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Choosing skills

When your game has finished, return to your team page, alongside each player you will see the total amount of SPP available to spend as well as the amount of SPP when they must skill (e.g 2/18). Any player who is able to get a new skill will have a 'skill' link at the end of their row, any player that must skill will have a 'must skill' link instead. Players must skill once they reach the point of being able to roll for a stat increase. If we take the example of a typical lineman, they might have primary access to general skills and secondary access to agility and strength skills. Choosing a secondary skill requires significantly more SPP than choosing a primary. However, you can also roll for random skills. Once again, a random secondary takes more SPP than a random primary. Random skills require less SPP than chosen but they only make sense on certain types of players, often your most important key positional players should stick to chosen skills. See the team advice page for advice on skill choices.

As a quick demo we will look at a Flesh Golem that is ready to skill up. The Flesh Golem has earned 8 SPP, so they can either roll for a random primary or they can choose a primary or they can roll for a random secondary. This player does not yet have any additional skills. As each skill is gained, the amount of SPP required to gain the next skill will increase. The FUMBBL user interface takes care of all the complexities of skilling up and presents the choices to you in an easy format, let’s have a look at the skilling up process.

Here we can see the 'skill' link next to the player.

Here we can see an overview of skill choices available.

Here we can see the ability to roll for random primary.

Here we can see the ability to choose a primary.

Here we can see the ability to roll for a random secondary.

Block is a good skill, so we’re going to choose that from the primary skills. This will cost us 6 SPP. Remember that if we want to choose a primary next time, the amount of SPP required will go up slightly from 6 SPP. Check your rule book for full details.

Once you’ve made your choice or rolled for your random skill/stat, close the skill pop-up window and your players skills/stats will have updated on the team page, and the SPP will have gone down accordingly. The 'must skill' point has changed from 18 to 20, so our SPP column has changed from 8/18 to 2/20. Indicating that we now have less SPP to spend and the prices for the next upgrades have also gone up.

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Last update: October 21, 2022