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Official tournaments

At the time of writing (Oct 2022) the official tournaments under the BB2020 rules are still evolving, but tournaments are very much underway. Here is the official tournament home page, please note that page also is waiting to be updated as the plans emerge.

Quick overview for new coaches

The official tournaments are exclusively for teams in the Competitive division, League division teams are not able to take part (what are divisions?).


The most important competitions on FUMBBL, there are (usually) 5 different Majors a year, each with special formats. They usually consist of qualifiers followed by a main draw, special prizes are given to the winners. Majors will be advertised heavily, e.g. on your coach home page banner, also look out for pinned blog posts from tournament manager Bazakastine, also check the #majors channel on Discord.

Full history of Major winners


TV limited tournaments (for example, 1350TV most recently), where one would typically take place in-between Majors. One or more 16-32 team tournaments are set up depending on numbers of teams applied. They can be either single or double elimination. These are also publicised through the coach home page banner, blog posts and Discord #minors channel.

Royal Rookie Rumbles

Only fresh, 0 game teams can enter. 16 team tournaments with 2 week rounds, so plenty of time to schedule your games. The tournament winner earns 100k in treasury. Popular with very good coaches (don't be fooled by 'Rookie' in the title). As soon as they have enough teams, a new tournament begins. More info and apply your team on the RRR home page. RRRs do not allow star players.

Coach rating in official tournaments

You can now view coach ratings based only on official tournament games. Individual coach ratings pages also include a section for official tournaments now too.

Last update: January 16, 2023