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Post   Posted: May 21, 2022 - 11:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Well Folks here we are the Awards Ceremony everyone is waiting for. I am here the Mascara Snake clarinet player for Silky's old band and with me I have Templar Blocker of Banda Sagrada de Magritta last years final the spirit of dead player Ernesto Lucatero.

What a season Ernesto!

Sure was Snake the only thing it missed was me!

Well it certainly did but hats off to all our new and old heroes out the the return of the Cheese eater, Larry Vaughans and the Kings. But on the other hand the rise of the Aldria Slaa it looks like we are in for even more fun.

Yes Snake I am sure it is coming.

What more can we say about the season.

Well from my point of view it has been the most exciting season yet, competitive and surprises round every corner, what do you think Ernesto.

Well Snake it has been epic all these young gladiators have played their hearts out and it has been thoroughly entertaining.

So the Prizes:

Image Firstly the coveted Wilkinson Sword: This award goes to the winner of the play offs which is yet to be decided. ]

Now the Mullet Laskarina and this will be a hell of a game, the New Kids on the block the Plucky Albion Lions taking on the all time CAS kings the Cheese Eating Blender Monkees. Will the Lions spank the Monkees?


Now in a particular order the awards from the season.

Image Silky's Starfish

This goes to the player with the most SPP's this season.

Special mentions to Fast Eddy of Da Dirty Zoggers with 7 touchdowns, 3 completions and a MVP he had a hell of a season, though Costache Paler beat this seasons performance with 12 touchdowns and a Cas.

The winner of the Starfish though is Aeldari Slaa a massive 36 star player points and I am sure we will see more prizes flood towards the beast.

Image Now the Rampant Shag. This annoying bird was caught and stuffed by the Mercenaries of the Nightwing and given to Silky as a bizarre parting gift. The Shag goes to the player with the most TD's for the season. With it goes the Accolade of when they arrive in the tavern they are greeted with a hearty "alright Shagger".

Special mentions go to Wheezy of the Cheese Eating Blender Monkees who crossed the chalk to score 6 times, Fast Eddy though ever the groomsman pick up 7 tds.

But the Shag goes to Costache Paler of the Mourkain Kings with 10 TD's. This takes him to the second highest score of all time in the Osbbl.

ImageThe Moby Dick award.

Our own White Whale in Osbbl that player that cursed so many other teams driving them to distraction with the issuing of savage beatdowns upon the opponents. Vârcolac cuts a terrifying silhouette on the paddock and many call him a Richard behind his back 6 cas is a good return for the King of the Ghoultras. Though the Kings were out shone by the crowd pleasers Snuggles of the Cheese Eating Blender Monkees was again in horrific form, 9 cas being a fair return.

But this years Moby dick is! The new thing on the block Aeldari Slaa 11 cas in the season is big but only puts it into the the top 4 of all time.

Image The Hand of Cod

This award is for the player with the most Completions in a season.

Leigh Halfpenny with his 3 short flicks of the ball barely count in my opinion. Fast Eddy also managed 3 but these were a little more conventional.

The Albion Lions brought a whole new brand of Blood bowl to Osbbl though and though it wasn’t as violent as we wanted boy was it entertaining. Finn Russell led this entertainment with 10 completions making him the all time top thrower in Osbbl and taking the Hand of Cod.

Weeding our way through the awards now and it is the:
Image Orange Roughy award

This award is for the player who stuck in the boot the most all season, though the Osbbl refs didn't like it the crowd still love to see it.

So many special mentions awesome fouls and nice plays the career ending boot to Merv the Swerve Hughes in the Mullet semi was one of my favorites. Do write in with your own readers.

Blotchy Scurf and the hideous nurglings were rash like and if you were on the floor there would be a blotch on ya (that is almost good-ed) 8 fouls was a solid effort. Dirty by name dirty by nature and Dirty Arold with 10 fouls led the way amongst his hobgoblin peers other years this may of seen him seize the roughy.

But our Orange Roughy award goes to the sneakiest Goblin in the game Tad of The Punishing Wounders with 15 fouls committed the referee association note that this is a solid average.

Ok and now with the major prizes out our way we come to Silky's special award.

Image The award of a Chum bucket for services to Chum production

As all of you know the Chum fiasco has haunted Silky in season 3 and the Stormfel have launched a protest nationwide disrupting Shipping throughout the Isles.
Silky found a solution using his cleaning services to reuse the dead players. 26 corpses were produced this season so plenty of Chum. So Services to Chum production goes to the team with the most corpses this season.

Da Dirty Zoggers with 4 of their bodies now repurposed the Chum bucket goes to them with the Stormfel saying [b]“Hobnail boots give it the best texture yet.[b] And here is Cuddles to take the bucket.

Wow and with that done and dusted Ernesto it is almost goodbye to you I will let your soul rest we just need to look over the Sucker cup preview that is shimmering in the near foreground.

Thanks team for attending the awards I have done with my contractual obligations so on to my negotiations. Who will join me in the commentary box next year? Lets see how the Sucker cup goes. Handing it all over to Silky at Silky Towers. Lets all have a drink and enjoy the erotic jazz fusion of the glam Crabs…

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Post   Posted: May 21, 2022 - 12:09 Reply with quote Back to top

I won something!!! *Dances to New Kids On The Block*

We put in a decent cas rate in our last game. You try getting casualties with a team with no block, no MB and the kind of regular season match ups we had. We are only alive by passing an unusual amount of 3+ dodges haha.

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: May 22, 2022 - 05:05 Reply with quote Back to top

You make me want to play 4 nations they are the ultimate counter side.
Decent Cas rate bullying ninja flings Wink
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