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Estalia Teams

 0-16  Guardavía  50,000  6  3  3+  4+  9+  Animosity(all team-mates)  G  ASP 
 0-2  Lanzador  75,000  6  3  3+  2+  9+  Sure Hands, Pass, Animosity(all team-mates)  GP  AS 
 0-2  Receptor  80,000  7  2  2+  5+  8+  Catch, Animosity(all team-mates)  GA  S 
 0-2  Bloqueador  80,000  4  4  4+  5+  10+  Animosity(all team-mates)  GS  A 
 0-2  Diestro  85,000  7  3  3+  4+  9+  Block, Animosity(all team-mates)  GS  AP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Old World Classic 
 Tier  2 

Player Pics

Player Icons





Famous Teams
Real Tobaro first mentioned in 2nd edition Stars, and Real Murdered first mentioned in Blood Bowl Magazine 12.

Estalia borders Tilea and The Old world to the East and The Great Ocean to the West. Estalia has always remained divided from the rest of the world, avoiding all conflict with the hordes of Chaos and the green tide. Protected by the the knights of the Empire and Bretonnia to the East and the High Elves in The Great Ocean to the West the only conflict they have been involved in came from Araby, Tilea and civil wars that continue to divide their kingdom. The conflicts with Tilea and Araby were only short lived and the knights of the Empire and Bretonnia quickly put an end to these wars, though Tilea and Estalia remain bitter rivals.

Estalia remains a fractured society. The two main cities Billbali and Magritta at the heart of this ongoing conflict. Both major cities fight for the belief that their home is the most senior place of work ship in the peninsula. To add fuel to the fire Magritta won the right to house the Spike Magazine Tournament every year and the Trophy is kept in the great city all year round.

At street level the cities are also divided. The backstreets are run by bandits and cut throats while the keeps by Cabelleros. At every level Estalian society is fractured.

Estalian Bloodbowl teams have the most rounded squad seen throughout the world. Players are draw from all corners of the kingdom and trained from an early age to specialize in their given position. Any players that do not quite make the grade as a positional player are forced into assuming the role of the Guardav­a (linemen). The Diestro is the most coveted position in the team and all Estalian children dream of being the next famous Diestro.

Just like everything in Estalia the Bloodbowl teams although made up of great individuals tend not to function well as a unit, beause of the different backgrounds the players are drawn from. There has never been any Estalian teams worthy of mention and the constant fighting and backstabbing in the dugouts and political divide between the players has always undermined any real hopes they have of achieving world fame and glory.

Estalia were first made reference to in the Bloodbowl world in the 3rd edition rule book. It states that the Spike Magazine Trophy is kept in Magritta one of the two major cities of Estalia.

The Southstorm Squids a team in 2nd edition, got ship wrecked and drowned off the coast of Estalia, so with these two references it is fair to assume Bloodbowl would be played in Estalia.

The roster was based on the same principal as the human roster; they do not specialise in any one specific area of the game, instead aiming to be a good all rounder team. The team is balanced so the average stat line comes out as 6 3 3 8 with each positional making up for the short comings of another positional. The roster is aiming to be a top tier side, as humans are meant to be according their Bloodbowl fluff, to stop them being too good the re-roll cost is 20k more than the standard human roster which will make managing them a little tougher than it otherwise would be. This also fits the fluff as the Estalia teams do not play well together hence the inclusion of Animosity on all their players too. I feel this nega-trait and the high re-roll cost fit the fluff of a dysfunctional team with low moral, fighting in the dugout and general ill feeling between all the players.

The player names are just the spanish names for those positions as Estalia is based on spain. The only exception to this are the Diestros. Diestros translates as skilled and as the most important players in the team I find this quite fitting. Diestros are also one of the few Estalian warhammer units that has existed through the many iterations of the rules. They are skilled sword fighters and like the bloodbowl players idolised throughout Estalian society.

It is worth noting that animosity works by players Race in team creation, for this team I made each position a different race as this is the closest I could get to achieving what I wanted. So if adapting for table top, use animosity but count each position as being a different race so that you always have to roll for animosity.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
No changes other than the addition of Pa stats.

Team design fluff and rational by Garion.
Player Pics drawn by Knut_Rockie and coloured by Garion
Icons by Cowhead

Last update: January 13, 2023