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Would you join a NCAA-themed League?
Yes, yes I would.
 42%  [ 184 ]
No, I doubt it.
 11%  [ 50 ]
I don't know what the NCAA is.
 26%  [ 116 ]
I don't join leagues.
 2%  [ 13 ]
I dropped the soap.
 4%  [ 21 ]
 11%  [ 48 ]
 0%  [ 4 ]
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Post   Posted: Sep 25, 2020 - 13:38 Reply with quote Back to top

I think the answer is in the context that you're playing in - table-top and presumably your Ranked team with the 2 chameleons. In both you have more latitude to use those skills as you have an idea of how the coaches play (table-top) or can play against a team where shadowing/pass-block have more weight (agility sides). In the box you generally won't get much if any use out of pass block as the opponent's game plan is a running one.

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Cold wind blows through the Crypts of the Smack Conference Graveyards. Coach Robocoyote stands alone in the graveyard. The season has gone about as one can expect some wins and some losses. The filthy elves of the Smack dance around throwing Td's and laughing to the stumbling zombies around them.

We need something to further the power of the undead Robo thinks to himself. These elves, lizards, Rats, and Dwarves are not stronger than the hordes of the undead.

As he walks through the graveyard a simple headstone, very unassuming catches his eye. Weird he thinks to himself I've never noticed this stone before. Simple etchings of an old language on the headstone read, "Beware the cursed goblet buried here. The powers of it are uncontrolable by the living."

Robo smiles to himself and begins to dig. Moments later a loud clunk. Pulled from the gravesite a goblet. made of bone and muscle. The decaying hand of some unfortunate soul still holds the blackened beating heart of some foul creature.


Robo lets loose a maniacal laugh. This must be the item he was searching for. The power of the undead flowed strong within the goblet. Robo reaches out his hand to grasp the goblet and take it as his own.

Crash......... a lightning bolt strikes the ground. A loud voice of unknown origin calls out, "Only a true lord of the undead can hold the cursed goblet that lies before you." Surely there can be none more worthy than I Robo thinks to himself. Who else in the Smack could lay claim to such and artifact of the undead??

A howl is heard in the distance..... Werewolves surely...... Robo looks to his left and there stands Ganthony flanked by his Werewolves and other undead creatures. The loud voice calls out, "Prove to me you are worthy to wield the goblet. Only than shall you be able to posses it."

Robo knows what must happen. The eternal rivalry of the undead.

Coming soon, Beginning Season 37, but starting next week.

Indiana Vs Fresno

The Battle for the Cursed Goblet.

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Post   Posted: Jan 26, 2021 - 20:33 Reply with quote Back to top

NCBB Season 37 Preview

Once again it is time for another NCBB campaign, where seniors try for one last shot at eternal glory, while freshman take the field for the first time, yearning to become the next legend on campus. Let's take a look at how this year shapes up, in theory, at least:

Big Beast
-The last two National Champions called the Beast their home (Fayetteville, Cal), though a fair amount of change in the conference makes it seem like a three-peat is unlikely. Could this be an arms-race between California and UTEP to see who can grow their young St4 players faster? Or could an up-and-coming program compete sooner than expected?

-With powerhouse Duke taking some time off, and Miami(OH) as well, things look a little different in the FBC. Likewise, the loss of the very solid Fla St program means that all eyes could be on Texas AM, especially since they were the only undefeated team at the end of last season (4-6-0 plus a bowl win).

-After a brilliant run that culminated in two championships in seasons 32 and 33, the time is again neigh for TCU to perhaps reign again. But a promising Florida squad had an unbeaten regular season last year and could stand in their way.

-Although they came up just short in the title game, UNAM remains loaded and will look to finish what they started last season. Can a surging Washington program challenge them? Perhaps a bounce-back season from a normally prolific U-Dub team? And of course we would be foolish to count out John Molson, even if recent injuries have taken their toll.

-After a Smack team finally made the Playoff (St Louis), can they take the next step and compete for the championship? One could imagine Bro-hio being that team if they could simply roll stats like other wood elf teams have. We could include Oregon as a contender if the coach would actually get the roster graduated and ready for the season.

-The newest conference is still looking to establish itself as a power, and Paris could be the program that carries the banner. But one must not forget the infamous UC-SD school that will block your socks off and still elf you when required.

Preseason Top 10
10. California Golden Lizards, Beast
9. Washington Huskarls, AKC
8. Florida Rotting Gators, SCC
7. Bro-hio State Buckeyes, Smack
6. TCU Horned Rats, SCC
5. UC San Dogo Krytens, UAC
4. Texas AM Les Agriculteurs, FBC
3. Paris University DeadJokers, UAC
2. U-Dub Elfskies, AKC
1. UNAM Pumas Malditas, AKC

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Feb 06, 2021 - 19:37 Reply with quote Back to top

Good Evening Sports Fans, and welcome to Six Feet Down Under, the show covering the deaths of the NCBB. I'm your host, Miyuso, and today we're looking at the first half of our Out of Conference games. At last count, we'd played 35 games, and we've seen 17 deaths, plus another 3 in Non-AQ. Let's take a look at who we lost:

The Good

Philip L. Dubois from Charlotte's Forty Normers
This 45 Spp Senior has been the biggest casualty so far, struck down against Northern Virginia CC Hawks

Jóra Dálkrdóttir from Drexel Draugrs
While not at skilled as Philip, Jora arguably had a better upside of having 32 spps, and only being a Sophomore at time of death

Joe Dillon from Louisiana Gnawin' Cajuns
Despite the dishour of being killed by an elf, Sophomore Joe Dillon's Mv 10 will be missed

Matthew Boateng from Kansas Red Leg Raiders
This +MV Norse lineman was a victim of Norse on Norse Violence, dying against the Washington Huskarls

The Up and Comers

Martin St. Gooey from John Molson School of Bruising

Sven from the Washington Huskarls

William Bonecruncher from the Fighting Illinois 2020

The Chaff

Snowball from Sham Howstan Ratz

Teemo from Washington Huskarls

Billie from Sham Howstan Ratz

Evan Anders from Tunxis Community Bash-Herd

Seth Small from Texas AM Les Agriculteurs

Lirina "Black and White Colobus" Prothal from UC San Dogo Krytens

Steve McQueen from Air Force Warpstone Falcons

Larry from Sham Howstan Ratz

Chris the Floor Waxer from NCBB Union Support Staff
The Non-AQers

Tyrone Corbin from DePaul Blue Demons [DPU]

Chris ''Hunter'' Strokes from Les Dauphins Bleu De l'UQAM

Marquez Dooper from [KSU] Dent State Golden Beards

Star Players

Bo Gallante while playing for NotreShameFightin'Elvish

As you can see, we've seen the most blood spilt from the roster of Sham Howstan Ratz, already having had 3 players die. On the other side, we've only had 2 teams kill more than one opposing player, Tunxis Community Bash-Herd and Fresno State Raiders. Thanks for tuning in, and if you have an obituary you'd like to have included, please let us know. I've been your host, Miyuso, and we'll see you next time.
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