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Past Players of Echoes of the Great Song
Team Page
11SiranoLineman10m, n
14SofaritaLineman51m, n
5One-Eyed-FoxCatcher1963Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Shadowing, Diving Tackled
15RulaLineman1521Kick, Dodge-av, d
7VarabidisThrower79Pass, Strong Arm-av, m, n
1BalielWardancer1222Leap, Block, Dodge, +AG, Strip Ball-ma, m, n
11Lan-RoasLineman159Kickm, n
13JadasLineman1710Dodge-av, m, -st
2RaelWardancer1920Leap, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepn
10BeliLineman1521Guard, Jump Up-av, d
15PerjakLineman1218Dodge, Blockd
1GorayWardancer1131Leap, Block, Dodge, +MA, Jump Up, Strip Balln, n
12ForjalLineman3434Dodge, Block, Guardn, d
10KaleLineman46Dirty Player-av
1Endar-SenWardancer68Leap, Block, Dodge, Strip Balld
15YashaLineman20m, n
4Hua XhenCatcher4383Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, +MA, Sprintn
8NiclinThrower1412Pass, Accurated
5Rzak XhenCatcher1526Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step-ma, -ma
4JiangCatcher632Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dirty Playern, m, n
13BajLineman2876Block, Dodge, +AG, Leap, Guard-st, n, m, n
7CaprishanThrower710Pass, +MAn, d
2CationWardancer1835Leap, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tacklen, d
14PendarLineman4551Guard, Kick, Block, Leadern, m, n
4TogenCatcher911Catch, Dodge, +MAn, d
13BoruLineman618Guard, Blockd
1TalabanWardancer2851Leap, Block, Dodge, +MA, Jump Up, Strip Ball, Frenzyn, -ma, m, n
6AnwarLineman2651Block, Dodge, +AG, Guardn, m, n
7AmmonLineman728Block, Tackled
9VerisLineman3445Guard, Dodge, Block-av, n, -ma
15BekarLineman1110Block-av, m, -av
14ShalikLineman91-av, m, -ma
13MethrasLineman76Tacklen, m, -ma
12Karesh VarLineman2180+AG, Leap, Dodge, Block, Nerves Of Steeld
11OnquerLineman43-av, d
10SuryetLineman3438Block, Guard, Dodged
1VirukWardancer25Leap, Block, Dodged