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Asking for help

There are 3 main ways to get in touch with the admins (or other site users) and ask for Help.

1. Join the FUMBBL Discord server (chat server)

  • Who's here?: All of the FUMMBL staff use Discord as well as lots of other coaches, some of whom will be active in your timezone and are happy to help. There is a dedicated #help channel where you can tag "@FUMBBL Staff" with any important / urgent issues.
  • Use this if... It's the quickest way to get help, and probably the first point of call for almost all your questions. If in doubt use Discord.

2. Submit a support ticket.

  • Who's here?: Just the FUMMBL staff respond to support tickets, so the response time may be slower.
  • Use this if... Mostly for rules violations, game breaking bugs and account problems. If you need to be private use a support ticket; for example if you feel another coach has used unacceptable language this way there will be no naming and shaming. If you prefer not to use Discord, just send your question in a support ticket.
  • How do I do it?: In the main navigation menu, under HELP you'll see a link to Support. Follow the instructions here to submit a ticket direct to the admin team. Please be patient as often it's not possible to respond right away.

3. Post on the forums.

FUMBBL has forums covering a wide range of topics.

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Last update: October 25, 2022