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Using test mode in the game client

Test mode allows you to play a one-off game with no strings attached that is not recorded anywhere and does not affect the teams that are used. You can even play a game between 2 of your own teams just to learn how things work. Reasons for doing this include:

  • Learning how to use the client
  • Playing head to head on the same computer
  • Playing a practice/training game with another coach, that "won't count" for anything.
  • Prepare, save and update your team kick-off setups
  • Testing out skill combinations and tactics
  • Testing out tabletop tournament teams
  • Using other coaches' teams
  • Testing pitch logos and player images load correctly

Please note do not use teams from the “Test Division“, this is a separate concept from “Test mode”.

If you're new to using test mode, the easiest way to start is to use 2 of your own teams (the same team won't be allowed to play itself, even in test mode), if you're following the user guide and only have a single team, please create a second team now.

Instructions to start a test mode game between 2 of your own teams:

  • From your main teams list page, click the Play link next to each of your teams that you would like to use for the test mode game. If your team doesn't have a Play link you'll need to first finish setting it up or complete it's post-match process.
  • Launch each game in the usual way, you'll have 2 separate windows running.
  • You'll be asked to enter a 'game name', this must be the same for each window, and also must be prefixed with 'test:'. So 'test:mygame' for example, just replace the word mygame in the example with anything you like. Once again, it's very important the game name is prefixed with 'test:'.

You will end up with two Java windows open and will alternate between the two windows, it's a little confusing to be playing both sides, but a very good way to try things out.

Note: You cannot use the same team twice! You have to use two different teams or this will not work.

You may also use another coach's team. To do this, click on the team and look at the address bar. The last six digits of the address are the Team ID. To play with the team copy this URL - https://fumbbl.com/ffblive.jnlp?id=#### into your address bar, but replace the #### with the team's ID number that you would like to use. This will launch the client with that team.

If all you want to do is play a one-off game, or use another coach's team, then that is all you need. However, there are other options available. To find out more, visit the Test mode advanced options page

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Last update: December 6, 2022