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Past Players of Khaines Bräute
Team Page
2 Sapedis UthorinBlitzer10Blockd
2Sapedis UthorinBlitzer10Blockd
2Sapedis UthorinBlitzer40Block-ag
18 Ulric VileboneLineman10d
6Hassia UthorinLineman311Blockm, d
10Hassia UthorinLineman10-ma
6Hellebron die BrutaleLineman25-ag
6Hellebron die BrutaleLineman10n
10Hassia UthorinLineman57Block-av
2Sapedis Uthorin Blitzer1128Block, Dodge, +AGm, n
2Sapedis UthorinBlitzer68Block, Dodged
10Hassia UthorinLineman128+AVm, d
17Evander VilewingLineman10d
8Lokhir TeufelsherzBlitzer97Block, +AG-ma
7Kelyne Uthorin Lineman1812Guardm, n
10Lokhir Teufelsherz Blitzer34Block-ag
1Ni'lahn Nymphai Witch Elf2959Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ball, +MAm, d
1Ni'lahn NymphaiWitch Elf41Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Upd
8Varok UthorinLineman79Blockd
8 Varok Uthorin Lineman25d
9EnaWitch Elf2451Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ballm, d
1Ni'lahn NymphaiWitch Elf625Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Blockd
8Varok Uthorin Lineman48d
7Kelyne Uthorin Lineman121-ag
5Cerina ArkanethLineman30d
8Varok UthorinAssassin53Shadowing, Stabd
7Kelyne UthorinLineman90d
5Cerina ArkanethLineman63d
2 Sapedis UthorinBlitzer42160Block, +AG, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, +MAm, -av, -av
17Evander DirtyboneLineman10d
9Hassia UthorinLineman123n
2Sapedis UthorinBlitzer106Block, Thick Skulln
3Lunira BlutdurstBlitzer41194Block, +MA, Dodge, Sprint, +MA, Sure Feet, Side Stepm, m, m, -ma
8Varok UthorinRunner1814Dump-Off, Guardm, m, d
5Hassia UthorinAssassin60Shadowing, Stab-av
4Ildraneth ArkanethBlitzer4790Block, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Dodge, +MA, Tacklem, -ma
4Ildraneth ArkanethBlitzer10Blockd
3Sapedis UthorinBlitzer83Blockd
2Lunira BlutdurstBlitzer1412Block, Jump Up-st
6Hellebron die BrutaleLineman8197Guard, Block, Dodge, Kick, +AGm, -ma, m, -av
2Lunira BlutdurstBlitzer611Block, Jump Upd
1Ni'lahn NymphaiWitch Elf4241Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Guard, Block, Tacklem, m, m, -ma
8Stabby MC StabbinsAssassin2429Shadowing, Stab, +ST, Blockm, m, d
2Lunira BlutdurstBlitzer911Block, +AG-av
6Sapedis UthorinRunner1325Dump-Off, Nerves Of Steel, Guardm, n
8Hellebron die BrutaleAssassin75Shadowing, Stab-st
10EnaWitch Elf5696Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, +MA, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leap, Juggernautm, m, m, n, m, -st
4Ildraneth ArkanethBlitzer3237Block, Diving Tackle, Dodge, Tacklem, m, -av
13Billy PalestoneLineman48Blockd
2Lunira 'Owen' BlutdurstBlitzer1617Block, Tackle, +MAd
12Lokhir TeufelsherzBlitzer77136Block, Tackle, Jump Up, Side Step, Dodge, Diving Tacklem, m, m, m, m, d
11Hellebron die BrutaleLineman116+MA-ma, m
4Ildraneth ArkanethAssassin147Shadowing, Stab, Jump Upd
10Shelathi ArkanethLineman153m, m, d
9Hassia UthorinLineman3037Block, Dodge, Guardm, m, m, -av
8Varok UthorinLineman1719Guard, +MA-ma, n
7Kelyne UthorinLineman6277Kick, Block, Dodge, Guardm, m, -ma, m, m, d
6Sapedis UthorinRunner1741Dump-Off, Leader, Accurate, +STm, m, d
5Cerina ArkanethLineman4660Guard, Block, Dodge, +AVm, m, n, d
3Morathi KönigsblutBlitzer4293Block, Tackle, +MA, Jump Up, Side Step, Dodgem, m, -ma, -ma
2Lunira 'Owen' BlutdurstBlitzer717Block, Dauntlessd
1Ni'lahn NymphaiWitch Elf3168Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Block, Leap, Strip Ball, Prom, m, -st