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Using Test Mode in the FFB Client

Test mode allows you to play a one-off game with no strings attached that is not recorded anywhere and does not affect the teams that are used. As mentioned in the main FFB help, reasons for doing this include:

  • Playing head to head on the same computer
  • Testing out skill combinations and tactics
  • Testing out tabletop tournament teams
  • Using other coaches' teams
  • Making up new players and teams
  • Testing pitch logos and player images load correctly

To play a standalone game in Test mode you first need to decide which 2 teams you would like to use. If they are your own teams then simply click on play next to the two teams that you would like to use. When it asks you to type the game name in type 'test:gamename'. The word gamename in the example must be replaced with the name you have given your game. You will end up with two Java windows open, and will alternate between the two windows. If you are playing a more traditional game online, then just use test:gamename instead of gamename.

Note: You cannot use the same team twice! You have to use two different teams or this will not work.

You may also use another coach's team. To do this, click on the team and look at the address bar. The last six digits of the address are the Team ID. To play with the team copy this URL - https://fumbbl.com/ffblive.jnlp?id=#### into your address bar, but replace the #### with the team's ID number that you would like to use. This will launch the client with that team.

If all you want to do is play a one-off game, or use another coach's team, then that is all you need. However, there are other options available.

Before you accept the game (where it says "do you want to start a game with these teams") you have the option to change the teams. The main things you will want to do are:

  • add skills - e.g. to add jump up to player #3 type /skill add jump_up 3
  • remove skills - e.g. to remove loner from player #11 type /skill remove loner 11
  • change stats - e.g. to set the AG of player #10 to be a value of 5, type /stat ag 5 10
  • add inducement money - e.g. to give a team 2,000,000 to spend type /option freeInducementCash 2000000
  • remove players - e.g. to kill player #7 type /box rip 7
  • to add option for a wizard - /option inducementWizardsMax 1

For all the above numbers, you can replace the player number with multiple numbers separated by spaces, or the word "all" for all players.

If you want to automatically generate these codes, you can use this spreadsheet, and an html version is in development. You may use this online tool for skills: http://elyoukey.com/fumbbltestcodes/

However, the standard settings for the client mean that you cannot copy and paste into the chat window. If you want to be able to copy and paste from office etc into the chat window, you need to adjust the java settings. The quick way to do this is to unzip the following file so that the .java.policy file ends up in your My Documents folder. Be aware however that if you are using Java for secure banking etc this could compromise security, but you can reverse the change by removing the file from My Documents. The zip file is here.

It is not possible to paste multiple lines at the same time - you will need to post the options one by one.

Other changes you can make to the client include changing the result of any dice throw, moving to certain turns, and changing all sorts of in-game options. The full list of commands available in test mode are located under the Help section in the FFB client's toolbar once you have a Test: game open.

If you want to have people spectate your game or if you want to see replays, you have to spot the Game ID XXXXXX.

Link to spectate: https://fumbbl.com/ffblive.jnlp?spectate=XXXXXX

Link to replay: https://fumbbl.com/ffblive.jnlp?replay=XXXXXX

NB: At present there is no defined and easy means of finding the Game ID. One option however is, before setting up your TEST game, go to Current Games (https://fumbbl.com/p/games). Find a game that is "starting" (big circle, just above "spectators") and hover over the "starting" text. Make a note of the number. When you start your test game the Game ID will be an incremental number from this one. At this point it's trial and error to find out what your number is, or refresh Current Games once you start your TEST game and note which number is missing.

It appears from experimentation that the Game ID is assigned as soon as the first coach enters the Game Name and clicks the "Start New Game" button. It does not need the second coach to join to create the Game ID.

You can use /gameid to get the game ID

Last update: July 20, 2021