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0-4 Temp Agency Cheerleaders: 20,000 (any team)

Increases the number of cheerleaders on the team, up to a maximum of 16, for the duration of the game.

0-3 Part-Time Assistant Coaches: 20,000 (any team)

Increases the number of assistant coaches, up to a maximum of 9, for the duration of the game.

0-1 Weather Mage: 30,000 (any team)

Usable once per game, at the start of the team turn before activation of any player. The weather mage allows for the immediate roll on the Weather Table, with a -1, -2, +2 or +1 applied as the coach desires. The weather result will take effect and last until the end of the opponent's next team turn or the end of the drive, whichever comes first.

0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs: 50,000

Players on the team gain a +1 modifier, per Keg, to recover from being KO'd for this match.

0-3 Bribes: 100,000 (any team), 50,000 (any team with the 'Bribery and Corruption' Special Rule.)

Each bribe allows you to attempt to ignore one call by the referee for a player who has committed a foul to be sent off, or a player armed with a secret weapon to be banned from the match. Roll a D6: on a roll of 2-6 the bribe is effective (preventing a turnover if the player was ejected for fouling), but on a roll of 1 the bribe is wasted and the call still stands! Each bribe may be used once per match.

0-4 Extra Team Training: 100,000

One extra Team re-roll that may be used for this match only.

0-1 Halfling Master Chef: 300,000 (any team), 100,000 (any team with the 'Halfling Thimble Cup' Special Rule)

Roll 3D6 at the start of each half to see what effect the chef's cooking has on the team. For each dice that rolls 4 or more, the team is so inspired that they gain a Team Re-roll, and in addition the opposing team is so distracted by the fantastic cooking smells emanating from their opponent's dug-out that they lose a Team Re-roll (but only if they have any left to lose).

0-1 Mortuary Assistant: 100,000

Any team that cannot purchase a permanent Apothecary can hire a Mortuary Assistant for 100,000. A Mortuary Assistant may only be used once per a game to re-roll one failed Regeneration roll for a player.

0-1 Riotous Rookies: 100,000 (any team with the 'Low Cost Linemen' Special Rule)

Ahead of the game the head coach ventures outside the stadium armed with handfuls of small change and dried beans which they fling to the adoring crowd, telling them they have been hired and this game is their big break in Blood Bowl. Regardless of how many players are available for this game and in addition to any Journeymen the team gains for free to make up for any lack of players, your team gains an additional 2D3+1 Journeymen for this game. These fresh-faced young hopefuls may take the number of players on your Team Draft list temporarily above 16. They are normal Journeyman players in every other respect and unless hired in the post-game sequence, they will be sent on their merry way once the game has ended.

Unlimited Mercenaries: 30,000 + player's cost; as optional, one Primary skill for additional 50,000

A Mercenary costs 30,000 more than an ordinary player of his position. For example, a Mercenary Human lineman would cost 80,000 gold pieces to hire for a match. The normal limits on the total number of players allowed in a team and in each position do apply to Mercenaries (so they aren't truly unlimited). However, players that are missing the game due to injury do not count towards the number of players on the team, so you can use Mercenaries to replace players that are missing a game if you wish. All Mercenaries have the Loner skill as they are unused to playing with the rest of the team. In addition you may choose to give a Mercenary one additional skill selected from those available to a player of that position on a Primary roll, at an additional cost of 50,000. For example, a Mercenary Human lineman could be given Tackle if desired for a total cost of 130,000 to hire for a match. Mercenaries cannot earn Star Player points other than the MVP for the game. Mercenaries can never gain new skills.

0-2 Star Players: BB20StarPlayerList

Star Players may not take the number of players in the team to more than 16. However, players that are missing the game due to injury do not count towards the number of players on the team, so you can use Star Players to replace players that are missing a game if you wish. It is possible (though unlikely) for both teams to induce the same Star Player. If this happens then neither may use him and he keeps both sets of hiring fees! Star Players can never earn Star Player points other than the MVP for the game. Star Player can never gain new skills. Finally purchased/induced Apothecaries or an Igor may not be used on Star Players ever.

0-2 Wandering Apothecaries: 100,000

Any team may hire a Wandering Apothecary for 100,000 if your team can normally purchase a permanent Apothecary. The rules for Wandering Apothecaries are identical to the rules for purchased Apothecaries. Only one Apothecary may be used to re-roll each Casualty roll.

0-1 Plague Doctor: 100,000 (any team with 'Favored of Nurgle' Special Rule)

Once per game, the Plague Doctor can be used to re-roll one failed Regeneration roll for a player on their team. Alternatively, once per game the Plague Doctor can be used as an apothecary when any player on the team is Knocked-Out. Plague Doctors benefit all players currently on the team, including Journeymen, but not including Mercenaries or Star Players.

0-1 Biased Referee: 120,000 (any team), or 80,000 (any team with 'Bribery and Corruption' Special Rule)

In effect for the duration of the game:

Close Scrutiny: Opposition fouls which aren't otherwise spotted prompt a roll of D6. On a 5+ on that roll, the fouler is Sent-Off.

"I didn't see a thing": Argue the Call for the hiring coach receive a +1 modifier to the dice roll.

0-1 Wizard: 150,000

Once per game, the Wizard is allowed to cast either a Fireball spell or Zap! spell. Wizards may only cast spells at the start of their own turn before any player performs an Action OR immediately after their own team's turn has ended even if it ended with a turnover.


Choose a target square anywhere on the pitch. Roll one dice to hit each standing player (from either team) that is either in the target square or a square adjacent to it. If the 'to hit' roll is a 4 or more then the target is Knocked Down. If it is a 3 or less he manages to dodge the fireball's blast. Make an Armour roll (and possible Injury as well) for any player that is Knocked Down as if they had been Knocked Down by a player with the Mighty Blow skill. If a player on the moving team is Knocked Down by a fireball, then the moving team does not suffer a turnover unless the player was carrying the ball at the time.

Pick a player on the pitch, and roll one dice. If the score is equal to or higher than the target player's Strength then they are turned into a frog for the remainder of the drive. 1 Always fails, 6 always succeeds. When a roll on the Casualty table is required against the frog, no roll is made. Instead, it is automatically treated as if a Badly Hurt result had been rolled. The frog must miss the rest of the game and cannot be patched-up by an Apothecary (because it's a frog!). At the end of the game, the player is returned to normal shape with no ill effects.

Frog stats: MA 5, ST 1, AG 2+, AV 5+ Skills: Dodge, Leap, No Hands, Very Long Legs, Stunty, Titchy.

Josef Bugman: 100,000
If a 1 is rolled for a Knocked-Out recovery roll, it can be re-rolled.

You can choose to field Bugman as a player, but only if you would otherwise have less than 11 players to field. He's always sent off at the end of any drive he plays in but his effect on KO rolls continues. Stats: MA 5, ST 3, AG 3+, PA 6+, AV 9+ Skills: Wrestle, Tackle, Thick Skull, Loner 5+

Classed as "(in)famous coaching staff", 0-2 of this class of inducement allowed.

0-5 Cards (Optional Rules): 50,000 Available cards
Not available in Competitive: In a League you may pick a card as an inducement (at 50,000 gold each) or get free cards depending on your League's house rules. (The default in League is a maximum of five cards.)

Last update: November 10, 2022