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Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2021 - 13:02 Reply with quote Back to top

Osbbl awards- Silkys Shout season 6

Well Folks here we are the Awards Ceremony everyone is waiting for. I am here the Mascara Snake clarinet player for Silky's old band and with me I have this season's co-commentator Mr Chuckles.

What a season Chuckles!

Well a hell of a season and having a sneak peek at the glittering prizes maybe they will be enough to have Silky return to his kingdom Snake.

Yet again the Sisterwives go unbeaten the Griffons fall of the pace and the newcomers All up in your Swayze get well all up in folks well what ever to Ghost into the play offs.

Lets look at those prizes.

So the Prizes:

Firstly the coveted Wilkinson Sword:, but the Best of the Osbbl teams are still to be confirmed.

Now the Mullet
And again this is yet to be confirmed.

Now in a particular order the other awards from the season.

Silky's Starfish

This goes to the player with the most SPP's this season. Though Duncan is a personal favourite it was the Troll Keith that collected the most points for a troll and April of the sister was just above him but neither get the Starfish this season.

Ghost was the go to shadowy figure of the Swayze’s and justifiably is this season's recipient of Silky’s Starfish.

Now the Rampant Shag. This annoying bird was caught and stuffed by the Mercenaries of the Nightwing and given to Silky as a bizarre parting gift. The Shag goes to the player with the most TD's for the season. With it goes the Accolade of when they arrive in the tavern they are greeted with a hearty "alright Shagger".

Special mentions to Wayne was still looking for his Bruce but found the endzone four times looking April again the Bridesmaid with 6 TD’S an heroic effort indeed to try and get her second shag so to speak.

But the Shag goes to Ghost of All up in your Swayze with 9 touchdowns he is the Rampant Shag.

The Moby Dick award.

Our own White Whale in Osbbl that player that cursed so many other teams driving them to distraction with the issuing of savage beatdowns upon the opponents.

Keith of the Punishing Wounders is a prime target for a rock or two and with 5 Cas this season he aint making many friends. Brianna has been close to this award before and yet again is the runner up to Moby Dick winner and clocked 6 Cas.

But the Swayze was the the true wrecking ball of the season and Tiger Warsaw though throwing less Blocks than Briana he was more deadly and justifiably takes the Moby Dick award.

The Hand of Cod

This award is for the player with the most Completions in a season.

The ball was thrown a lot less and this may indicate the winds of change. There was more bombs thrown than ever though.

Leopold was the runner up this year with 3 passes not covering the distance that the rest of the field managed (pun intended-ed).

For the first time this award will be shared. Though Kenshin isn’t use to sharing Cocaine Car is mostly an over sharer.

Weeding our way through the awards now and it is the:

Orange Roughy award

This award is for the player who stuck in the boot the most all season, though the Osbbl refs don't like it unless they are richly rewarded the crowd still love to see it.
Not Quite Dead of Beached as did a solid job of putting in the boot when it could with 8 fouls. Colin was not on the pitch as much but only had one job and put in a solid 8 fouls also.

This seasons Roughy though is the brute that is Black Dog he put in 16 fouls to make himself a favourite with the fans but not his opponents.

The award of a Chum bucket for services to Chum production

As all of you know the Chum fiasco has haunted Silky in season 3 and the Stormfel have launched a protest nationwide disrupting Shipping throughout the Isles.
Silky found a solution using his cleaning services to reuse the dead players. So Services to Chum production goes to the team with the most corpses this season. 15 graves were dug but we all know Silky doesn’t bury the dead. This season’s Chum will be bland in flavour with 3 dead from Sirens Song they fill the Chum bucket with their bloodless bony selfs might be enough to get the Stormfel to return.

Wow and with that done and dusted I would usually say goodbye to my co-host but contractually your soul stays with us till the Sword is handed over so we will have you look over the Sucker cup.

Thanks team for attending the awards remember to pick up your trophies. Who will join me in the commentary box next season? Lets see how the Sucker cup goes. Lets go and look at what is in the Chum bucket with Orpheus he is always the life of the party. See you soon peeps and stay weird.[/img]
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