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FUMBBL Cup Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 About the Cup

1.1 What Is the FUMBBL Cup?
It is the premier Ranked/Blackbox Tournament in FUMBBL. It is the biggest tournament with the ultimate prize. The tournament consists of a massive unbalanced KO draw, with some first round byes, and everyone getting to play, if they apply. With all teams fighting it out for the title from game one. See FUMBBL Cup Tournament Page for more details.

1.2 You said something about a prize, what is it?
After every round you win, the FBBA generously awards you a monetary sum to do with as you please.

The winner of the tournament will also recieve a Health Scroll (Brings back a player from death or retirement fully healed). This healing scroll can also be used on any current or future player that suffers an injury.

The Health Scroll does not have to be used immediately after the final, it can be retained by the coach and used at any time in the future (though not whilst the team is in the middle of a game) on any new or old player that is on the roster (including dead or retired players,)!

1.3 Is there a TV limit for the FUMBBL Cup XIII?
There are no TV limits for the FUMBBL cup XIII.

1.4 When is it??!?!
The Cup starts in October/November each year and runs over two months.

2.0 Tournament Format

2.1 What is the format of the tournament?
The Cup is a straight knockout draw with 1 week per round. the standard time rules apply to all games and Over time including sudden death and penalty rolls.

2.2 Can I play games after applying but before the main draw starts?
Yes you can, but be aware any game being played as the actual draw is done will likely not upload.

2.3 What Is a Weekly KO?
In a Weekly KO you only have 7 days in order to play each round of the tournament. Any matches not played by the deadline will be decided by a coin toss, unless, according to the Tournament Facilitator's discretion, one coach was clearly responsible for the match not being played.

3.0 Timeline and Applications to Enter the Cup

3.1 How do I enter the Cup?
In order to enter the FUMBBL Cup XIII, you must apply directly to the main FUMBBL Cup XII page witha team from either R or B division.

3.2 When does it start?
That exact detail will be released via a news post at the right time.

3.3 When Division is the FUMBBL Cup played in?
The FUMBBL Cup is unique in allowing applications from all competitive divisions. At the current time these are defined as R and B.

4.0 Application Issues

4.1 Where do I apply?
From the bottom of the group members page

4.2 I can't seem to apply to the tournament, what is wrong?
You may be prohibited from applying because the group has not opened for applications as yet.

4.3 I applied with my team, but it isn't in the list. Why not?
Until the draw is done, only Admins and Tourney Helpers can see the teams that have applied. This is to prevent coaches from choosing whether to enter based on who/what else has already entered.

5.0 Playing in the Cup

5.1 How long do I have to play my match?
One week. In exceptional circumstances very brief extensions may be granted at the tournament Directors discretion if both parties have sent similarly appologetic PM's citing genuine reasons why one is required.

5.2 My opponent disconnected, what do I do?
Please follow the standard disconnection rules.

5.3 Is conceding a match allowed?
No. As per the Official tournament Rules, concessions are not allowed and will attract bans.

5.4 My team is in the tournament, can I play other games with it?
Once the team has been accepted and placed in the main draw no other games will be possible, or results uploadable, until the team leaves the Tournament.

Last update: October 29, 2014