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Blackbox Division


A division of random matches where you play what you get. It is a highly competitive division that is not for the faint of heart. You may get difficult match-ups. You may get match-ups with large TV differences. You are expected to play any match that you get. You have been warned!

The Blackbox division has no open play. Teams are submitted to the Blackbox system through the "Activate" link next to their team on the coach's Homepage. When a team is activated, the Blackbox system will periodically cycle and automatically schedule matches against opponents.

The system will attempt to schedule with the most appropriate match-up, primarily by selecting opponents of similar TV. New teams are restricted to opponents of similar TV. As a team plays more games, the allowable TV difference increases. After a team has played thirty matches, no TV limit is enforced. For a more complete explanation of the Blackbox matchmaking algorithm, click here.

Black Box Trophy!

  • From the beginning of October 2018 to the end of September 2019, the second season of the Black Box Trophy is running. A special page has been setup with more information about the trophy as well as a link to register your teams.

Special Notes About the Division

  • You can choose as many, or as few of your teams to activate as you wish.
  • When you activate your teams, you do not have the choice of which of your activated teams is selected by the system.
  • You do not have the choice of what team you get to play against.
  • You are not guaranteed a match-up. In the event of an odd number of coaches applied, or no valid match-ups, you may not receive a match.
  • A minimum of two matches must be possible for any matches to be scheduled.
  • A minimum of four teams must be entered in the scheduler for any match to be scheduled.
  • You cannot modify your roster after a match-up has been scheduled.
  • You cannot transfer teams into or out of the Blackbox division.
  • Young teams (those having played fewer than 15 matches) have a bias toward being paired against other young teams, where possible.

Please join the FUMBBL Discord server to learn more.

Please see the forum for discussion about the Blackbox league.

Please visit Blackbox Central for Top 10 rankings and other stats.

Currently Blackbox rounds begin every 15 minutes: on the hour, at quarter past, at half past, and at quarter to. 5 minutes before the round begins the activation list is cleared. You then have 5 minutes to activate your team before the round begins. You activate your team by clicking activate on your overview page next to any of your B division teams. When the round is paired the match will be listed on the Blackbox page and show up as scheduled on your overview page.

You can de-activate teams BEFORE the draw is made by click on the pending link next to the teams and selecting which of them to de-activate.

Last update: March 29, 2021