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Karak University
Roster [L] Dwarf
NCBB Team Joined in Season 20

Full School name: Karak Alchemical and Mechanical University (K.A.M.U)
Team Nickname: Techies
Home Field: Kilem Field
Team Mascot:

Current Players
Past Players

As of the end of Season 28 (records/awards updated at the end each season)

Season Game # Opponent TV Difference Casualties For TD for W/L/T TD against Casualties Against Karak Winnings Notes
201 Kentucky Fried Reptiles-60K21T1050,0001st NCBB game
202 Army Black Pyramids-80K21T1020,0001st skill earned (Junior gets MB)
203 U Ill Fumbbling Illini+90K00L1270,0001st loss . Larry gets block. bought apothecary
204 UN of Illinois Fighting Illini+90K31T1180,000Bad clock management ensures the tie
205 Georgia Apedogs+240K33W1270,0001st win.
206 Memphis State Pro Tigers+90K21L2130,000Finally get a guard.
207 UN of Illinois Fighting Illini-60K20L2210,0001st SI's against (one a Niggle)
208 U Ill Fumbbling Illini-30K01W0120,000Dwarves are slow in the snow..but win
209 Kentucky Fried Reptiles-140K01L3150,000Thompson begins 22 games with completion streak..gains +1AG
20Season 20 Totals+16K/G1492W/3T/4L121044,444/GOk 1st season. could be better
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
211 TCU Horned Rats-370K21T1360,000Gutter Runners are FAST. 2 blockers with Side-step. Start of Rivalry
212 ITBA Tinkerers+30K31L2130,000Dwarves smash, Elves score...5 completions by dwarves!
213 Old Dominion Monarchs-20K21L3250,000Rain is bad for dwarves as well as snow.
214 Oregon Waterfoul-130K20L2110,000DR Little John can't properly follow the game plan. is Fired after the game.
215 Rolla Gold Diggers-520K40T0120,0001st dead Dwarf (Blocker John, who was also the 1st Niggle)
216 Florida Rotting Gators-270K11L2130,000Thompson up to 10 completions for the season!
217 Western Illinois Leatherbarks-470K63W2480,0002 dead Dwarves, 3 dead Elves (and one MNG)..it was bloody!
21Season 21 Totals-250K/G2071W/2T/4L121340,000/GSaved the season with a win in the last game
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
221 Arkansas Laserbacks-250K21W0160,000Late score wins the game for Karak
222 Clemson Terrors+140K11L2110,000Offense fails to score in the 2nd half.
223 Miami (OH) DarkHawks+320K12W0080,0001st (and so far only) INT. Dwarves act like elves!
224 Slam Diego State Smacktecs+430K01T1270,000Tim retires after the game with a smashed hip. hire his brother, Tim.
225 Oregon Waterfoul+0K10L2050,000Clemson seems to be shaping up into a Thorn in Karak's side.
226 Florida Rotting Gators+190K10L1140,000No offense yet again
227 Rolla Gold Diggers+460K40L1020,000failed catch at the end of the game seals the loss
228 Old Dominion Monarchs-90K32W1160,0003 wins for the season is a new Season High!
22Season 22 Totals+150K/G1373W/1T/4L8648,750/GRecord for Wins. Still 4 losses
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
231 Tennessee Volunteered+350K12W1260,0002nd dead Slayer, as Morris is killed on the last block of the game!
232 Kansas Red Leg Raiders+410K32W1450,000Painful win (2 SI's and a death).
233 TCU Horned Rats-120K31L2020,000Another game in the snow, 1st official rilvary game!
234 Running Riot UNLV+430K21T1030,0002nd game in a row in the snow! Thompson becomes 1st Karak Super Star!
235 El Paso Mutant Chihuahuas+590K32W1050,000Score twice in the 2nd half for the win! Junior becomes a Super Star!
236 Rolla Gold Diggers+210K21T1450,000Senior Keyoke, gets the MVP and a skill! (oops)
237 Rutgers Hauers+110K41L2230,000Thompson breaks his arm late in the 1st half, ending his 22-game completion Streak
238 Oregon Waterfoul-80K11L2140,0001st score vs Oregon (in 3 games)...still lost of course.
239 Notre Maim Fighting Irish+480K12W0160,000Total wins in a season record set for 2nd straight Season at 4!
DeadEx Orange Bowl
2310 Clemson Terrors+350K12W1270,000Hard fought game, with Karak winnning their 1st ever Bowl game! 7 Players Graduate before Season 24!
23Season 23 Totals+273K/G21155W/2T/3L121646,000/GRecord for wins at 5..only 3 losses
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
241 TCU Horned Rats-190K81L4270,000Defense fails spectaculary. Record # of casualties caused in a game
242 U.Con. Huskies-450K21T1370,000Really missing the Graduated players
243 Florida Redface Seminoles-300K11L2060,000Jon Deer makes his 1st appearance, as the Techies try a DR again.
244 Rolla Gold Diggers-190K40L1030,000The mostly rookie team knows how to cause casualties, but can't really score or play defense.
245 Oregon Waterfoul-110K21T1130,000Managed a Tie vs Oregon for 1st time (vs 3 losses)
246 Hawaii Warrielfs+240K41L3060,000Team still not coming together
247 Army Blackest Knights+180K21T1120,000a Tie is almost a win for this team in Season 24
248 Clemson Terrors+80K11L2140,000Oregon scores late to win this rematch of season 23 DeadEx Orange bowl
McNurgle Bowl
249 B U Tear-iers+230K54W3160,000Record 4 TD's in one game by KAMU (took OT to do it though)
24Season 24 Totals-57K/G29111W/3T/5L18948,889/GOnly win was in the McNurgles Bowl (battle of worst teams)
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
+0K0,0006th Season
251 U.Con. Huskies-90K40L3430,000Team continues to fail at defense.
252TCU Horned Rats+320K42T2260,000Rivalry game ends in Tie
253Oregon Waterfoul31T1030,000Defense thinks it is getting better. Offense lacking
254Hawaii Warrielfs+340K13W0050,000Finally a combo of Offense and Defense working
255Army Blackest Knights+310K31W0450,000Hard hitting game in a Blizzard. 5 of the 7 cas are SI or RIP
256Rolla Gold Diggers -130K12L3260,000Up 2-0 at half, the Defense fails to show up for the 2nd half
257Notre Dame Flying Irish-50K61T1140,000Defense fails to hold on despite taking many Elves off the pitch
258New Richmond Carcajous+460K30L3160,000What defense? What offense?
259U-Dub Elfskies-130K51L2020,000Dwarves hit hard, but elves score better. 2 dead Elven Catchers
25Season 25 totals+120K30112W/3T/4L151444,444/G1 more win than Last season, but felt like the team regressed more.
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
0,0007th Season
261 UNAM Pumas Malditas+340K12W1270,000Only win of the season. 2nd half stall while 7 are KO'd win the game
262 TCU Horned Rats+500K50T0050,000Coach Xeterog goes off the rails and forgets to score..twice!
263 Army Blackest Knights+50K31L2040,000Can't play defense yet again
264 Maryland Killer Turtles+430K50L2240,000No defense or ofense at all.
265 Notre Dame Flying Irish+230K32T2230,000only a miracle play at the end of the game results in the last non-loss of the season
266 Rolla Gold Diggers-20K50L1220,000Jon Deer fouled out on turn 1, and it goes down hill from there.
267 Oregon Waterfoul+130K30L2350,000Agility 5 elves can't be stopped
268 U-Dub Elfskies+400K10L1050,000Despite a little defense, the offense has not shown up for 3 games now
269 B U Tear-iers+430K10L2510,000Blizzard hamperns the dwarves and the 2nd half was played in a daze by the Dwarves.
2610 New Richmond Carcajous+360K61L2260,000Finally score again but lose the shootout at the end of OT.
26Season 26 Totals+285K3361W/2T/7L151842,000/GLost in OT in the McNurgle Bowl. Horrible season
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference CAS For TD For W/L/T TD Against CAS Against Karak Winnings Notes
+0K0,0008th Season more of the same
271 Rolla Gold Diggers-380K20L2050,000Coach Xeterog continues to show that he does not have a good grasp of Defense. Rolla exposed as having 5-6 year players after the season ends.
272 Notre Dame Flying Irish-510K50L1130,000Heart breaker, as Karak seemed to have the game under control
273 Army Blackest Knights+150K11T1250,000Breaks a 7-0game losing streak with a tie game
274 Oregon Waterfoul-170K00L3250,000More evidence that Karak needs a defensive coordinator.
275 Maryland Killer Turtles-210K41T1150,000Karak fans are becomine used to thinking of Tie games as a Good Result
276 TCU Horned Rats+70K42W0040,000A WIN!.. vs our Rival TCU no less! will wonders never cease.
277 B U Tear-iers-110K31L2060,000Back to business as usual.
278 U-Dub Elfskies-50K42T2140,000Oppressing heat and Karak forgot to bring the beer!!!
279 Slam Diego State Smacktecs+60K00L2350,000Defense..what is defense (and the offense isn't much better)
2710 U-Dub Elfskies-180K11L3030,000No Defense is the theme of this season. Lost McNurgle for 2nd straight season.
27-133K2481W/3T/6L171045,000/G5 wins in last 4 seasons..
Season Game # Opponent TV Difference Casualties ForTD forW/L/T TD against Casualties Against Karak Winnings Notes
+0K0,0009th Season I hope is the low point
281 Notre Dame Flying Irish-220K10L2330,000Highlight: Ray completes a pass
282 Hawaii Warrielfs-560K11L2140,000Highlight: Ray completes 3 passes
283 Slam Diego State Smacktecs-170K21L2230,000Highlight: Ray completes 2 passes
284 Hell Kraken of HENM+40K31T1170,000Highlight: Ray completes 2 passes..oh it is a TIE!!
285 Pepperdine University Slaves+210K10L2150,000Highlight: Ray completes a pass
286 Ole Miss Reb-tiles-10K30L3330,000Highlight: Ray completes a pass
287 UNAM Pumas Malditas-740K31L3240,000Highlight: Ray completes 3 passes. UNAM only fouls 3 times!
288 TCU Horned Rats+100K21T1170,000Highlight: Ray completes a pass..oh it is a TIE!
289 Texas Shortlegs+100K21L2110,000Highlight: Ray completes 2 passes. McNurgle bowl loss (though it was called the Fireball Fire Bowl this season)
28-139K1860W/2T/7L181541,111/G5 wins in last 5 seasons..didn't even win one this one
Blocking8026Bam Bam
Passing 4322Thompson
Fouls825Jon Deer
SPP3628Ray Quick
Completions1628Ray Quick
Casualties1126Bam Bam
MVP325Jon Deer
Bam Bam
Completions (71)
Touchdowns (66)
Interceptions (2)
Casualties (156)
Bam Bam
Most Valuable Player (61)
Bam Bam
Star Player Points (888)
Passing (182)
Rushing (1704)
Blocks (3180)
Bam Bam
Fouls (31)
Jon Deer
Scoring Thrower
Blocking Thrower
Blocking Scorer
TCU Record 1/4/2
UNAM Pumas Malditas Record 1/0/1

Season 23 Graduates
All 7 Graduates from Season 23 were drafted.
#6 Junior to the New Yorc Giantz as Junior (WR/SS) then Drafted #1 in the Season 18 Xpan draft by the Waaaghrizona Carnivorcs as L. FitzJunior [Clan Karak]
#7 Thompson to the Cleveland Pansy Dawgs as Marion "Thompson" Motley
#15 Chance to the Malice Cow-Boys as Chance
#20 Larry to the Atlatl 'n' Falchions as L'rry K'rak (S17 - Karak)
#22 Rick to the Minnesota High Kings as J. Rick McKingdom
#33 Keyoke to the Tampa Bowl Smokeaneers as Keyoke
#41 Rowan to the Keg City Brew Chiefs as Rowan deKarak
Season 25 Graduates
#13 Bahn: to the Detroilet Sewer Lions as a Bloater named Bahn [KAR]
#24 Bo: to the New York Wrecks as a Chosen Blocker named Bo Knows Bloodbowl [KAR]
Season 26 Graduates
Tim Goes #9 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Atlanta Falchions as Tim [KAR] *Note, has already died after 8 games (some of them builders)
Flash Goes #10 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Khleveland Khrowns as Flash (KAR)
Klockwork Goes #25 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Seattle Werehawks as Klokworkk [Kar]
Will Goes #42 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Miasma Dolphlegms as Will "Mr Irrelevant" Barker [KAR]
[thbg=#800000]Season 27 Graduates
Bam Bam Goes #15 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Tennesse Titanz as Bam Bam [KAR]
Mob Goes #23 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Denvork Bronkorks as Mob (XX/23, Karak)
Long Legs Goes #30 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Cincinatti Bludgeoners as Long Legs [KARAK]
Glen Goes #32 in the Season 20 NBFL draft to Green Ball Attackers as Glen [KAR]
Roda Will enter the season 21 draft after getting his injuries seen to.
Season 28 Graduate
SayOw!, Jr.

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Progression: Standard
1 Trey SayOw!Blitzer5439Block, Thick Skull, +ST 500011780k (80+50k) 
2 Terminator TimBlitzer5339Block, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Dodge 24110232380k (80+50k) 
3 BBBB BrainTroll Slayer5327Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow-av22000321690k (90+40k) 
4 Bash BrotherTroll Slayer5328Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm 13000522090k (90+40k) 
5 Ray QuickRunner6338Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Block, Kick-Off Return, Pass, Strong Arm 243160226380k (80+90k) 
6 ZoomRunner6338Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Block, Tacklem10150112380k (0k) 
9 JD Blocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull 400000070k (70+0k) 
10 FranklynnBlocker4319Block, Tackle, Thick Skull-ag, m500010270k (0k) 
11 BryanBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard 1400021970k (70+20k) 
12 MichealBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Side Step 13000321670k (70+50k) 
13 Red ZanBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard 5000021070k (70+20k) 
14 ThomasBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard 1400030670k (70+20k) 
16 StephanBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow 24001532770k (70+40k) 
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach:Xeterog Re-Rolls (100k):3  
Race:Dwarf Fan Factor:6  
Team Value:1520k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:740000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1710k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:86 (16/24/46) |TD Diff:-51 (84 - 135) |Cas Diff:87 (121/67/26 - 81/38/8)
Last Opponent: Hell Kraken of HENM