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Joined: Mar 23, 2006

Post   Posted: Feb 13, 2015 - 18:41 Reply with quote Back to top

Better late than never! In the week where the Exploding Cup will be cramming right up into your nerd hole; itís time for a Stunty edition of the Picks! Where do the little men place their 3 new skills? What use for the all-important double? Letís cast our eye over the Stunty field yet to play this round:

Six of the Best - Round 4

Image[NAF] Rough Road to the NAFC roante v freshbree Dwarfs From Erebor 2Image

We begin with 1/1/1 Goblins facing up to the Dwarvern challenge. This is a game I selected because Roante has gone for a deeeeep Goblin roster, and enough might just hang around to see the final whistle here. The 6th skill double on this Goblin outfit is the Hail Mary Pass Bomber, and Iíll bet that Dwarf cage is going to love a 2+ bomb floating into space around them; a Troll Piling On what mens remain. This match has the whiff of the upset about it, Tackle should prevail, but will it? Iíll be cheering the Goblins along, shirt waving around my head like a helicopter. No videos.

Image Hans-Wistar's Revenge mubo 1 v 2 SzieberthAdam Scrappa's Henchmen Image

A game that was played just after I selected it for a pick and began to formulate this nonsense, Iím looking forward to this replay. Scrappa, some Piling On and the lesser spotted Leader Snotling couldnít defeat the ex-champion muboís Rats, could they? Could they? They only bloody did. The Ogres advance to 2/1/1 and a shot at the Stunty Cup, what a scalp. Sorry, mubo, in my defence, I had honestly already coded up the little picturesÖ

Image Ladz on da Road Joemanji v m0gw41 Butterfield's Crash DietersImage

Our first profiled Stunty derby! \o/ In previous rounds, Joeís dodging Ripper has become the stuff of match-winning legend, and m0gw41ís Halflings are going to have to watch out for the newly Elf leaning star man. Afterall, if the Chef nicks all of the Goblin re-rolls, what does it matter to the Loner star?! It will just make the dodge all the more glorious. Doubles here come in the form of the Block Troll and Treeman, and we have SS and DT to muddy the waters of attempted drives. Always a fun fixture, I think this might all come down to the three Big Guy-off up front. If those Treemen donít root, they might boss the Trolls about. What influence will a Fanatic have without re-rolls to back up risky Tree 1/9ís? Lots of questions, only one way to find out.

ImageBrainstorm Barnstormerz subs v ramchop Te Aro Targets Image

Another Stunty derby, but this time itís Goblins v Ogres. The 15 man Ogres sport the already victorious this round Leader Snotling and a fun looking Bomber, and they face a Ripper / Block Goblin build. Perhaps the Block Goblin is a huge boon in the Stunty derby, it might well cut back on the Stunty dodges into cages for the (in this case) desperation 1/4 half dice block and add some more control to proceedings. Letís see if it is the difference maker here. Either way, expect madcap nonsense.

Image Dyfrandi Dunderheads hissa-lives v KhorneliusPraxx Tangle Wood Fanatics Image

I remember the old days when the FUMBBL World Cup was a thing (one of each race in a big mashup, Stunty Leeg and LRB teams), and what really was a killer for the Leeg teams was facing Block. Well, these Norse have that. KP has a flat 11 men, and heís really going to have to accelerate the game to get a result. Another HMP bomber here, as well as a TTM aiding Strong Arm Troll, Grab Fanatic, Sneaky Git GoblinÖ Itís all on here. Whether the circus skilled Goblins can live long enough to show off their lesser spotted razzle-dazzle Iím not too sure, but letís hope they do (more waving like a helicopter Ė still no videos).

Image Sewer Rascals Hrimthursa v SkavenLordVinshqueek Crookback Mtn. Cavaliers Image

With 2 Bribes and 15 men, SLV has taken an approach blessed with more depth than KP, and a Block Troll / MB Fanatic combo adds yet more ballast to this line-up. With ballcarriers no stronger than a Goblin, Lizards can occasionally become unstuck in this kind of fixture, especially when the odd Saurus leaves the field. With that in mind; the Rascalsí Sure Hander Skink, a probable anti-Wardancer mechanism, might well come up trumps if that ball absolutely has to be picked up in a pickle. Youíd imagine a load of Block Saurus (/ Saurii, / Saurusses / Saurus / letís call the whole thing off) would do the business here; but thatís the fun of the Stunty fixture! The upset is golden!

Who is your Stunty Cup pick? One of these? Zed (who played too quickly for me to put pen to paper)? A. N. Other?


Joined: Mar 23, 2006

Post   Posted: Feb 18, 2015 - 22:28 Reply with quote Back to top

For the penultimate time, letís have some picks! This week, we profile the four games that will shape our final. With TDs / CAS being such a fluid tie breaker and draws being common; any of these eight perfect (to date) coaches can quite reasonably dream of a place in the big game and winning that golden ticket. Exciting, isnít it?! Smile

Image Gravalvorlig straume v WolfParma La Grande Abbuffata Image

Letís begin on table 1 with an Undead-off. WolfParma has gone for the more mobile but fragile 12 man build, and not a Skeleton to be seen! I like one of those guys, they can really move. Straume has one with his more robust, yet slower, 13 man build. Anyway, the devil is in the detail while breaking this match down; WolfParma has gone Guard heavy. Both Mummies, a Wight and the double has gone on a Guard Zombie. Straume only has two, and the more regulation Block Mummy on the double. The match only features one Blodge Ghoul per team as well, so there is going to be a lot of positional intrigue as the Ghouls have to stay hidden. Will the Block Mummy dominate, or will he be crowded out by all that Guard? And what happens in the event of an eight turn grind? Does the coach behind opt to hope 1-1 will be enough, or will he push for two? So many interesting questions, and you can tune in and find out the answers at 21:00 server time, Sunday night. See you in the stands!

Image Round 14 Diceskill v Estremo Missed a Fan Factor Image

Where did it all go wrong for Dark Elves? With the most perfect teams at halfway, the scene was set for them to go from strength to strength going into the second half. But Diceskill represents all that remains. He now faces Estremo and his Sure Handed Skink. This is a great matchup, Darkies and Lizzies, whoever is defending seems to have the tempo advantage, and itís always about who can execute on offence. The wall of Saurus Block and Prehensile Tail must, in this case, deal with a Tackler, a Mighty Blower and some Blodge, so they must absolutely defend those Skinks behind a wall of cold blood. That might well be the key here; can the Darkies cut down on the ball handling abilities of the Lizzies with those helpful Blitzer skills? An Elf team at 5/0/0 always has the hope of the quick score to secure a final berth; maybe that will be huge here if a Skink can only hold out until T7.

Image Screaming Hands for NAF CS2515 Kithor v cedric19 Munich Rumbbl Lads Image

Here we go again, the Undead mirror match, with identical rosters in this case.

Undead are perhaps best suited to come from behind in terms of a net TD + net CAS deficit, so these guys are right in it. Interesting move from Kithor here, heís ignored his double and skilled up more Ghouls. Two Block and a Wrestle; I think this is a smart move with 12 men (although it is ballsy ignoring the Block Mummy). The Wrestle Ghoul also has obvious ball hunting possibilities. Kithor is the only one of our 4 Undead coaches to skip Tackle, so the Wrestler might be his key to victory. Cedric19 has a rock solid, Block Guard, one Tackle team build, and I can see how heís won 4 so far. A total toss up this one; two good coaches, two good teamsÖ I just wonder about that Wrestle Ghoul, and if the tie breaker will niggle away at the back of someoneís mind.

Image Stracciatelle giorss 2 v 1 Jopotzuki Hippies 69 on the road to NAFCImage

He we have our clubhouse leader. giorss sits (I like to imagine) feet up, smoking a fine cigar, pressure off and wondering who, if anyone, will join him on 10 points. Will a tiebreaker of +6 be enough?

The game featured the last representatives of two tier one powerhouses, and what a matchup it was. giorss has gone classic Amazon; depth, Guard, one to hit with and a Wrestler. Jopotzuki has an interesting Woodie build; 11 men, 3 RR (2 Catchers), some Sure Feet and a Guard Lineman. Cracking team picture too, check that one out!

The Woodies received, and suffered Blitz! I wonder from the setup if they were attempting a lesser spotted T1 OTTD? Anyway, the hammer came down as Amazons swarmed the tight Woodie formation, and Iím sure the Frenzy Wardancer (chosen over Tackle) didnít feel quite as handy as he could have been in this game. This must have been especially the case when he went hunting for a breakaway to fix the Blitz! problem, which only resulted in a GFI fail, a CAS and the ball handed over to the Amazons. That was effectively the end of the contest, as giorss tucked the ball up nice and safe, never to be seen again by the Woodies until it was too late. Well played!

And there we have it. Next week on all of your usual RTTNAFC outlets: A full final run down, some Stunty Cup notes, and a recap on how our ten to watch fared. Canít wait to see which of our eight make the final!


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Joined: Nov 22, 2007

Post   Posted: Feb 18, 2015 - 23:14 Reply with quote Back to top

I don't usually smoke, but a bottle of cider is empty this evening.
It's the 1st time I take zonnies on a NAF tourney, so I used the safest build I know.
I'm sure I can't go in final, +6 is few... the dwarf team on turn 3 smashed me too much: 0-4 cas, but I'm glad I won that match!!!
and I took this tourney as a nice training with the gentle race of women, but it's not my favourite way of playing, few strange moves, impossible to do real Sunday actions
Good luck Estremo and Wolf!!!!


Joined: Feb 18, 2004

Post   Posted: Feb 18, 2015 - 23:55 Reply with quote Back to top

giorss wrote:
I don't usually smoke, but a bottle of cider is empty this evening.
It's the 1st time I take zonnies on a NAF tourney, so I used the safest build I know.
I'm sure I can't go in final, +6 is few... the dwarf team on turn 3 smashed me too much: 0-4 cas, but I'm glad I won that match!!!
and I took this tourney as a nice training with the gentle race of women, but it's not my favourite way of playing, few strange moves, impossible to do real Sunday actions
Good luck Estremo and Wolf!!!!

Draws could be your friend.

If 2 of the last 3 4/0/0 games are draws, you are in the final.

Joined: Dec 01, 2003

Post   Posted: Feb 19, 2015 - 09:19 Reply with quote Back to top

I would just like to point out that I ndeed have 13 players. Including a Skeleton.

Joined: Mar 23, 2006

Post   Posted: Feb 19, 2015 - 09:23 Reply with quote Back to top

So you do!

I seem to have confused myself. Since you have a Skele, you're my favourite. Razz

Remember: Purplegoo's Purple Picks are not legally binding, and your mortgage may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments. Wardancer leaps may go up as well as down.


Joined: Mar 23, 2006

Post   Posted: Feb 24, 2015 - 19:00 Reply with quote Back to top

Here we are! How time has flown. Round 6 is upon us, and there is so much to discuss. Letís have a look at the race for the Stunty Cup, how our 10 to watch have fared over their first five games, and first of all, the final!


At 21:30 server time on Friday, straume and Diceskill will face off for the Road to the NAF Championship title and that free ticket to the big one in May. Time to review the tale of the tape.

Image Gravalvorlig straume v Diceskill Round 14Image


Image Undead: 2 Mummies, 2 Wights, 3 Ghouls, 5 Zombies, 1 Skeleton. 3 re-rolls, 2 Fans

Mummy - Guard
Wight - Guard
Ghoul - Block
Wight - Frenzy
Ghoul - Wrestle
Mummy - Block

ImageDark Elves: 4 Blitzers, 1 Witch Elf, 1 Runner, 5 Linemen, 3 re-rolls, 1 Fan

Blitzer - Tackle
Runner - Nerves of Steel
Witch Elf - Block
Blitzer - Dodge
Blitzer - Dodge
Blitzer - Mighty Blow


5 / 0 / 0 - a perfect 10 points each!


+20 for straume, + 13 for Diceskill

Road to the Final


1-0 (Necromantic, DaCoach)
2-0 (Dwarf, pedep)
3-0 (Dark Elf, sebotouno)
2-1 (Undead, azzroag)
2-1 (Undead, WolfParma)


3-0 (Halfing, howlinggriffon)
2-1 (Wood Elf, Tripleskull)
2-1 (Norse, Sizzler)
2-1 (Norse, ahalfling)
2-1 (Lizardmen, Estremo)


How to analyse our final?

Both of these coaches have played some great Blood Bowl to make it this far, and overcome some notable coaches and teams. straume has what one might describe as a quite textbook Undead build: a Block Mummy is a huge boon, a bench is helpful, Blodge Ghouls are wonderful things. A Wrestler keeps ball winning possible. Diceskill has more of a left field roster; 4 Blitzers and one Witch over 3 + 2, an MB Blitzer over Guard, Nerves of Steel is an interesting choice, perhaps an anti-Wood Elf move. Everyone knows the talents of Blodge Darkie Blitzers, and a Tackle might help down those Ghouls. Can the Undead thin out the Dark Elf ranks a little and profit? Can the Darkies use their agility to keep away from the Undead for long enough to eek out a perfect 8 turn drive? What effect will the possibility of overtime have on how our coaches approach the game?

Iíve shied away from making predictions on winners so far in the tournament, and Iím not going to easily leave the fence now. There are arguments for each team to come out victorious, and Iím just looking forward to a great set piece to spectate. I think we'll see a 2-1 overtime win, and if you held a gun to my head, I'd say that Undead bench and punching power will see them through. But if the Dark Elves won, I'd not be hugely surprised either!

Good luck to both of our coaches, regardless of the final result, youíve had a terrific run.

Now then, how have our ten to watch from day one fared? A word or two on each:

10 to Watch Ė Recap

1. Sizzler - Norse - Crows of Loki

The Champ went out to an eventual finalist, so no embarrassment here. At 3 / 1 / 1, the Sizzler is looking like posting a healthy score in the run up to the defence of his crown.

2. Tripleskull - Wood Elves - Oppers

Another that fell to Diceskill, but at 4 / 0 / 1, Tripleskull is looking like he will finish very high up the table. A great performance!

3. FRSHMN - Skaven - Ma9 Ė Too Fast to Ketchup

This was a big old high risk / high reward of a roster, and this time, itís come out about middling. At 2 / 0 / 3, a last round victory leaves our favourite Rats at parity.

4. PeteW - Norse - Frenzy to Nottingham

Here is a gamble, in Chaney, that has not worked out. 1 / 0 / 4 is not a return befitting a man of Peteís talents. Has this experiment been discarded for the NAFC, or is itís genius not yet fully understood?

5. azzroag - Undead - Road to nottingham

Another perfect record but for a meeting with a finalist. Could be another 5 / 0 / 1 for the talented Frenchman and his Undead charges.

6. Strider84 - Ogre - [RES] Weichier

A possible Stunty Cup winner, Strider sits at 2 / 1 / 2 with Ogres. No mean feat. More on the little Ďuns laterÖ

7. Topper - Amazon - Desperate Ladies

Currently 3 / 0 / 1 with a forfeited game, the Roxanna build has not gone badly at all. On another day, perhaps Topper could be right in there at the top?

8. SpecialOne - Lizardmen - Championship Tryouts

Is the single BT Saurus is still up for debate at 3 / 0 / 2? Not sure, but the SpecialOne has a shot at 4 wins, facing a favourable draw for Lizzies in Dwarves round 6.

9. LuckyLysenko - Halfling /- Porkyís NAFC Rashers

Not one for the Stunty Cup, this. LuckyLysenko has been unLuckyLysenko this time, and the Halflings will try and avoid the spoon in R6. Still, terrific flavour for the event, hats off.

10. Nippylongskar - Dwarf - Khazad Drakk Detonators

I stand by my assertion that Nippy is an unadulterated super genius. At 1 / 1 / 3, the mighty DT Deathroller has not done the business this time, but in itís defence, the results have begun to flow only since the double came in. Itís the other Dwarves that have let Nippy down!

So, some good, some not so good, but lots of interest there. Itís been a pleasure following these 10, as well as many of the rest of you, as the tournament has gone on.

The Stunty Cup!

By my reckoning, there are three teams left in the race for the Stunty Cup. They are:

ImageIn 50th overall, with a record of 3 / 1 / 1 Ė Joemanji's Goblins, Ladz on da Road, +3 tiebreaker

ImageIn 139th with a record of 2 / 1 / 2 Ė Strider84's Ogres, [RES] Weicheier, -8 tiebreaker

ImageIn 143rd with a record of 2 / 1 / 2 Ė SzieberthAdam's Ogres, Scrappa's Henchmen, -11 tiebreaker

Joe holds all of the cards here, a tie will be enough for certain. He will face Barney_The_Lurkerís Dark Elves in game 6. But Iíd not discount Strider. Ogres can rack up the CAS pretty quickly, and if Joe takes a shoeing (possible against Barney who is a shrewd operator), that tie breaker gap may not be insurmountable. Strider's Ogres get to play Baafs and his 1 RR Rats, and you know what? If those Rats fail something early and end up in the tacklezones of all those Ogres, a few snaps might well bring those tie breakers closer together. SzieberthAdam is our rank outsider: that is a huge tiebreaker differential to overcome when your round 6 game is Wreckage's Undead. Mathematically possible, but potentially unlikely!

Clearly, Joe and his Ripper based Goblins are our favourites here, and this is a great Stunty performance from our NAFC organiser in chief.

The Stunty Cup has been brilliant to watch, highlights such as Reggae Reggae Saws destroying Nippyís Dwarves was a fantastic watch. A big salute to each and every one of our Stunty heroes!

Phew. Thatís a lot of text! Thanks for tuning into the picks, and please, join me in picking out some of your own RTTNAFC highlights below, as well as listing your final prediction. Who can get closest to the final result, I wonder? Smile

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