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Past Players of Les Gaulois Infernals
Team Page
15DécaléBeastman Runner15Horns-ag
1WarmupChosen Blocker33d
18Leroy HideousfistBeastman Runner10Hornsd
1NestorBeastman Runner20Hornsd
14BossphoreBeastman Runner2010Horns, Block-ma, d
13UppiseBeastman Runner128Horns, Blockm, d
1WarriorChosen Blocker115d
12PorFavorBeastman Runner2235Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Clawm, d
15BarilloBeastman Runner105Hornsm, -st
15ColeroBeastman Runner20Hornsd
1SantalynchChosen Blocker1510Blockd
13Pour elleBeastman Runner210Hornsm, d
12Pour luiBeastman Runner145Horns-ag, n
3ChaosBeastman Runner30Hornsd
1SwaggWarriorChosen Blocker1511Blockd
13StunnBeastman Runner113Hornsn
12NiorsBeastman Runner135Hornsd
12JangoBeastman Runner70Horns-av
10SimonBeastman Runner112Hornsm, d
14PhobicBeastman Runner4785Horns, Block, Sure Hands, Claw, Mighty Blow, Juggernautm, m, d
2KeopsBeastman Runner1957Horns, +AG, Block, Prehensile Tail, Tackle-av, r
13MixtapeBeastman Runner83Horns-st
14KInutsBeastman Runner25Horns-ma
2KeybrownBeastman Runner30Hornsd
13KinyBeastman Runner1013Horns, Blockd
2BoutigodanceBeastman Runner911Horns, Blockd
13BeastmenBeastman Runner20Hornsd
13BigBeastman Runner20Hornsd
13DaltonBeastman Runner20Horns-ag
10Kevin GrottysnakeBeastman Runner2329Horns, Dodge, Blockm, -av, m, -ma, d
2IndochineBeastman Runner103Horns-ag
10MontainBeastman Runner41Hornsd
8SantakorneChosen Blocker3047Block, Mighty Blow, Claw-ma, -st
2Robert QuickfieldBeastman Runner816Horns, Block, Tackled
10ArchangeBeastman Runner50Hornsm, m, n
8Tristan CleareagleBeastman Runner30Horns-av
20Billy WhitesnakeBeastman Runner10Hornsd
12The PequenoBeastman Runner3830Horns, Block, Dodged
8SwingBeastman Runner25Hornsm, -ma
6UnamaxBeastman Runner1110Horns, Blockm, d
3SantattackChosen Blocker5987Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle-ma, m, r
11RobocopMinotaur4578Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Juggernaut, Foul Appearance, Prehensile Tail, Disturbing Presencen, m, -ag, m, m, n
9MouradBeastman Runner4645Horns, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blowm, m, m, m, n, -ma
6Albert DeepfireBeastman Runner65Horns-av
13WhitelightningBeastman Runner1620Horns, Block, Mighty Blowm, -av
11Nouveau PlayerBeastman Runner40Horns-st
6HornetteBeastman Runner20Horns 
8Numero 10Beastman Runner168Horns, Blockm, d
14ParadisBeastman Runner65Hornsm, m, d
12WarriorMinotaur1219Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Guard-ma, n
13VendbrousseBeastman Runner10Horns-st
11MinaultyBeastman Runner20Hornsd
5MaxBeastman Runner10Hornsd
11KorintinBeastman Runner30Hornsd
6JayjayBeastman Runner918Horns, Block, Tacklem, d
13NiklausBeastman Runner70Hornsd
12AnchorMinotaur84Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animalm, d
6PalacioBeastman Runner45Hornsd
11EneizerBeastman Runner46Horns, Block-ag
5StromaBeastman Runner100Horns-ag
5Injurry timeBeastman Runner40Hornsn
11Karl IgoriBeastman Runner10Hornsd
7Ivan BeastmonBeastman Runner4025Horns, Block, Tacklem, m, -ma
9Jack Style BirdBeastman Runner2912Horns, Blockm, d
3SunderlandChosen Blocker3675Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, m, d
14PursheetBeastman Runner1612Horns, Blockd
11JashterBeastman Runner10Horns 
12JashkassBeastman Runner50Hornsd
10MaldonBeastman Runner4982Horns, Dirty Player, +AG, Block, Strip Ball, Sure Handsm, -ma
7TristanBeastman Runner78Horns, Blockd
4SantakiorChosen Blocker98203Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Guard, Tentacles, Dodgem, m, m, m, m, n, m, d
5Georges LukasBeastman Runner1210Horns, Blockm, -ag, m, m, n
17Osmond DeepstoneBeastman Runner10Hornsd
9Crazy BootsBeastman Runner1310Horns, +ST-ma, -av, m
8CoconutsBeastman Runner4027Horns, Block, Clawm, m, -av
7GangbieBeastman Runner1128Horns, +MA, Block-av
6SosaMinotaur2945Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Juggernaut, Guardm, m, n
17Yorick QuickfieldBeastman Runner15Hornsd
17Kevin GoldfistBeastman Runner10Hornsd
1SantorinChosen Blocker116166Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Frenzym, m, m, m, -st, m, r
7KilneBeastman Runner20Horns-ma
6ChimjBeastman Runner10Hornsd
6TerganBeastman Runner30Horns-ma
1TomawakChosen Blocker50d
14HerbivorMinotaur621Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Juggernaut-ma, d
9CaobeteBeastman Runner812Horns, Blockn
9PartianBeastman Runner10Horns-av
11Bhajarita JanataBeastman Runner3219Horns, Block, Claw-st
8AnastinBeastman Runner118Horns, Blockd
13SunlightonBeastman Runner5067Horns, Block, +ST, +AG, Sure Handsm, m, m, n
11AndrickBeastman Runner70Hornsd
10KulumpBeastman Runner3163Horns, Dodge, Block, Tackle, +AG-st
12MoriderBeastman Runner4045Horns, Block, Guard, Tackled
11BornetBeastman Runner20Hornsd
10ParkaneBeastman Runner15Horns-av
9JorgesBeastman Runner1113Horns, Blockm, -st
8GalloiseBeastman Runner125Hornsd
7MarcousiBeastman Runner1510Horns, Blockm, -ma
6GaklesBeastman Runner1737Horns, Block, Big Hand, Guardn
5IklopBeastman Runner3416Horns, Block, Guard-ag, -av
4WarbarChosen Blocker3739Claw, Block, Mighty Blow-ag, -st
3ThierryChosen Blocker4554Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Claw-av, -av
2NorseChosen Blocker92131Mighty Blow, Block, Claw, Guard, Tentaclesm, m, -ma, m, d
1PeterChosen Blocker1738+AG, Block, Tackled