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Past Players of Goblin Federal
Team Page
4JackaGoblin40Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
11GuffGoblin25Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
14PongPogoer20Dodge, Leap, Very Long Legs, Stuntyd
5GaryGoblin20Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
12Gobble D GookGoblin40Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty-av
5GangeGoblin20Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty-st
3GibbleGoblin20Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
15RoryGoblin45Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
12AmyGoblin10Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
11PongPogoer60Dodge, Leap, Very Long Legs, Stuntym, d
9Gammy LegGoblin66Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tacklen
4GoingoutGoblin142Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyn
3GalinGoblin125Dodge, Right Stuff, Stuntyd
14GobbledegookGoblin175Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty-av
7GarbGoblin108Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Dirty Playern, d
11GromittGoblin130Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty-ag
16GrubbleGoblin2315Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Side Stepm, d
12GibbleGoblin1722Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Sprint, Sure Feetd
11GupperGoblin48Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Sprintd
9GruffGoblin55Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff-av, d
12GooberGoblin43Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffn
11GrabbaGoblin10Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
6GobbieGoblin2451Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, +ST, +AG, Block, Jump Upn, d
7GropeyGoblin70Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
7sacGoblin00Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff 
6GrappleGoblin70Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
12GiklinGoblin710Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackled
16GratuitousGoblin1619Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackled
15GarageGoblin2815Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle-ma, -av, m
11GrampaGoblin110Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
15GregorianGoblin20Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffm, n
6GumdropGoblin76Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackled
12GreenieGoblin85Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffm, n
11GrabbyGoblin45Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffm, n
9GangreenousGoblin2414Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Side Stepd
7GreaseyGoblin1010Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Side Stepd
6GrollGoblin63Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
3GrungeyGoblin2926Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackle, Side Stepn, d
15GrumpyGoblin816Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, +MAd
14GratefulGoblin3528Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Dirty Player, Sure Feet-ag, d
13GrimeyGoblin3818Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Diving Tackle, Side Stepn, -av, m, n
12GanggyGoblin913Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Dirty Playerd
11GropeyGoblin86Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
10GrubbyGoblin3343Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Side Step, +MA, Sprintd
9GrottyGoblin50Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
8GretchinGoblin149Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Side Stepm, n
7GrottGoblin52Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
6GrabbaGoblin50Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
5GotchaGoblin4837Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Diving Tackle, Side Step, Sure Feetd
4GooferGoblin3843Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Catch, Dirty Player, Diving Tackle-ag, n, m, n
3GogoGoblin30Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffn
2ThickieTroll97Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Really Stupid, Throw Team Mate, Always Hungry, Big Guy, Guardm, n