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Ranked Division


The Ranked division (previously called Open) is the largest division on FUMBBL. This division uses the BB2016 rule set, and the FUMBBL home-grown FFB client.

Playing the same opponent too often

Due to the ranking structure, coaches are expected to play a variety of different coaches. Do not use this division to play amongst a close group of friends. The accepted benchmark for this division is 1 in 10 games played vs the same coach. Both teams need to have played a different team before playing again. If you would like to play repeated consecutive games against the same coach/team, you should create your teams in the League division.

The +/- 15% TV Rule Replaced

FUMBBL has changed policy regarding the TV limit that was in place in the ranked division. The intent of the change is to give coaches greater flexibility as to which opponent they play, and is also intended to give stunty teams some leeway to play games with more inducements from time to time.

Effective immediately, the limit has changed to be based on the number of games a team has played. The limits are as follows:

0-2 games, must play within 10% 3-9 games, must play within 15% 10-29 games, must play within (15+(games-10)*2)% 30 games and onward, teams can play any opponent

The 10-29 game range spans from 15% at 10 games to 53% at 29 games in steps of 2% per game (so 15, 17, 19, etc). But don't worry about working this out for your self, once you click on gamefinder you will be shown all possible match ups that are currently available.

Finding a game

Finding a game is now easier than ever, just click on gamefinder and you will be shown all available match ups for the teams you selected, you can then accept or reject the propsed match ups until you find a suitable opponent.


For Ranking purposes, K=2 in this division.

Last update: June 2, 2018