at about 22.00 server time, the races are Norse Slann & Vampire.

Coaches are invited to apply with Ranked or Blackbox Division teams of the three races listed above.

Apply Here

You may enter teams for as many of the above races as you wish but may only enter one team for each race.

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Cyrus-Havoc on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 00:39

The Grotty Little Newspaper is proud to present the Grotty Little Tournament!

Follow the link above to decide which qualifier you want to apply for.

High TV, Old Teams, Forlorn Races, Speciality Qualifiers?

There is something for everyone!!

This year there is also a Ranked only and Blackbox only group in the Speciality qualifiers!

Also...those Goblins have been very excited about giving away their new prizes. Two secret weapons from Chainsaw, Bombs, Ball and Chain and Pogo. All (except pogo) come with Secret Weapon.

So apply and have fun in the craziest major tournament of the year!
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Throweck on Thursday, July 05, 2018 - 20:59