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Daemons of Slaanesh Teams

 0-16  Cultists  50,000  6  3  3+  4+  9+    GM  ASP 
 0-6  Daemonette  120,000  7  3  2+  -  8+  Claw, Hypnotic Gaze(3+), Regeneration  GA  S 
 0-1  Keeper of Secrets  200,000  7  5  2+  -  9+  Loner (5+), Unchannelled Fury, Regeneration, Extra Arms, Claw, Very Long Legs  S  GA 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  No 
 Special Rules  Favoured of Slaanesh 
 Tier  1 

Player Pics

Player Icons


Keeper Of Secrets

Famous Teams
Daemonettes of Slaanesh - Who first appeared in the 2nd ed Companion book

Shortly after the formation of the NAF Daemonette teams started appearing. Slaanesh it seemed was a fan of the game and ordered his/her minions to participate. It was a match made in heaven. Slaaensh strived for perfection and his/her pleasure seekers would dish out and receive pain in equal part. It didn’t matter to Slaanesh, who took great pleasure in the suffering.

First of all the reason for the teams inclusion in the league is a Deamonette team was mentioned in 2nd Edition Companion. Personally I do not like Daemon teams playing Bloodbowl, it has never seemed right to me, but since every race is covered and this one actually has official fluff to support it I have created the team.

Creating this team was very tough and I am still not convinced about it. I believe it may be too powerful, but testing should help determine if this is the case.

Creating the Daemonettes was the main problem. Claw was a must because of the giant claws they have. Ag4 was a must because they are extremely agile, one of the most agile beings in The World. However they are always depicted as having a Claw on one hand or both. I considered giving them No Hands. But many Daemonettes in the art work and some models only have 1 claw leaving one arm free and even with two claws they would be able to carry the ball. Ideally there would be a negatrait called Cack-handed that gives a player -2 to ball handling etc… but sadly this does not exist. So I felt they had to be Ag4 to stay true to the fluff. They also have Hypnotic Gaze because this being has that ability. Ma7 was again an absolute must because they are extremely fast so 7 was a minimum really. To counter act all these positives they are Av7, which is appropriate fluff wise anyway. With Av7 you will not want to be using Hypnotic Gaze too often or you will quickly find your Daemonettes in the Cas box. They are glass cannon type players, which is exactly what they should be if staying true to their source material; fast mobile players with the ability to hurt players. The main fear with them is that they could potentially develop CPOMB players, so if this team is performing too well I will break convention and not allow them any access to S skills even on a double.

The Linemen are Cultists and have just a standard human stat line, though they have access to Mutations. There is no apothecary in the team as this is a daemon team and all the daemons have regen. This is a negative for the team as the Cultists will be very vulnerable and will not have much opportunity for development.

The greater Daemon of Slaanesh – The keeper of Secrets like all the Daemon big guys is 200k; a huge cost but a very good big guy. Like all Big Guys it has Loner and a negatrait. In this instance the negatrait is Wild Animal, while not totally accurate it is the best fit, it is not stupid in the slightest so the other two negatraits are a no go, Wild Animal just feels like the best fit. The starting skills are based on the typical depiction of the daemon, Extra Arms were added (possibly to little benefit for the player though a ball handling St 5 player could be tricky to handle). Very Long Legs again to mirror the player’s appearance and Claw as it is the most synonymous skill with this god and the art work and models all have a Claw or two. I gave the player S and A access because Slaanesh is all about speed agility and pain, it felt like a perfect fit and makes the roster a little more unique. St5 was a must, and Ag4 was given to the player again because it is an extremely agile being though with Loner and Wild Animal it will never be the most reliable player in the world and it is very very expensive.

Season 2 Changes
There have been no changes to Daemons of Slaanesh. When designing Secret League I wanted all the daemon teams to be tier 2 with the exception of Daemons of Slaanesh who I wanted to be Tier 1 because they are mentioned in the official background material and they are the most agile of the Daemons. I was concerned that the team may be too good because of Claw, Ag4, Hypnotic Gaze. But built the team according to their background, and monitored them closely. Both statistically and anecdotally the team is performing exactly as I had wanted. Games played 620, with a win percentage of 54% Which puts them top tier but not in to tier 0 (above 55%).

Season 3 Changes
458 Games played by Daemons of Slaanesh in year 2, with a win percentage of 54.37% which is pretty much identical to year 1. I decided to move A access from the greater daemon to double rolls only, as I felt this makes the roster more balanced, it was too easy to get blodge currently on the big guy. With this change I have locked this roster now, as I am happy it is performing as I expected it to, and I do not have any concerns about it being too powerful now.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
Changed Hypnotic gaze to 3+ on the Daemonettes, to stop the roster being OP. Updated the Loner to 5+ in line with the other greater deamons, and removed the ability to pass from the Daemonettes to nerf them a little.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion
Icons by Cowhead
Player pics by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion

Last update: November 2, 2023