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Post   Posted: Mar 20, 2016 - 14:03 Reply with quote Back to top

This forum thread is for anything relating to Season 64 of the SWL.


  • Divisional Structure
    1 Premier, 3 Conferences, 2 Regionals
  • Season Commencement
    First round will begin on Monday 21st March with a deadline of 4th April.
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.
  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.
  • Trial of Blood
    Please be aware that the Trial of Blood is not a chance for teams to grow at the expense of competitive play. Play to win and keep the integrity of the SWL intact. If admins deem that a coach is not abiding by this then the team may have to retrial.
  • Don't Forget! Daylight Savings Time will end on April 3rd. Please make sure you are aware of this when scheduling games!

Rules to be brought in for Season 64:

  • There are no specific changes to SWL rules in Season 64

Commish's Comments:

  • Pay attention to the time when scheduling matches. We have a number of folks across a range of timezones now, and daylight savings ends early April!
  • Admin are keeping an eye on recent changes (particularly promotion/relegation and ToB) and will review/make changes as and when they deem necessary.
  • Admin reserve the right to change the divisional structure and drafting team's TV/TW limit whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the league.
  • Have fun, bring the Fluff and get those games played (I love to hear the Axeman cry!)


Joined: May 18, 2013

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Semitence's authoritative guide to Season LXIV

SWL Premier League

What a changing of the guard. Gone are the ever present Colliders & Whalekillers (although we’ll never get rid of the Skinks, it appears) as well as recent stalwarts Error 404. The nature of Prem has certainly changed and it’s anybody’s game these days.

You’d be forgiven for wondering who exactly Daemon Ex Tessarae are, you’d also be forgiven for assuming that Bobs was still running amok with the Hunting Crocs, however after a brief two seasons at the helm, Bobs has made the leap into premier division. His much maligned “team loner” strategy has ensured that the core of work has to be performed by his small team of positionals - both a blessing and a curse. Tessarae’s all or nothing playstyle might normally be a hindrance to premier aspirations, but against this field it could be the edge that this fledgling side needs.

Tips: Don’t expect to pick up a cheap win via forfeit. The axeman only comes for you.

Fynmore’s favourite team couldn’t cut it in the SWL, as many have found before him. Either that or the coach couldn’t cut actually taking injuries after switching to non-resurrection play! He has taken to the Dark Elves with much aplomb and has built an incredibly tidy squad, despite on picking up just a single (+MA) stat increase. The Dallas Drowboys play a solid game and should be very competitive. The two diving tackle players are going to pay huge dividends this season and the amount of squad utility is off the chart.

Tips: Testing his mettle by causing a few injuries might get him start tilting...

Redgum is back for another go, bruised, beaten, scarred – certainly permanently injured, and definitely with a softer squad than last time around. The Rodents v Fun Police pairing a couple of seasons ago provided spectators with one of the most entertaining matches in recent SWL history & Redgum's Rodents will surely be looking to get one back this season. How long can Terence stay on the pitch, despite the double niggles, and will the support cast last long enough for Slick Simon and Dodgy Dan to go to work? Will Redgum ever be able to develop a blitzer? Their low TV might come in handy during the season & they will expect to be able to induce a ball poppin’ wizard every game.

Tips: Watch out for the signature Rodent play. Slick Simon spills the ball, and Dodgy Dan to scoop and score. Getting rid of one of these guys is key.

The Sacred Spawning of Sotek have put in the hard yards over the past couple of years, after a lucky break to pick up a promotion in season 62, Tyra_Nid almost snatched a title! The team is looking a little worse for wear comparatively, and losing a couple of critical pieces, including the S5 Axoc will make things harder this season. Chuhui is going to have his work cut out for him this season, as the team’s only tackler, and only break tackler. This is Tyra’s 6th attempt at premiership glory – will this be the time?

Tip: Watch out for the patented Tyra_Nid misplay. Often seen manifesting itself as a 6+ Saurus dodge into a TZ (when he could have just walked in from a different square) or as a blitz on non-essential players instead of an open ball carriers.

What more is there to say about Slumbering Skink? Not only does Shntsyeooa have a blessed existence, and looks set to become Faulcon’s 3rd legend skink, not only have they just won a record breaking 7th title, not only has he rolled up ANOTHER +ST Saurus (though I doubt he’ll be taking +AG this time around...) but he has also been gifted the easiest draw in Prem. And they say they don’t coddle the old-timers around here. Pah. This team is more balanced than it looks. With plenty of DT for the elves, two break tackle/tacklers and an AG4 skink for ball handling, expect these guys to go deep in the season, yet again.

Tip: Bring your alarm clock, sleeping back, tent, emergency supplies enough food to keep you going all day. They don’t call them “Slumbering” for nothing.

Steaked, a bloated bloody mess of a team tha... hang on... Something has changed. Ignoring team punching bag Grilled, the last season and a half has seen jevouse fix this shambles up and they are looking scary good now. Question is, are they good enough in *this* prem. Normally with a +AG and MA9 pieces you’d expect an elf team to go deep, however with all the other elves on the block, perhaps they aren’t going to be as dominant as they could be against the paper sides here. I feel like they are missing the requisite tackle & quick score options that might be the difference in a couple of matches. I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong.

Tip: Tips? The only tip you get here is the pointy end of Filleted’s blade.

Relezite could be disappointed with last season, and losing LaCoy last season isn’t going to do the Wings of the Condor any favours. Truth is, there is still plenty left in the tank with GODMODE Viola and Mr “2+ anywhere” Lyceres. I feel like a number of the games for Wings of the Condor are going to be decided by where and when the snake eyes and casualties come into play. The Pro Elves match up best against the Lizards of any of the paper teams, and these guys more so – as long as there is enough of them left late in the game.

Tips: Don’t underestimate the impact that Pro Elf single skill Blitzers can have. Blodgestep at 6SPP is, quite simply, rude. Expect Vanderfelt to pick up some cheap TD’s due to the focus on Viola.

Ah, the self-proclaimed & ordained People’s Champion. The Governors of all things Fun and Proper and Enjoyable and Pleasant. Gentlemen, the SWL Fun Police may be the clear underdogs this season, thanks to 7 terrible team match-ups we have, and despite us winning a couple of games through sheer, compelling utter destruction, we simply don’t have the tools to do it consistently this season. All is not lost, however. We expect to have hilarious impacts on the seasons of everyone else by destroying some teams, inducing rage, and hopefully inciting early retirement. All in the name of Fun! Team aims: PushPush Pedro to achieve nothing but pushes for 7 games straight. Fitting, being in Prem and all. Remember: All your specimen are belong to us.

Tips: The easiest way to deal with the police is to keep them man marked so they get distracted by hitting things instead of silly objectives like “scoring”.

1st Place: I hate myself for doing this. Slumbering Skink. Too good.

2nd Place: Dallas Drowboys. Ability to deal with all comers will be better than the specialist teams.

Kings of wanton destruction (aka, wooden spoon): SWL Fun Police. Too much elf, not enough skill utility.

Canberra Carcasses Conference LXIV

This is a really spread out conference. At one end, the Nuffle bribing Error 404, and the other, fresh faced Office Rats. I think it’s going to be important to figure out a goal for a finish this season and not destroy your squad reaching too high.

Coach Tomay has struggled since stepping outside easy-mode. It’d be good to see him get a couple of wins to build the confidence back up and with the tidy team he has it’d be surprising to see him drop any games vs the newer teams in the competition. Time to step up for the Cocksville Blockers!

So often when I look at Skaven teams the first reaction is how many injuries they carry, however as long as the core of Gutter Runners and Blitzers are there, the squad is fine, and DDAmAge112’s Office Rats are no exception. I’d really have liked to see Stanley pick up Sure Hand and Leap for a strictly better version of Redgum’s Rodents’ dominant duo, however Fend-step shows he is playing the long game here.

Asha-maniac weren’t able to stick it out last season with a pretty poor showing in prem. This is still a belt up squad, with a lot of crazy good pieces. I’d expect them to be taking care of duty this season and finishing in the top three in a fairly dominant fashion. Anything less would be disappointing for Red. P.S. No getting beat up on by Elves this season!!!

The Autumn leaves are always a wildcard. They can go 5-0 on TD’s, or 0-10 on player removal in equal regard. Comments here are similar to last season, these guys are fast and quick to score, so expect to have to rotate your defence accordingly. This is certainly a team that needs to pick its matches this season or it could get ugly.

Irgy has taken the Eau de Toilet on a 3 season rebuild and I’d like to think that the Fun Police did him a favour (see, we’re actually doing this for your own good!) These guys have some truly excellent players in Flesh & Messure, and some high potential in L’Organ and Veal. Irgy just needs to be careful that the squad doesn’t become the Flesh cheer squad – ala Prancing Unicorns (Skywalker), Banner of the Black Stag (Grumnir) or Public Service Announcement (Night Patrol).

What a lucker. We know who I’m talking about. The only guy that loses a +AG wolf, only to have him replaced by one with +ST. Grumpsh was talking about having a fun season, but I suspect his competitive nature will shine through here and 404 Afterlife Not Found will be going for a first place finish this season. No reason he shouldn’t get it either.

The Hostile Kiddies have become an institution unto themselves, and I know suttbutt will be excited not to be giving away 400k+ in inducements every game this season for a change. Weggie Rhite is now the all time Ogre-star for the SWL if I recall correctly and his squad of peptide pumping buddies will be keen to test their mettle in the conferences.

Lucky for Dazed, FUMBBL doesn’t allow you to start with more than 11 players on the pitch, so that’s one less thing to think about this season. The Orcs for Correct Spelling already have a core of really strong Blitzers, my feeling is the support cast need some love, especially as a number of the blitzers end up on the pitch face hugging their targets most turns. He’ll be keen to get back on the yo-yo and head to prem next season.

1st Place: Error 404. Should go to town in this environment.

2nd Place: The Spelling Orcs, will edge out Irgy & Asha-maniac.

Spooooooon: I think the Human teams are going to struggle. The Kiddies will dole out some damage but are going to find it tough.

Dead Rat Walking Conference LXIV

Nobody like Dwarves, even Dwarves don’t like Dwarf teams. I’m pretty sure that’s why they are all bitter and grumpy and twisted. Having said that, Manzoo is worth spectating just so you can see his Striking Thunder Beards! running around the pitch (great pictures mate). Despite a quick promotion, the stunty fellas will be fine, coming with AV9 and 3 skills out of the box means that even when they are outgunned, they can stick it out and still grow.

This is as good as eganra has looked in a few seasons... except he is missing all his gutter runners. As soon as the cash comes in for a third, expect Psych Lab to cause an upset victory or two – even against those fighting for top position in the conference.

Mexican Standoff. Smegish. Rianna Delaque. That is all you need to know. I expect Smegish was doing little fist pumps after rolling that one up. To me, Rianna is the one piece he needs. He has throwers, Grab blitzers, hitters and gumby’s – now he has a potential game winner. The hard bit will be keeping her alive!

Wex had a moment of inspiration some time ago, and has set up a script for his skills to automatically pick themselves. This team hurts, and it’s really TV efficient, so no free apoths. With Roundabout getting ball duties the beastmen have the primary role of “ensuring the other guys can hit stuff good”. Dogs I has a great trajectory as a sacker, it’s a long road with no base skills of course... Keep an eye on your Urban Nightmare.

Master of Specimens, divider of the People. Chavo’s technique of “throw Halford at the problem and let De La Rocha sneak by” is surprisingly effective. There are a lot of teams that bizarrely enjoy gang fouling clpombers, and The Blackwater Glee Club is willing to take advantage of this. Losing one of the gang isn’t really going to hurt him teamwise, however the constant replacing of players has put a toll on his reserves and he might struggle to go deep as spiralling expenses continue to mount. Déjà vu, perhaps?

C*A*S were called out as one of two teams to take the spoon last season. It wasn’t them. In fact they has a really solid season, let down by my other prediction – the derp turn. A great happening known only to those Pact coaches, when all your careful plans go to the dogs whilst the Mino roars, the Troll picks his nose and the Ogre says Duh!?! In essence, this is a strong team with a good mix of players, probably hurting from 3-big-guy-bloat, but with the ability to shove 3 x S5 guys at an issue is nice, especially in this conference. Having a top level coach doesn’t hurt either.

The Horrors of Skye are currently the biggest, team in the SWL. Blue Lord carries the team assisted by some very able wolves and Red Knight. If only (JoeKano wails), if ONLY I COULD KEEP THE FLESHIES ALIVE!!! The path to Block/MB/Guard is long, but ultimately rewarding, if you can only make it there. Joe should be concerned with the true bash teams this season, even though he’s probably too giddy with excitement after realising there is only one elf game.

Step 1. Get Brout’s replacement to block. Phew. Achieved. Took a season and two Bulls to get there, but now Barre and the Head On Colliders can get to business. The Chorfs keep dropping like flies, and the Fend experiment hasn’t worked as well as planned. Sneutrino and Francois continue to be the workhorses of the team and will see them to a solid finish, regardless of the rest.

1st Place: This is a tough one. I gave Smegish the kiss of death last season, it’s only fair I do it again. Sorry brother.

2nd Place: C*A*S or The Blackwater Glee Club. Chavo if he can contain the need to wail on everyone, C*A*S if D_Arquebus is able to fight through the turn of DOOM.

Spooooooon: Manzoo is going to have a squad that will probably improve, but struggle to win games. I wouldn’t want to be in regionals next season if he ends up there...

SWL Defilers Conference LXIV

Grumnir’s Honour Guard aka Banner of the Black Stag are back to conferences where they belong. This is a great conference for them, even the big teams here don’t hurt overly much (just don’t ask Frank about Karma Man), and with a bit of luck could finish mid-table. Grumnir needs to be used & effective, but also not go down either. A much tougher ask in the conferences.

Rumour has it that the Freezy Trees are still drunk about a near pitch clearing of the Police last season, leading to an upset draw. Clark the Crutch and Lorax the Unlikely have filled shoes often held by Berserkers and Runners alike, but with 15 TD’s to his name and 25 casualties in just 45 games, each of the players is fulfilling their roles with aplomb.

DustBunny is back. For some reason he is still playing for the DIBBL. What a chump. Madness Mountain Misery would have been one of my top picks for prem last season, however a hiatus has seen them come back in at conference level Stonetroll will have to do it all over again. DustBunny’s miserly defence has been the core of the Misery’s success, leading to their impressive 20/4/4 record...

A WHFB convert, come along to enjoy the frustrations of Nuffle’s persistent indifference. I’m not sure of JPM’s pedigree in terms of BB, but I expect Necromanteia will pick things up rather quickly after a couple more seasons at the helm. For now, he needs to play with the building of the team in mind. Also, please make Diagoras your primary scorer. I would love that.

m0gw41 is a good coach, with Vamps. Lock him in for another season in conferences. The New World Winders & Diners will pop a lot of balls and make some great hypno plays, but the reliance on the AV7 thralls to be the workhorses is often too much. If he gets lucky, he could push for top 3 – but I’m not sure the support cast is ready.

The King didn’t like the new album. Not one bit. The Sphinxes from Mars revival tour is the same old story, one old dude clutching on to his youth with a bunch of young hopefuls wanting to relive the glory of their favourite childhood memories. Karma man is still manning the tour bus, and Debaser is the enthusiastic security guard laying people out flat for “lookin’ at me funny”. If there was ever a team that could finish 1st or 8th, this is it. I do suspect a lower finish now he has lost all his blodging Tomb Guardians.

The Wäŋa Warriors won a single title, yet you’d think they have Slumbering Skink pedigree for all the noise DrDiscoStu makes. Poor offence supplemented by stat-freak Ubirr was enough to supplement a strong defence and pick up a title for the Warriors. After taking a season off – ostensibly due to moving, but more likely after being shown up in the Urn, Stu will need to bounce back to Prem in dominating fashion and contest some more titles before going down as one of the top teams in the SWL.

After a horror injury run in the first Premiership season, the Jeagers had an incredibly respectable finish and ab08mi proved his team were certainly not just there to make up numbers. His all or nothing playstyle is great fun to watch – hopefully the Jeagers have enough players left for next season...

1st Place: Warriors need this, for their own sake.

2nd Place: DustBunny is probably the stronger coach, and matches up well vs Stu, but I think he’s due for a bad game, and might be out of touch after some time off.

Spooooooon: The New Album is garbage. We liked your old stuff better than your new stuff. Go beat up on the noobs next season Luo.

Good luck to all the regional contenders. Kill all mens!

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Commiserations to:
Drew "Dr Jones" De La Rocha and Huge Axeman who are unlikely to live long, given the significant bounty that has been placed on their head.

Image Image
Get blocking, get surfing, get fouling. Get that black pearl!

Check out my signature for the full list NOW Updated! (though three of the eight are currently in hiding).

Check out the Black Pearl Bounty-Board!

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Team Challenge - Season LXIV

No new Factions this season, but a few new faces means there is a bumper crop of games. Never less than two games in a match, means that a team effort is always required to get the points

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SWL Legends LXIV

LXIII ended with 11 living Legendary players in SWL. Four players became Legends during the season.

With the Wonga Wonga Whalekillers and Malapropism Mania parking, we find SWL down to below 10 active Legends, 9 starting the season:

But there are legends in the making waiting in the wings. If these Superstars continue at their current SPP trajectories (and survive through 7 games), there will be four new Legends this season.

Image Fran�ois Englert (Large Head-on Colliders), 477SPP
Image Blue Lord <retired> (Horrors Of Skye), 230SPP
Image sneutrino (Large Head-on Colliders), 220SPP
Image Skinner II <retired> (Horrors Of Skye), 217SPP
Image Chuhui (Sacred Spawning of Sotek), 203SPP
Image Dodgy Dan <RIP> (Redgum's Rodents), 191SPP
Image Red Knight II <RIP> (Horrors Of Skye), 187SPP
Image Grumnir (Banner of the Black Stag), 179SPP
Image Viola (Wings of the Condor), 177SPP

New entrants: LXIV
Image Shntsyeooa (Slumbering Skink), 178SPP (Round 1)
Image ghoulhardy <RIP> (Error 404 afterlife not found), 176SPP (Round 1)
Image Huge Axeman (Error 404 afterlife not found), 176SPP (Round 7)

Update 25/3: And we're back into double figures. Faulcon's 3rd Legend skink takes us to 10. Will this skink be joined by the first ever Legend Slumbering Saurus?

Update 5/4: Well that didn't last long. Plummeting from double figures to 8, with the tragic death of Red Knight and retirement of Skinner II

Update 7/4: Back to back matches against VILLAINS has not been kind to the Horrors of Skye. Blue Lord joining his two Legend teammates as an ex-player.

Update 20/4: Somehow I missed ghoulhardy making Legend in Round 1. Sadly, I only noticed this after he was fatally zapped by a Skaven wizard. RIP ghoulhardy.

Update 9/5: Dodgy Dan is Dead! This season has been truly tough on the legends

Update 15/5: A new Legend. Huge Axeman gets there in Round 7 with an intercept.

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Tomay’s Power Rankings

1. Slumbering Skink [+1] Champions again and deservedly number 1.
2. Sacred Spawning of Sotek [+2] Another great season put together by Tyra_Nid. Roster is weaker, coach is still tough.
3. Wings of the Condor | Team looks good, has a few utility skills now. Relezite just need to put a whole season together.
4. Error 404 [-3] Back to conferences after finishing 4th in Prem, not the worst result and should be promoted back up without problem.
5. SWL Fun Police | Semitence is getting better, but the team is still a little one dimensional for him to capitalise.
6. Steaked [+1] I don’t think he can put together a whole season with his approach, but Jevouse’s approach is certainly working enough to keep him yo-yoing.
7. Dallas Drowboys [+16] James looks solid with this team, makes me wish he kept the slann. Probably a better shot at taking out the title than Steaked, but not necessarily a better chance in any individual matchup.
8. Wanja Warriors | They’re back, but don’t forget their shocking performance in the URN which exposed a few weaknesses of Stu. Anything less than Prem next season is a failure.
9. Jaegers [+5] Decent showing after it looked like they might drop out following round 1. Glad to see he stuck in there, will be better for the experience.
10. Orcs for Correct Spelling [-4] Dazed is a good coach, this team just needs time.
11. Madness Mountain Misery | Look at them skills. Will be interesting to see if the coach can match it.
12. Ashamaniac [-2] Shocking Prem season. Poor dice were partly to blame but Redmaul has to pull it together
13. Redgum’s Rodents [+8] Redgum is becoming a Conference force and this team looks the goods. I just wish he could play the preservation game.
14. Soylent Greenstars | Prem experience will do them well, still a developing team and coach.
15. Large Head On Colliders [-4] Lost one of the big 2, exposing the team as a little one dimensional now. Still, if you’re going to have one dimension – Francios is a good one.
16. Deamon Ex Tessere [+10] Bobs is solid with elves, he will do better than expected but doesn’t have the fire power to win prem. Hope he sticks with the team until they get a title.
17. Urban Nightmare [+12] Same as a lot of these builds, one dimensional. When the dice are 8+s they will win games they shouldn’t. When they’re not, they’ll lose.
18. Horrors of Skye [-5] Not JKs best season, still he will bounce back with these legends.
19. Autumn’s Leaves [-3] Not to be underestimated, but didn’t have the best campaign last season. Expecting a bounce back.
20. Blackwater Glee Club | Same as Wex’s comments, except Chavo doesn’t account for Plan B as much.
21. Mexican Standoff [+4] Good season last season and the roster is looking good. That said, Smegish tends to let average and bad dice affect him too much, which keeps him from getting those extra results that would push him up the rankings.
22. Chaos All Sorts [-2] Darq was in the running for a while there for Prem, then the last half of the season hit. I just don’t see the Pact pushing for anything greater with the 3 big guys, I hope Hutchie proves me wrong.
23. Sphinxes from Mars [+4] A better performance as you’d expect in regionals. The King is dead and Luo will have to change his gameplan without a plethora of doubles on skiled up TGs. It remains to be seen whether he can do this effectively in Conferences.
24. Eu De Toilet [+6] Irgy isn’t designed to coach Nurgle, but probably still does a better job than most. He needs to roll some normal skill rolls and then we will see where he sits but signs from last season are good.
25. New World Winers and Diners [-7] They’re coming back to reality with the toughness of SWL. It would take a special coach to get out of conferences and push to prem with Vamps again, Mog may be the man – but at this stage it remains to be seen.
26. Psych Lab [-4] Topsy turvey for the rats. They need to catch a break and build back up. Potential to upset a few this season though.
27. Griffon Gate Sentinels [-10] Let’s hope they’re not a one hit wonder. Big season for them – they must dominate Reggies to prove they are serious.
28. Freezy Trees [+5] Better stuff from ramchop staying up. They’d be ranked higher if they had Morg.
29. Nemesis Demons [-1] Not as strong a roster as CAS but suffer the same Pact handicap.
30. White Fluffy Stuff | If poley can get some real dice we will see what he can actually do with something other than frogs. Feels like its been ages.
31. Cocksville Blockers [+5] May have put their poor run behind them, or maybe they wont exist in the near future.
32. Office Rats | Stutter Damage is building a solid foundation, time to see how that goes in the real world though.
33. PMSL [-8] They should dominate regionals and would expect a good season down there, which could in fact be what the doctor ordered.
34. High Elvis [-3] Unfortunate season for mushroomy as it looked like he was building something for a while there.
35. Prancing Unicorns | The team should be called Skywalker and the other guys. They need to work out a gameplan and stick to it consistently.
36. Easy Mode Maniacs [-4] Easy Mode doesn’t mean man marking your opponent equals success. When fortis works this out he’ll come good.
37. Necromantia | JPM looks like a promising prospect. Probably promoted too early, but lets see what he’s made of.
38. Hostile Kiddies | What a roster, look at all those stats. Suttbutt needs to work out a game plan and get the best out of his players before they all die.
39. Striking Thunder Beards | Promoted too quickly but showed they can be solid last season. They may find it tough in conferences and go back down, but will be the better for it.
40. Regional Contenders

Join now and "Create a Legend"

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reserved... because it seems to be the thing to do :p


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Well this conversation is BORING.

Time to stir things up.

Official Commish Bizness

First up - I'd like to welcome Balle2000 officially to the SWL admin team. He's been helping out for a while, particularly in the area of the group page, but his contributions to admin discussions and critical eye have helped immensely over the last couple of months. He's had his @ for a few weeks now, but please join me in congratulating him on this official appointment.

Secondly - there will be some small changes to and/or clarification of the rules around Promotion/Relegation. Many of you have expressed some confusion over certain elements of the rules as they stand, and the admin team agrees that some clarification is in order.
The changes will be posted on the forum in the near future, and also included in the updated guide which I am hoping to finish by the end of the Easter holidays. There will also be an official announcement in the forums.

Thirdly - Sphinxes will win another conf trophy, Tomay will still suck with humans and Faulcon will run away with another bloody prem title. For the love of Nuffle, someone stop him! Just not Semitence, that team is obscene.


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Is this where I request a round 1 match-up vs Faulcon to get him prepped for the rest of the season?

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SWL Defilers Conference LXIV

"What do you get if you take the venom out of a viper?" Quagmire asked "Why, it's just a belt"

And so looked SWL Premier last season, missing the reliable Technically Minded, the impressive Madness Mountain Misery and the rampaging Wana Warriors. You take three of the best coaches going around and three super heavy rock sides and subtract it from Prem, what do you get?

Alas, I digress. Whilst Technically Minded has permanently disbanded, two of the three rampaging rock sides have found their way into the Defilers conference. And their is a fair gap between them and the closest sides.

1. Madness Mountain Misery, DustBunny, 2000k, Nurgle
A very unique looking Nurgle side. With no claw or piling on, it appears DustBunny has decided to really explore what Nurgle can do. Two stat boosted blodging pestigors are the stars of the side, a perfect sweeper and a perfect ball carrier. They seem to have an equal side to the Warriors but with a lower team value, I predict they will go better against the lower sides.

2. Wäŋa Warriors, DrDiscoStu, 2140k, Orc
The lack of paper sides will mean his Diving Tackle/Tackle heavy side won't be optimised. Still, as long as Ubirr III is healthy, it is hard to see many games being lost. Although the Warriors will come second, they will still qualify for prem.

3. [SWL] Jeagers, ab08mi, 1790k, High Elf
The only paper side on the division, you might think the Jeagers (hey I just noticed that is spelt wrong) are going to be smashed. I don't think so. Apart from the gargantaun parkers, they other sides aren't high enough in team value to really do damage. AV8 is still better than most of the division, so I am predicting the Jeagers to be right in there.

4. Sphinxes from Mars, Luohghcra, 1790k, Khemri
Who knows what the Sphinxes will do? One minute prem, nekk minute, reggies. This draw will really suit Luo, not enough speed sides to really make them look bad. They match up well against the Warriors, don't be surprised if they push for prem. But, they are still Khemri, so I am predicting they come up short.

5. Freezy Trees, ramchop, 1830k, Norse
ramchops epic fluff is appreciated by all, yet I can't see this side getting to Prem. Their best player has two stat breaks. The stronger sides are really going to make them pay. I like running them with 14, I think they will need it. Nevertheless, I can't see them taking out the title.

6. Banner of the Black Stag, buuface, 1620k, Norse
A very interesting side. Norse will struggle in this division, and their TV isn't very high. And yet... a couple of good stats on their players already. One legend. If any side comes from nowhere to win, it will be them.

7. Necromanteía, JPM, 1520k, Necromantic
A team on the rise. They have made it out of reggies and the side looks great. It is just too early in their career to push for prem. I just love a clean roster, and the future of this side looks great, but not this season.

8. New World Winers and Diners, m0gw41, 1580k, Vampire
Vampires are one of the most fun sides to play. This side has to coolest pitch in the league I think. I just love +MA on my vampires too. Nevertheless, they are extremely hard to win with, especially when you don't have a large side. I don't think anyone expects such a young dynamite side to do well, of course, that makes the games more fun, and the wins that much more special. I would love to see a vamp side in prem, won't happen until those vamps are a bit more beefed.

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Why is everybody saying Reserved?
I feel that I should say reserved.

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all too shy to spill their guts right now manzoo, except semitence who is alway happy to spill guts.
Guts are delish!

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Power Rankings Up

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Ripped off at #8. The champ should be #1!

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Manzoo wrote:
Why is everybody saying Reserved?
I feel that I should say reserved.

I usually post some predictions and commentary about the upcoming season. For posterity it's nice to have these things on page one. I guess I could write it in the third person and put it in Channel BB, but it's usually enough effort given the amount I write anyway.

Edit: and the reason there is nothing there yet, is that the season's thread goes up usually a few days in advance of the schedule, and then I have to write some inflammatory comments... uh... predictions?
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