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Chaos Renegades
Super Star
Chaos Renegades
Win Percentage
Wood Elf
Wood Elf
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Facesneeze Goblin 10k 10/6/14 1410k    
  Knight Time Human 100k 20/9/25 1790k    
  Scoring's Boring Elven Union 130k 15/3/9 1940k ±950  
  Untrue Chaos Chaos Chosen 30k 22/2/7 1610k    
Stunty Leeg
  Im a Little Teapot Albion Fae 0 7/5/10 1480k    
  Mutate to Dominate Nurglings 180k 6/4/2 1440k    
  Thunk Attackers Gnoblar 200k 10/2/6 1790k    
  Accrington Stanley Originals Khemri Tomb Kings 1420k 70/22/49 1840k    
  Barak Varr Goldlords Dwarf 200k 38/15/17 1980k    
  Chunky Goodness Halfling 250k 1/1/9 830k    
Scheduled against ultwe's All About That Bass (Seen 1d ago).
  Lonely Goblin Goblin 340k 13/10/6 1370k    
  OWCC Training team2 Ogre 150k 0/1/3 1000k    
Scheduled against 12 possible opponents.
  Quenelles Carnival Elven Union 160k 24/9/15 2010k    
Scheduled against 13 possible opponents.
  Eyre Faery Wood Elf 40k 35/7/19 2010k    
  Foulstian Pact Chaos Renegades 0 51/17/34 1840k    
  Goblinboard Goblin 140k 10/6/21 1260k    
  Hairy Phalanx Dwarf 190k 31/14/19 2000k    
  Low Maintenance Human 370k 20/16/20 2210k    
  Ruined Remains Khemri Tomb Kings 1070k 30/13/22 1840k    
Scheduled against Mineru's BoMBoM2 (Seen 2d ago).
  Sound of Death XIV Dark Elf 30k 14/15/12 1680k    
  Uzkulak Rocks! Chaos Dwarf 190k 46/19/23 1990k    
  Sound of Death IX Dark Elf 70k 19/13/11 1720k    
Stunty Leeg
  Engineerz Gnome 70k 3/0/6 1040k    
  Feather Forever Forest Goblin 60k 0/1/2 850k    
  Thunk Attack Gnoblar 60k 14/5/6 1870k    
  Nights of Nuln Human 130k 0/0/0 870k    
League teams for DLE College 7s
  Nuln Nights Humans 9330k 20/5/7 1260k    
  Doomed Detritus Goblin 90k 18/2/11 980k    
  Dreams of Glory Dwarf 10k 29/21/19 1890k    
  Fearful Hope Human 50k 2/1/5 1470k    
  Pauper Princes High Elf 70k 0/0/1 750k    
  Pauper Princes II High Elf 110k 15/5/23 1550k    
  Pointless Reprieve Goblin 10k 8/2/10 1240k    
  Puddle Jump Slann 40k 15/3/18 1340k    
  Sound of Death X Dark Elf 10k 11/11/3 1840k    
  Sound of Death XII Dark Elf 0 35/4/12 1380k    
  Sound of Death XIII Dark Elf 30k 14/6/13 1580k    
  Spawn of Chaos Dice Chaos Chosen 40k 11/11/7 1600k    
  Storm of Sighs Shambling Undead 630k 10/10/8 1740k    
  Token Participation High Elf 80k 5/3/4 1400k    
  Weeping Sore Nurgle 80k 7/5/9 1540k    
Transfer division
  Last Frantic Gasp Chaos 20k 5/2/6 1530k    
  Positive Denial Norse 90k 1/2/3 1390k    
  Scarlet River Vampire 20k 0/0/1 990k    
  Sound of Death VII Dark Elf 80k 1/1/3 1330k    
  Sound of Death VIII Dark Elf 70k 0/1/0 850k    
  Uzkulak Rocks Chaos Dwarf 0 7/10/9 1940k    
Transfer division 2
  Hirsute Harem Dwarf 40k 0/0/1 970k    
  Hirsute Harem II Dwarf 60k 3/0/2 1350k    
FFB Test
  Blood Armour Chaos Chosen 50k 1/1/2 970k    
  Generation Slann Slann 60k 14/2/6 1960k    
  Lil' Green Scrotes Goblin 30k 1/0/2 1180k    
  Pact It In Yet Chaos Renegades 90k 10/2/9 1760k    
  Pebble Beach Chaos Dwarf 80k 12/3/5 1630k    
  Slannet of the Slann Slann 60k 0/0/1 750k    
  Sound of Death XI Dark Elf 190k 15/1/6 2030k    
  Testdeadun Shambling Undead 280k 7/0/0 1540k    
  Weil's Disease Skaven 30k 10/3/6 1700k    
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