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Account Problems

Help, I can't do anything on the site and it says I'm blocked!

If you have been blocked, you would have received a private message (PM) from the admins, hopefully describing the rules violation. Please read the PM to understand what you have been blocked for.

If you are unsure about what your block is for, or you want to clear everything up directly, please go to the #fumbbladmin channel. The instructions for how to do this are to be found by clicking the Chat link on this page, and then when you're in #fumbbl, typing /join #fumbbladmin to get there. Please be courteous and patient - sometimes there may not be an admin at their keyboard when you log on. Be aware of what the topic says in the channel - it usually says "Just state your problem please, don't ask if there is an admin here or sit there saying hello. NOT for team approval.". Sometimes the admins block access to the #fumbbladmin channel for a short time, when they want some privacy to talk amongst themselves, or they want to talk to a blocked player in peace... this usually doesn't last very long, so keep trying to get in.

If you have been blocked for dropping a game, you may still send PMs to other players, and it is STRONGLY suggested that you take the time to PM your opponent asking for a time to finish your game. Dropping a game is a serious offence, and repeated offences will lead to more powerful punishments including team retirements, blocking for a week, or all the way to permanent account blockage.

The site automatically blocks new accounts which sign up from the same IP as another blocked account. This is to stop blocked coaches restarting with a new account. This often catches out players who log in from shared servers at universities and Internet cafes. If you get caught by this rule, come to #fumbbladmin to get yourself unblocked... but be warned that the admins need to have proof that you're not really the old blocked coach trying to subvert the system.

If you have been blocked for playing the same coach too much, or playing coaches on the same IP, be aware of the general rule that admins use for deciding if you should be blocked: you should not play more than 1 in 10 games against any one coach using teams that are not in the League or Unranked divisions. You can play amongst your friends as much as you like and we don't mind, but you have to use Unranked or League teams. (In the case of League, this should only happen if those matches result from the draw of given tournaments.) Players blocked for this violation are usually unblocked immediately, but the teams involved in the blocking are usually shifted to the Unranked division.

Last update: May 24, 2010