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The Recordopedia Spluttanica is the book of Bloodbowl World Records. This brainchild of Lord Splutticus, the owner of Splutt Industries is published at the start of every new Bloodbowl-year.

The legendary record-book and the recently acquired FUMBBL Hall of Fame have become the main publicitary pillars of Splutt Industries, providers of quality Bloodbowl gear.

People who want to submit a new record or '***Did you know...' for the Recordopedia Spluttanica, must post all information on said record or story in this thread.

To date the Recordopedia Record Committee (RRC) has only accepted records attained in Fumbbl-sanctioned matches and updated them for the following categories...

  • BBR : (Black Box Records) only matches played in the Black Box Division apply
  • FUMBBL : all matches played in FUMBBL apply
  • Larson Hall of Fame : here all the Larsons ever made are recorded

Individual Records

Team Records

Match Records

Larson Hall of Fame [1]

Recordopedia Trivia

[1]'here all the Larsons ever made are recorded''

Last update: September 30, 2016