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Rankings Explained


Ranking is a mathematically calculated measure of winning ability, and applies to both the coach and the team. A coach or team with a ranking of over 150 is better than average at achieving results that are better than expected, given the strength of his own team and his opponents' teams. A coach or team ranked lower than 150 likewise achieves results that are worse than predicted. Opponent coach rankings are also considered, so drawing against a higher-ranked opponent with equal strength teams will improve the lower-ranked coach's ranking, and degrade the ranking of the higher-ranked coach.

The Mathematics of Rankings

First off, we define a couple of variables:

  • Ro = Ranking before match
  • Rn = Ranking after match
  • K = A division specific "weight" value
  • S = Result of game. For a win S = 1.0, for a tie S = 0.5 and for a loss S = 0.0
  • p = Win probability
  • dR = Difference in ranking (Opponents ranking minus your Ro)
  • dT = Normalized difference in team strength ( 100 * [s1/min(s1,s2) - s2/min(s1,s2)] )
  • r = A racial modifier by TS

Each team starts with a ranking of 150.0 and after each game, the new Ranking is calculated as follows:

There has been a CR tweak, meaning that p in the first formula is replace by P. This new P is calculated using the old p, as follows:

P = p ^ ( 5 ^ ( 1 - 2*r ) )

Minimum number of matches

As of March 4, 2007, both teams playing a match need to have played at least 4 matches for it to be used for ranking purposes.

Rank titles

Curious how CR relates to Rank titles?

Last update: August 23, 2017