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Joined: May 20, 2017

Post   Posted: Sep 13, 2021 - 20:32 Reply with quote Back to top

This post explains how I create my GIFs. Some people have asked me how to do it, and other people have expressed a lack of belief that they would have the time/ability. I cannot stress enough the universal rule 'Whatever Muff2n can do, everyone else can most certainly do too'. It doesn't take that long either once you have some practice.

I use Gifcam on windows. I tried it on ubuntu using wine but the experience wasn't as good.

What you will need:
- Fumbbl replay
- Gifcam (learn about it here).
- A bit of patience when starting out (those with less patience should choose a shorter sequence to GIF)

That's it for me. I do all of my recording and editing in gifcam. It has limited capabilities, so I can't do fancy stuff, but then I doubt my ability to do fancy stuff even if it had the capabilities.

What you do not need:
- Any sort of artistic talent, I can attest to that.

1. Watch the action you want to record from start to finish, to determine where the window needs to be positioned and the size it needs to be.
2. Open gifcam, resize the window and click Rec->New.
3. At this point I position a black image under the gifcam and click frame. If you forget you can do this step at the end - it's a loop so the end is the beginning.


4. Position the gifcam window and click record.
5. Click play in the client. 1x speed if you want to have all of the action - some effects are skipped at faster playback rates. Try to avoid moving your mouse through the recording area.
6. When the sequence is finished, click stop recording.
7. Steps 2-6 can be repeated, but do not resize gifcam.


8. When you are done click edit. Increase the width of the window that pops up to make life easier. Each frame shows the incremental changes.
9. Go through the recording and delete any frames that you don't want (right click on them). For example when a player is activated but they don't do anything, you can delete the two frames this produces for a smoother replay experience.
10. Right click and select keyboard inputs. Check the box for 'apply to all frames' and enter a time for each frame. I tend to use 0.2s.
11. Go to the frames that you want to be longer/shorter. On that frame click on the delay value and drag to the right/left to increase or decrease it. For example I increase the starting black frame to about 1s. Yes it is fiddly. If the ball is passed long distances then these frames will take a while if you don't shorten each one.
12. Click save. View your saved GIF to see if you are happy. Note that you can load gifs for further editing/recording if you forget something.

13. Upload the image to fumbbl and wait for it to be approved.
14. Insert the GIF with this bbcode, replacing '(' with '[' and ')' with ']':

(Use the number XXXXX from your uploaded gif)

I personally use this snippet to get it centred:

If you recorded a large image - like the whole pitch - you will need to use:
(img w=500)https://fumbbl.com/i/XXXXX(/img)

Now write something provocative and clickbaity in the rest of the post and you're done. Happy GIFing!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 15, 2021 - 04:16
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Good work on a really nice guide. That's pretty much how I do the Xmas gifs.

some more tips:
- green screen is not great for the green block dice pips. I think I use magenta.
- you can delete some frames. e.g. when players have been clicked on then cancelled without taking an action
- one frame from the pass action can also be deleted (the one where the ball momentarily appears back over the thrower before the catch is made).
- if you want to get tricky with things (e.g. adding badges), i find it easier to keep gif cam stationary, pause, and move other windows underneath, then record again.
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