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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Anar Dark Elf 380k 54/9/8 2020k    
  Christelle is my Girlfriend Halfling 100k 18/3/10 1610k    
  Evil - A growth Industri Necromantic Horror 220k 12/1/6 1710k ±560  
  For Laughs and Giggles Goblin 880k 26/7/14 1680k    
  High Elf School Musical High Elf 10k 7/5/4 1740k ±470  
  Lame to Fame Lizardman 110k 65/6/8 2060k    
  Pocalunek Orc 190k 11/7/2 1750k ±610  
  Runner gonna run Skaven 610k 247/47/40 1750k    
  Slap Me Happy Khemri Tomb Kings 110k 13/9/10 1770k    
  Tribute to Ulrik Human 110k 16/3/2 1590k ±590  
  Unmentional Undeads Shambling Undead 290k 16/2/1 1700k ±560  
  Angry like some sick cat Dwarf 960k 26/10/6 1620k    
  Claw Hunter and Friends Khemri Tomb Kings 930k 20/10/9 1630k    
  Elfs for Dhaktokh Dark Elf 100k 9/2/4 1470k    
  Hunting for a Whiner Orc 460k 16/4/6 1790k    
  Lammer Deduction Chaos Dwarf 720k 27/9/6 1720k    
  Lammer Generation in the Box Lizardman 410k 68/15/22 1510k    
  Mondesir Shambling Undead 980k 27/12/7 1830k    
  A ranked alternative Wood Elf 110k 4/1/1 1340k ±200  
  Bicycles on my feet Orc 140k 16/5/13 1950k    
  Big Midgets V Dwarf 200k 16/3/6 2150k ±970  
  Dark Elf Blessing Dark Elf 40k 20/6/5 1840k    
  Easy Casulties Skaven 0 8/4/3 1590k ±400  
  For LoLZ Underworld Denizens 270k 2/1/3 990k ±150  
  From Fame to Lame Lizardman 60k 5/4/1 1340k ±200  
  From Lame to Fame Lizardman 490k 68/7/12 1420k    
  Godzilla Inc Lizardman 50k 12/9/3 1710k ±740  
  Green not Mean Wood Elf 60k 36/10/14 1440k    
  Lame Game Fame Lizardman 100k 2/1/0 1040k ±160  
  Lammer Generation - once again Lizardman 10k 6/2/2 1560k ±230  
  Lammer Generation is back Lizardman 70k 0/0/1 940k ±90  
  Mighty Mean Midgets Chaos Dwarf 120k 12/3/3 1990k ±620  
  New Names Required Shambling Undead 60k 1/1/1 1090k ±160  
  No Names Required Shambling Undead 150k 4/2/1 1120k ±170  
  Team Paparazzi Khemri Tomb Kings 110k 13/7/1 1330k ±490  
  Team Skink and Friends Lizardman 20k 23/7/4 1740k    
Stunty Leeg
  Aint no thing but a evil fling Chaos Halfling 110k 1/0/0 1070k    
  Fling and Splat Chaos Halfling 30k 3/2/2 1300k    
  Things that go SMAT Chaos Halfling 100k 0/0/1 1030k    
  ClawPomb Experience Chaos Chosen 30k 0/1/0 1010k    
Transfer division
  Agility Go Slappy Dark Elf 40k 0/0/1 990k    
  Big Midgets Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Big Midgets II Dwarf 90k 1/0/0 1120k    
  Big Midgets III Dwarf 60k 0/0/1 1000k    
  Big Midgets IV Dwarf 0 0/0/1 990k    
  Bla Bla Bla Dark Elf 100k 0/0/1 1100k    
  Blessed Elfs Dark Elf 70k 1/0/0 950k    
  Blodge me Sideways Dark Elf 70k 0/1/0 1080k    
  Bunny Girls Go Smack Smack Amazon 40k 3/1/2 1320k    
  Champions of Light Chaos 50k 4/5/5 1490k    
  Chaos Teletubbies Chaos 50k 9/6/4 1800k    
  Chaos Woodelfs Chaos 90k 3/4/4 1560k    
  Dark Elf Curse Dark Elf 70k 29/5/7 2320k    
  Dark Elfs Once More Dark Elf 90k 1/0/3 1010k    
  Dodge and Slap Dark Elf 0 0/0/1 990k    
  Elfs Gone Bad Dark Elf 100k 1/1/0 1070k    
  EMU Skaven Skaven 20k 0/1/1 1220k    
  Evilgasm Chaos 30k 0/0/1 1040k    
  Fling Flang Flung Halfling 140k 1/0/0 920k    
  Flings for Fun Flying Halfling 10k 0/1/0 980k    
  Go Mini Godzilla Lizardmen 40k 8/2/5 1650k    
  Green Peace or Green Pieces Wood Elf 20k 4/0/2 1440k    
  Happy Go Friendly Chaos 40k 0/0/1 1060k    
  Happy Go Slappy Orc 40k 10/7/7 1890k    
  Happy Slappy Orc 50k 4/3/2 1600k    
  Lammer Generation Lizardmen 130k 4/0/1 1120k    
  Little Mean Midgets Chaos Dwarf 50k 1/0/1 1110k    
  Little Mean Midgets II Chaos Dwarf 10k 1/0/0 1090k    
  Lizard Lizard Lizardmen 40k 0/0/1 1050k    
  Lizardi Lizardmen 0 3/2/4 1480k    
  Lizardo Lizardmen 10k 1/0/1 1030k    
  Lizardzu Lizardmen 80k 1/0/1 1110k    
  Mice are Nice Skaven 80k 13/6/6 1510k    
  Mnogo Vkusno Skaven 70k 0/0/1 1090k    
  Norsci Norse 50k 1/0/1 1160k    
  Norsci II Norse 0 0/0/1 990k    
  Norsci III Norse 90k 1/1/0 1020k    
  Norsci IV Norse 70k 4/3/3 1580k    
  Nurglii Nurgle's Rotters 0 0/0/1 940k    
  Nurgliii Nurgle's Rotters 40k 0/1/0 1060k    
  Ogry Ogre 10k 1/0/3 1310k    
  Orcidas FC Orc 10k 5/6/2 1580k    
  Rodents and Friends Skaven 60k 0/0/1 1050k    
  Silvania Spikers Vampire 30k 0/0/1 1040k    
  Silvania Spikers II Vampire 20k 2/2/4 1360k    
  Slappy Happy Agile Dark Elf 40k 0/0/1 990k    
  Slappy make me Happy Chaos 0 1/0/0 990k    
  Smatcha Wood Elf 70k 1/0/0 970k    
  Spectators Influence the Dice Goblin 90k 1/0/1 950k    
  Spinato Diablo Orc 40k 19/11/7 2010k    
  Squak Skaven 50k 7/1/3 1490k    
  Squak Squak Skaven 100k 0/1/1 1110k    
  Strigony Vampire 90k 1/0/1 880k    
  Swartze Elfi Dark Elf 60k 2/0/2 1240k    
  Team Saurus and Friends Lizardmen 10k 1/0/0 1040k    
  Team that goes Splat Chaos 40k 1/0/0 1130k    
  Vangede FC Human 50k 2/0/1 1210k    
  Woodsie Wood Elf 0 3/4/4 1390k    
  Zombies Reduce Reuse Reanimate Necromantic 90k 0/0/1 1090k    
Transfer division 2
  Long Bomb United Wood Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
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