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Competitive Division


The Competitive division is the largest division on FUMBBL. This division uses the BB2020 rule set (with a 15 game season redraft under construction). There's a wide range of reasons to play games in the Competitive division. You could join the Blackbox Trophy or work towards playing in the official FUMBBL tournaments, participate in one of the meta-groups, try to climb the official Coach Rankings (CR) or just play and build your teams. However you must not play more than 1 in 10 games with the same coach. If you would like to play repeated consecutive games against the same coach/team, you should create your teams in the League division.

How to join

When you create a team you first have to choose which division it belongs to. On your coach home page you'll find a Create a new team link. The Competitive division is the first option to choose from when creating a new team.

Ways to find a game

1. Choose your own opponent

Just click on Gamefinder (under the Game menu) and activate the teams you want to play with, you will be shown all available match ups for the teams you selected, you can then accept or reject the proposed match ups until you find a suitable opponent. Gamefinder includes rules to prevent unfair offers involving teams that have not played many games.

2. Blackbox scheduler

The Gamefinder page also gives access to the Blackbox scheduler where Competitive division teams can be allocated a match every 15 minutes based on all the teams who have joined the Blackbox. Further details on how to use Blackbox are available.

3. Play via "Game name" (e.g. arranged via Discord #lfg channel)

You can still click "Play" next to any team and begin a game in the Competitive Division (using a game name agreed with your opponent).

Last update: September 3, 2022