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FUMBBL Branding Guide

This page contains the core components of our brand. When referencing the site name in text form, all capital letters should be used: FUMBBL

When referencing the domain or website URL all lowercase should be used. The official form of the website URL is with SSL and without a www prefix: https://fumbbl.com


We have two official FUMBBL logo variants. The full FUMBBL logo for use where horizontal space is unconstrained, and the narrower "F Die" for situations where a more concise logo is appropriate

Full Logo - "FUMBBL"

Narrow Logo - "F Die"


This defines the minimum spacing required around the FUMBBL logo. The same spacing applies to both the Full ("FUMBBL") and the Narrow ("F Die") logos.


These are the primary colours used for the FUMBBL website, and to identify our brand.

Last update: February 8, 2022