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Finding a game: Blackbox scheduler

The Blackbox scheduler, often shortened to Blackbox or just Box, is a way of playing Blood bowl against a random opponent.

Before you start make sure you have done the following:

  • Logged in to your FUMBBL account.

When you are ready to step in..

  • First choose which teams you'll enter Do this via "Choose Teams" in the top right of the Gamefinder page. Tick each team you want to enter and click the 'Activate teams' button. Now, when the draw is within 5 minutes of happening, you'll get a 'Join the draw' button inside the Blackbox section which is in the top left corner of the gamefinder page.
  • The random draw of matches takes place every 15 minutes, but you can only join the draw in the 5 minutes before the draw takes place.
  • Once you've joined your teams will get a golden highlight border and a message will show how many teams are entered. When the draw takes place you'll be notified which matches have been drawn, if yours is one of them a download will start, open this download to start the game. Any game that you arrange will also have a Resume link next to the team on your coach home page, so you can always join the game through that link too.
  • Play and win

Additional notes about the Blackbox scheduler

The system will attempt to schedule with the most appropriate match-up, primarily by selecting opponents of similar Team Value. Teams in their first season (or less than 15 games) have a greater level of protection to prevent unfair matches.

  • In Gamefinder "Choose teams" you can choose as many or as few of your teams to activate as you wish.
  • When you activate your teams via Gamefinder and then click "Join the draw" all activated teams will be entered into the draw, unless you have chosen the "Gamefinder only" mode for that team.
  • You will not have a choice of which team you get to play against.
  • You are not guaranteed a match. In the event of an odd number of coaches applied, or no valid match-ups, you may not receive a match.
  • You cannot modify your roster after a match-up has been scheduled.
  • All sorts of coaches play in Blackbox, but it's probably fair to say the standard is quite high

Blackbox Trophy

  • When people talk about Blackbox, you may also hear them mention Blackbox Trophy. This is a completely optional competition that is built on top of the Blackbox scheduler. To take part you nominate a squad of 4 new teams, they then score points for each of their 15 first games played via Blackbox. For an explanation and rules head to the Blackbox Trophy page. For an explanation on how to quaify for the Steel Gauntlet, see Steel Gauntlet Qualification Process.

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Last update: January 22, 2024