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SECRET LEAGUE 2020 Edition

Create a team HERE.

To use the rosters in your league, you could use Ruleset 2198

To add these to your ruleset individually, click "Add Existing Roster" search for "koadah/_"
Or PM Koadah to get them all added.

If you want to play with these teams on this website in open [L]eague please go to Secret League 2020 Open and click on the "Create team for this league" link. Put [SL20] before your team name and then go to game finder and/or Discord Chat to get a game.

If you prefer the structure of a standard round robin format league, please check out CIBBL, SLA contact the league admin listed and they will tell you when the new season starts which is typically when new teams are recruited. CIBBL does use several rosters modified from the standard Secret League rosters.

For KO tournaments check out the SL Old World Rookie Rumble and SL Old World Brawls, Major tournaments will follow when seasons are added.
For NAF style resurrection tournaments, check out Secret Resurrection .

View the rosters all on one page

Albion Teams

Araby Teams

Avelorn Teams

Beastmen Teams

Black Dwarf Teams

Bretonnian Teams

Border Princes

Cathay Teams

Slaanesh Teams

Tzeentch Teams

Daemons of Khorne

Daemons of Nurgle

Daemons Slaanesh

Daemons Tzeentch

Daemons of Malal

Centigor Teams

Cult of Ulric Teams

Black Ark Teams

Khainite Assassins

Witch Elf Teams

Dryad Teams

Eight Peak Teams

Engineer Teams

Ironbreaker Teams

Norse Dwarf Teams

Slayer Teams

Elemental Teams

Estalia Teams

Ethereal Teams

Fimir Teams

Forest Goblins

Forest Halflings

Four Nations Teams

Giant Teams

Gnoblar Teams

Gnome Tinkers

Flesh Golem

Half-Elf Teams

Half-Orc Teams

Hobgoblin Teams

Hobgoblin Slavers

Hung Teams

Kingdom of Ind

Kurgan Teams

Dust Goblin Teams

Ka-Sabar Teams


Lybaras Teams

Mahrak Teams

Numas Teams

Rasetra Teams

Zandri Teams

Kislev Teams

Lumbria Teams

Minotaur Teams

Myrmidia Teams

Nautican Teams

Night Goblin Teams

Ninja Flings

Nippon Teams

Northern Nippon

Nuln Teams

Ogre Kingdom

Pirates of Sartosa

Savage Orc Teams

Sea Elf Teams

Clan Eshin

Mordkin Teams

Clan Mors

Clan Moulder

Clan Pestilens

Clan Skryre

Sisters Of Sigmar

Skink Teams

Snakemen Teams

Sons of Stromfels

Squig Teams

Tilea Teams

Treemen Teams

Troll Teams

Undead Pirates

Valkyrie Teams

Blood Dragons

Lahmian Teams

Necrarch Teams

Strigoi Teams

Von Carstein Teams

Were Teams

Witch Hunter Teams

Kurnous Teams

Isha Teams

Zoat Teams




Spawn of Chaos

Malal Teams

Werewolf Teams

Turned into official roster, so removed

Khorne Teams
Snotling Teams
Big Uns Team (this has been turned into the new Black Orc team, and Big Uns were put in the Orc team)
Sylvania Pact Team (the standard 2020 vampire team essentially changed into a version of Sylvania pact, so this roster has been removed)




Last update: May 16, 2024