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Special Play Cards

FUMBBL User Guide > CRP/LRB6 Strategy Guides > Inducement List

Currently available decks

 Magic Items Deck 
 50,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  Beguiling Bracers  Beginning of your turn  Hypnotic Gaze, Side Step & Bone-Head  Entire game 
 3  Belt of Invulnerability  Before opponent's turn  No modifiers or re-rolls on armour  Entire game 
 4  Fawndough's Headband  Beginning of your turn  Pass & Accurate, opponents get +1 intercept  This turn 
 5  Force Shield  Before opponent's turn  Sure Hands and Fend  While holding ball 
 6  Gikta's Strength of da Bear  Beginning of your turn  +1 ST, then -1 ST  This drive 
 7  Gloves of Holding  Any kick-off  Catch & Sure Hands, can't Pass or Hand-off  Entire game 
 8  Inertia Dampener  Before opponent's turn  Opponents -1 ST when blitzing  This drive 
 9  Lucky Charm  Pre-game  Ignore first Armour break  Single use 
 10  Magic Gloves of Jark Longarm  Before opponent's turn  Pass Block & +1 intercept  This drive 
 J  Magic Codpiece  Pre-game  Cannot be fouled, no modifiers to injury  Entire game 
 Q  Rabbit's Foot  Beginning of your turn  Pro (Not on Loner)  Entire game 
 K  Ring of Teleportation (Not available!)  n/a  n/a  n/a 
 A  Wand of Smashing  Beginning of your turn  +1 ST & Mighty Blow  This turn 

 Dirty Tricks Deck 
 50,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  Blatant Foul  Beginning of your turn  Foul, rolls straight for injury  This turn 
 3  Chop Block  After your turn  One of your players who took no action this turn is placed prone and adjacent opponent stunned  Instant 
 4  Custard Pie  Beginning of your turn  Opponent adjacent to your standing or prone player (but not stunned) Hypnotic Gazed  This turn 
 5  Distract  Before opponent's turn  Player gains Disturbing Presence and all opponents within 3 have Bone-Head  This turn 
 6  Greased Shoes  Before opponent's turn  All Opponents require 5+ to GFI  This turn 
 7  Gromskull's Exploding Runes  Before setting up  Your player gains Bombardier, No Hands, Secret Weapon, -1 to Pass Roll  Entire game 
 8  Illegal Substitution  Beginning of your turn  Place a player from your reserves to your end zone. This player may only take a Move Action this turn  This drive 
 9  Kicking Boots  Any kick-off  Your player gets Kick, Dirty Player and -1 MA  Entire Game 
 10  Pit Trap  Before opponent's turn  Chosen player is Placed Prone  Single use 
 J  Spiked Ball  Any kick-off  Failed catches and pick ups results in the player being Stabbed  This drive 
 Q  Stolen Playbook  Before opponent's turn  Chosen player gains Pass Block and Shadowing  This drive 
 K  Trampoline Trap (Not available!)  n/a  n/a  n/a 
 A  Witch's Brew  Any kick-off  Choose opponent. D6=1, gains Jump Up and No Hands, 2=No Effect, 3-6, gains Really Stupid  This drive 

Currently unavailable decks

 Miscellaneous Mayhem Deck 
 50,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  Badyear Git   
 3  Sprinkler Malfunction   
 4  Eclipse   
 5  Fanatic Invasion   
 6  Friendly Fans   
 7  Rowdy Fans   
 8  Heckler   
 9  Hometown Fans   
 10  Incoming!   
 J  Rogue Wizard   
 Q  Ball Clone   
 K  Johnny Waterboy   
 A  That Babe's Got Talent!   

 Special Team Plays Deck 
 50,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  Come to Papa!   
 3  Dogged Defense   
 4  Flea Flicker   
 5  Fumblerooski   
 6  Going the Extra Mile   
 7  Heroic Leap   
 8  New Blocking Scheme   
 9  Perfect Kick   
 10  Option Play   
 J  Punt   
 Q  Spectacular Catch   
 K  Suicide Blitz   
 A  Wake Up Call   

 Good Karma Deck 
 100,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  All Out Blitz   
 3  Banana Skin   
 4  Butterfingers   
 5  Chainsaw   
 6  Dazed and Confused   
 7  Doc Bonesaw   
 8  Extra Training   
 9  Fan Uproar   
 10  Hurry Up Offense   
 J  Intensive Training   
 Q  Unsportsmanlike Conduct   
 K  Knutt's Spell of Awesome Strength   
 A  Lewd Maneuvers   
 2  Lurve Potion   
 3  Magic Helmet   
 4  Miracle Worker   
 5  One With the Kicker   
 6  Razzle Dazzle   
 7  Suitable Pitch   
 8  Rune of Fear   
 9  Scutt's Scroll of Weather Magic   
 10  Stiletto   
 J  Team Anthem   
 Q  The Fan   
 K  The Wall   
 A  Woof Woof!   

 Random Events Deck 
 200,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 2  Bad Habits   
 3  Ballista   
 4  Blackmail   
 5  Buzzing   
 6  Duh, Where am I?   
 7  Ego Trip   
 8  Zap!   
 9  Gimme That!   
 10  Iron Man   
 2  Kid Gloves   
 3  Knuckledusters   
 4  Magic Sponge   
 5  Mine   
 6  Not-So-Secret Weapon   
 7  Orcidas Sponsorship   
 8  Rakarth's Curse of Petty Spite   
 9  Tackling Machine   
 10  Get 'em Lads!   

 Desperate Measures Deck 
 400,000 gold pieces 
 Card  Timing  Effect  Length 
 J  Assassin   
 Q  Doom and Gloom   
 K  Da Freight Train   
 A  Morley's Revenge   
 J  I am the Greatest   
 Q  Mindblow   
 K  Come on Boys!   
 A  Mysterious Old Medicine Man   

Last update: February 27, 2015