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Choosing Skills

In this section you will learn how to do skill rolls and choose skills. If you already know this you can move on to the section explaining how to install Java.

If one or more of your player reaches the amount of Star Player Points (SPP) required for a skill roll the icon next to your team will change to a . Those players that have earned enough SPP will have a link titled Skill in the last column of the team roster. Once you click that link a new window will open, and the page rolls for skills. The skill rolls are displayed by icons of dice. You cannot play again until all skills are chosen.

You can then pick a skill from the drop-down menu. Normal roll skills are displayed in Green, double roll skills are in Blue and stat increases are Purple. If the same player gets two skills after one game the second sill will be rolled for as soon as you have finished selecting your first skill.

Last update: February 2, 2013