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How to run FFB on small laptop screens

This note relates only to Windows 10.

This note relates to using FUMBBL on small laptop screens, see here for advice on enlarging FUMBBL for larger screens.

Due to limitations that can't be easily fixed, FUMBBL can be difficult to use on small laptop screens. You may need to adjust your scaling (known in Windows as "Make everything bigger") just to get FUMBBL to fit on your screen at all, you may also need to hide your Windows taskbar to make extra vertical space. Depending on your individual laptop you may need to try changing the scaling % either before or after you launch FUMBBL, some experimentation will be required.

If you're happy with how FUMBBL looks once you can see the full window, you can stop reading now. If you struggle to play / watch and wish the pitch area was larger, read on.

Windows Magnifier to enlarge pitch

Windows has a built in magnifier, its a bit fiddly to use and requires some settings changes for FUMBBL. With a bit of practice it does a very good job.

Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier (this assumes your magnifier settings are on the Windows defaults). Change the dropdown for "Change the zoom increments" to 5% (this will allow to fine tune exactly how much to zoom in and out).

The keyboard shortcut to activate Magnifier is Windows and "+", its actually the same as the "=" key, but easier to remember as "+" (no need to press shift). Once activated, pressing Windows and "+" zooms you in (5% increments) and Windows "-" zooms you out. To quit magnifier and go back to normal, just press Windows and Escape.

Once these settings are in place, you need to follow a specific sequence each time you launch FUMBBL:

  • Run FUMBBL as normal.
  • Move the FUMBBL window to the top right of your screen.
  • Move your mouse cursor to the very top right of your screen (this will force the magnifier to zoom in on the top right)
  • Start Magnifier (Windows and "+")
  • Zoom in or out to the desired level (keep the mouse cursor in the far top right), by pressing Windows key with "+" (zoom in 5%) or "-" (zoom out 5%). You might want to zoom in far enough so FUMBBL fills the width of the screen (parts of the dice log and chat will no longer be visible).

In order to see the dice log and chat, just move your mouse down and the magnification area will follow. If the magnification area is not following your mouse, just check that you have the "Mouse Pointer" option checked under "Enable Magnifier to follow" in magnifier settings.

To get back to other non-FUMBBL things, just hit Windows and Escape. To magnify again press Windows and "+". Your preferred magnification level will be remembered, so you should very rarely ever need to zoom in/out again.

One small note, when using the settings above, if you press the Windows key on its own, the magnification area will jump towards your Windows menu, this can seem very odd, just press the Windows key again and your magnification area will go back to its original position.

Last update: November 8, 2021