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Four Nations Teams

 0-16  Linemen  60,000  6  3  3+  3+  9+  Dump Off, Nerves of Steel  G  ASP 
 0-1  Full Back  80,000  6  3  3+  2+  9+  Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Catch, On The Ball  GP  AS 
 0-2  Half Backs  80,000  6  3  3+  2+  9+  Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Kick, Hail Mary Pass  GP  AS 
 0-4  Forwards  80,000  6  3  3+  3+  9+  Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Diving Tackle, Fend  GS  AP 
 0-2  Wings  80,000  7  3  3+  2+  9+  Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Catch  GA  SP 
 Re-roll counter  50,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Old World Classic 
 Tier  2 

Player Pics

Player Icons

Full Backs

Half Backs



Albion; a land enveloped in a perpetual mist; inhabited by barbarians, Fimir and giants. But it wasn't always this way.

Hundreds of years before Bloodbowl was discovered, when The World was still at war. Albion was a very different place. Where one island now lies there once was four. Great Albion the main lands, Albary an island to its north, Morien an island to its west and Aeryn an island further west still. These islands were not the grim wetlands inhabited by Barbarians that they are now. They were once a land of knights, lords and ladies, peasants, thieves and outlaws.

The lands were a relatively peaceful place compared to the mainland of the Old World. The great wars that enveloped The World never reached the small islands of Albion and while there were a number of civil wars, peasant revolts and great animosity between the neighbouring isles they still maintained some degree of order.

In these times a yearly contest was run, each isle putting forth their greatest team to compete in a game that was not too dissimilar to Bloodbowl. The game was known as Shrovetide Football. The game originally contained uncountable numbers of participants from neighbouring villages or towns. Each team would meet in a field between the two towns and the aim of the game was to carry a pig’s bladder to the town square of the opposing town. The first to do so would be declared the winner.

It did not take long before Sherrifs outlawed the game though this did not put a stop to them. Town cells became overcrowded with football players each year and this only built up greater resentment between the classes.

The lords came up with another solution; they created rules for the game, building arenas for the sport to be played in. After years the sport became the main pastime for the inhabitants of the isles. Till such a time that each year a yearly tournament was held; each island would put forward a team of their best players and compete for nothing more than to win the championship.

Years later - on the eve of a Four Nations Championship a vast sea of energy from the North swept over the small group of islands. Chaos ensued. The lands were turned inside out, lightning crashing from the earth to the sky and back, the earth lay scorched and time lost all meaning. The few surviving men twisted and contorted out of all recognition mutating in agony for what seemed like an eternity.

When the storm subsided the archipelago was gone, in their place lay only one island, larger than any of the four that once stood in its place. The inhabitants were different, more feral in nature though humans none the less. Giants and Fimir stalked the fen lands; it was a brutal uncivilised country.

The great storm did not go unnoticed by the inhabitants of The World, many set sail to explore the new country. The island soon became a place of war like the rest of The World; Estalian, Tilean, Bretonnian, Knights of the Empire and Dark Elves all tried to lay claim to the country.

The High Elves also sailed to the new island. But they did not go to lay claim to the land. Their High Mage feared the lands may be overrun with the hordes of Chaos. They understood that the Aethyr to the northern pole had fluxed and the great increase in energy had consumed Albion. Their worst fears were not realised though. The lands lay untouched by Chaos. The High Mages believed the new island of Albion had been ripped from another dimension, caused by the Warp rift. But they did not understand how such a thing could have happened. An event like this had not been seen since the Old Ones - the Slann had last inhabited The World.

Morien; the smallest of the old Albion isles survived, though the inhabitants could no longer see the three neighbouring isles from their shores.

Slann emissaries travelled to the islands and taught the people of Morien how the great storm was caused by their return to The World through the warp and how it was only possible to rescue one island before it was sucked into the warp rift. The Slann taught the humans that Morien has been transported to a different time; how the wars that ravaged The World had all but gone and most nations participated in the sport Bloodbowl.

The Moriens who were hosting the annual Four Nations tournament when the storm hit decided it was time to introduce them self to The World and play their own brand of Bloodbowl.

The name Four Nations comes from Rugby (though now called the six nations after the inclusion of France and Italy), it was originally just called the Home Nations, then France joined and it became The Five Nations and then Italy and six. The reason the team is called this and not Albion is firstly because I already have an Albion team based on the current WFB background. In 3rd edition warhammer Albion was split up in to 4 islands - Greater Albion (England), Morien (Wales), Albary (Scotland) and, Aeryn (Ireland). The Background above explains how these teams used to play a sport not too dissimilar to Bloodbowl and how the great teams from that era were all transported through the warp to participate in the World Bloodbowl challenge. It also goes some way in trying to explain how the islands of Albion changed and became just one island which appears in the current WFB fluff.

The team is basically just a Rugby team taking the key positionals and their main attributes and converting them to Bloodbowl skills. All the players were also giving Dump Off and Nerves of Steel which best represents the style of play used in the game of Rugby. HMP represents the Half Backs ability to kick deep.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
I gave all the team improved passing other than forwards which remains as it was in the previous edition. Though this goes against the design philosophy of 2020 edition to a certain extent I wanted this team to be able to perform their special play with more reliability as the team is bloated in cost with situational skills. The improved Pa just makes them better at the one thing they have going for them.

Team design by Tom Anders and Joe Hainstock, with minor changes by Garion
Background and Rationale by Garion
Icons by Cowhead

Last update: January 13, 2023