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What is FUMBBL?

FUMBBL Is a way of playing Blood Bowl online, for free.[1]

FUMBBL has been going since 2002 and since then thousands of Blood Bowl players from all over the world have arranged, played and spectated hundreds of Blood Bowl games every single day. The site was built and is looked after entirely by volunteers[2].

FUMBBL is made of three main parts:

  • The Website: Where you are right now - create and manage your teams, find games and launch the game client.
  • The Game Client: The bit that lets you play the actual game. After you have found an opponent the client downloads from the website and you play. It’s based-on Java and there are detailed instructions on how to set it up.
  • The Discord server: Often the quickest way to get help and advice, talk about all things Blood Bowl, or arrange games. There are normally people around to help you from different time zones. There are also different discord servers for the many different leagues.

So, to play you need:

  • An account on the website.
  • You need to install Java to run the game client.
  • You will probably want to install discord on your computer and/or phone

All of these steps are explained later in the user guide, it won’t take very long before you are up and running.

How are games arranged and played?

  • FUMBBL will help you arrange matches with other coaches, including randomly.
  • You can join one of the many different leagues that already exist across the world.
  • You can even create a league of your own with your friends and just play with them

If you are new to Blood bowl or have never played it on FUMBBL then you could join the learning league known as the 145

There are different ways to play to suit everyone. So dive in ask questions, have fun and see you on the field!

[1] Yes, it really is free. With two tiny caveats.

You need to own a copy of the Blood Bowl board game to play. An older version is fine and the latest version of the rulebook is available at the Games Workshop website.

Secondly, the creator and commissioner of FUMBBL does accept donations to help pay for the server and Internet connection

[2] FUMBBL is created, owned and maintained by our commissioner, Christer. FUMBBL's dedicated admin team can be seen here

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Last update: November 3, 2022