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How can I make the game client bigger?

Important: FFB client now has in-built resizing.

The advice in this page is out of date, the FFB client now has an in-built resize option (added April 2023) which is preferable to all of the options listed below. Access it from the User Settings menu, choose 'Client size' and select your preferred size.

Old advice (before the in-built resize existed)

This page relates only to Windows, however similar solutions are also available for Mac (untested) and Linux.

This page relates to problems playing on monitors where the resolution makes the game client appear in a very small window. If, on the other hand, you're having problems playing on a smaller screen, follow our advice for the game client on laptops with small screens.

Due to limitations that can't be easily fixed, the game client can be difficult to use on higher resolution screens. There isn't a button or option to make it full screen, however there are some workarounds, detailed below.

There is also a video guide for the recommended workaround.

Workaround 1: Lower your resolution (not recommended)

This sometimes seems the obvious solution, it will work to some extent, but using a non-native resolution can often make everything blurry. Workaround 2 is very similar but will do a better job.

When using 2 monitors this can be a really good solution as you're able to only lower the resolution on the monitor where you have the game client open.

Workaround 2: Increase the Scaling (OK, but significant problems)

Windows refers to Scaling as "Make everything bigger".

In Settings > Display > "Make everything bigger", you can increase the scaling % to a point where the game client can fill the screen. This can do a very good job but has a couple of downsides. Firstly, every application you're using at the time will be 'scaled up', you can put them back again by changing the scaling back to its original. Secondly, you don't have very many options (e.g. 100%, 125%, 150%). Thirdly, changing scaling can actually make some applications hard to use (requiring them to need closing and re-opening or even a reboot) for example the Steam launcher will have problems if you change your scaling (even after you put it back) and will need to be closed and re-opened.

Workaround 3: Use the built in Windows Magnifier (recommended)

This workaround also has a video guide if you prefer.

The built in magnifier overcomes the problems that the Scaling solution has, its downsides are that text will be very slightly less clear than with the scaling option and that it takes a couple of initial steps to make it work effectively (only needs to be done once). Once setup I believe this is the best solution, but you need to try them out for yourself.

Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier (this assumes your magnifier settings are on the Windows defaults):

  • Change the dropdown for "Change the zoom increments" to 5% (this will allow to fine tune exactly how much to zoom in and out)
  • In the section "Enable Magnifier to follow", uncheck the "Mouse Pointer" option (this prevents the magnified area moving, keeping it locked on your game client window)

The keyboard shortcut to activate Magnifier is Windows and "+", its actually the same as the "=" key, but easier to remember as "+" (no need to press shift). Once activated, pressing Windows and "+" zooms you in (5% increments) and Windows "-" zooms you out. To quit magnifier and go back to normal, just press Windows and Escape.

Once these settings are in place, you need to follow a specific sequence each time you launch the game client:

  • Run the game client as normal.
  • Move the game window to the top right of your screen.
  • Move your mouse cursor to the very top right of your screen (this will force the magnifier to zoom in on the top right)
  • Start Magnifier (Windows and "+")
  • Zoom in or out to the desired level (keep the mouse cursor in the far top right), by pressing Windows key with "+" (zoom in 5%) or "-" (zoom out 5%)

If it has worked, you should now have the game client filling your full screen, when you move your mouse cursor to the edge of your display, the magnifier should stay locked on to the game window without gliding around.

To get back to other non-FUMBBL things, just hit Windows and Escape. To then go back into the game, move your mouse cursor to the very top right, hit Windows and "+". Your preferred magnification level will be remembered, so you should very rarely ever need to zoom in/out again.

One small note, when using the settings above, if you press the Windows key on its own, the magnification area will jump towards your Windows menu, this can seem very odd, just press the Windows key again and your magnification area will go back to its original position.

Last update: April 30, 2023