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FUMBBL Divisions


This is a division with the purpose of teaching newcomers to the game and community how things work without the competitiveness of Ranked or Blackbox. Playing in this division will not affect the match statistics of your account. This divison is not currently active.


Unlike Ranked, Blackbox matches are arranged for you. The division is considered to be more difficult than Ranked by some, not allowing you to pick and chose your opponent. Every 15 minutes, during a five minute window, you can "activate" your Blackbox teams. Bowlbot then evaluates all potential match-ups, pairing the most suitable teams from the available pool. The division is called Blackbox as you will not know which of your (activated) teams will be used or who your opponent will be. After match-ups have been made they are treated as having "started": All site rules regarding games that have started apply. To start your scheduled match, click 'Play' on your home page and the game will automatically start.


League division is for player-run groups. If you have a select group of people you want to play against, League is the place for you. If you want to start your own tourney or League then the League division is the place to run it.


Ranked division is for open play. The reason it's called Ranked is because of a league-specific Ranking system which tracks how teams and coaches fare against each other. Ranked division is possibly the most popular and you'll have an easy time finding a match. You can play whomever you want within the following criteria:

  • You cannot play the same team against the same opposing team twice in a row. (The accepted benchmark for this division is 1 in 10 games played vs the same coach.)
  • You are expected to play (roughly) similarly rated teams. Long streaks of 'cherry-picking' for the purpose of gaining ranking or buffing your team will get your account frozen when you get caught. Just be reasonable.
  • If you have a select group of people you want to play against, check out the League Division. Get those people to make League teams and you can play each other as often as you like without affecting the ratings or rankings in Ranked.


Completely house-ruled rosters with nothing but stunty teams. Check out Stunty Leeg Central for more details. Note that the rosters are frequently adjusted as we try out new teams and races. Quick (and brutal!) game play combined with silly high jinx make Stunty appealing to many players, though some purists may dislike the unofficial rosters. Give it a shot and see what you think.


The LRB4 is a legacy division for teams that coaches chose not migrate to the FFB client and CRP rules. Back to User Guide Home Page


Last update: June 13, 2020