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Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 03:17 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the forum thread for Season LXXVI


Season LXXVI
  • Schedule
    First round will begin on Monday the 25th of March with a first round deadline of the 8th of April and a round 7 deadline on the 20th of May.
    Team Rebuys are to be completed by Saturday the 23rd of March by 8pm.

  • Structure
    We will have 1 Premier, 2 Conference and 1 Regional division(s).

New Rules

  • Petty Cash
    Petty Cash now affects the TV calculations for Inducements as per the latest BB16 FAQ. Now that it is officially released, we will be following Ranked and Box Inducement procedures (refer to this news article: https://fumbbl.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1988).
    - Petty cash affects TV. This will be turned ON.
    - Treasury is automatically transferred to petty cash. This will be turned OFF.

  • Star Players
    As star players are added to the site/client they are available for use. These star players are already a part of the official BB16 rules which we aim to adhere to. They continue to be introduced to FUMBBL.
    (See here for a list of star players on FUMBBL: https://fumbbl.com/p/race?id=67)

Recently Implemented

  • Rollover Bonus Amendments
  • Expensive Mistakes Changes
  • Niggles Clearing
  • Forfeit Bonuses
  • Wants to Retire Amendment (10 Game Increments)
    Please refer to our recently updated guide on the league's page.

General Reminders
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.

  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.

  • Communication
    Please respect each others time and reply to PMs in a timely manner with potential playing times rather than loose commitments. If something comes up and you are late or unable to play, please log in on your phone and send a PM if possible.

  • BB16 Rule Ammendments
    We will endeavour to maintain our rules as close as possible to those of BB16 in regards to FAQ and Errata changes, taking into account the nature of our league. Changes that affect Team Management and League Structure will only be introduced at the start of a season, never half way through.

Thankyou to everyone who participated in Season LXXV.
Congratulations to Sandune on going back to back! It was a tight one in Prem and made for fantastic viewing. It's nice to see some Elves getting some consistency in the league again. Unicorn Gunfight handled their coach's lofty expectations with a dominating Conference title, Relezite is looking like a strong candidate in Prem! In a tighter race, The Blue Mountain Giants won back to back divisions to make the quick march up to Prem, Clay looks solid with those dorfs. Impak smashed reggies, what a player! (Pyates did some work too).

Welcome to all our new and returning coaches, good luck with the season.

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Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 03:18 Reply with quote Back to top

The Off Season Season 75
The script has been run: http://info.swl.org.au/post-season/75

Above you will find the rebuy budgets for all teams, including yours. For details on how to use the information to prepare your team please consult our re-done guide on the group page or ask for help in discord.
Remember: This total does not include your bonuses!
Also please note: your Team Value on Fumbbl.com does not include Retain Fees; but it may include leftover journeymen from last season. Keep this in mind when checking your numbers.

Please prepare your team no later than Saturday the 23rd of March and send a PM to swladmin to inform us that you are prepared before readying your team.

200k Prem Bonus
[L] Blue Mountain Giants
[L] Bronzed Raiders
[L] Wildwood Windlords
[L] Chrimean Chimera
[L] Immortalis Inquietus
[L] Unicorn Gunfight
[L] TingBuDong
[L] Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters

150k Conf Bonus
[L] Aattaallii LavaBulls (SWL)
[L] Morning Breakfast Cereal
[L] Lupine Fiasco
[L] Didgeridead
[L] Skye Hoppers!
[L] Loec's Loggers
[L] Cloud 11 Stormbreakers
[L] Lab Rat Elysium
[L] Waaaaghton Redskins
[L] Pugs Not Drugs
[L] Styx αnd Warpstones
[L] [adult swim]
[L] Bravado
[L] Blackwater Cockfighters
[L] Redgum's Rationalists

100k Reggie Bonus
[L] Haunted All-Sorts
[L] Singed Poor Scoundrels

120k Forfeit Bonus
[L] Wildwood Windlords

60k Forfeit Bonus
[L] Skye Hoppers
[L] Unicorn Gunfight
[L] Bravado
[L] Blackwater Cockfighters
[L] Bronzed Raiders
[L] Pugs Not Drugs

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Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 03:19 Reply with quote Back to top

Power Rankings

    Wildwood Windlords
    Immortlis Inquietus
    Chrimean Chimera
    Unicorn Gunfight
    Blue Mountain Giants
    [adult swim]
    Bronzed Raiders
    Lab Rat Elysium
    Pugs Not Drugs
    Blackwater Cockfighters
    Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters
    Waaaghton Redskins
    Redgum's Rationalists
    Loec's Loggers
    Yeast Lords
    Morning Breakfast Cereal
    Aattaallii LavaBulls
    Lupine Fiasco
    Styx and Warpstones
    Cloud 11 Stormbreakers
    Skye Hoppers
    Regional Teams

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Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 03:39 Reply with quote Back to top

We may need a Regional Filler. Shoot me a PM if you have the time and willingness to organise and play 2 games of SWL per week this season!

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Joined: Nov 14, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 07:16 Reply with quote Back to top


"Gallifrey falls no more"
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Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 10:01 Reply with quote Back to top

When will we find out how the BobOrc Cup will run please? As in rebuy before/ after?

Makes a big difference on what happens to the team now...

Also, we possibly need a GUIDE UPDATE: these are now available to any coaches looking at their rebuy Smile

"Rules to be added
The following rules are not yet implemented on Fumbbl, but we hope they will be added in the future.
- MNG and (chance of) niggles being removed between seasons
- Ability to sack (and rehire) the Apothecary"

NAF Regional TT Tourney Organiser (AUS/ NZ)
TT Bloodbowl in AUS (FB)
NZ BB Community on FB

Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2019 - 11:13 Reply with quote Back to top

There are no current plans to run the Bob Borc Cup.

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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 20, 2019 - 01:17
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Not reserved for anything.

I encourage all to contribute to SWL. Fluffy things like All Stars, fluff posts, something adjacent to the core competitive fun of the better league on fumbbl.

Last season I ran Deathwatch which I enjoyed, but was a bit more work than I anticipated. So many dead, oh the humanity! I'm not doing that again this season, but happy for anyone else to step into the carnage.

Fantasy League, I encourage you to join, it's fun! I will finally teach mushoomy the mechanics of data scraping and the excel spreadsheet. And step back from the Sunday morning job.

Records. This I will continue, and get updated soon.

Joined: Aug 11, 2017

Post   Posted: Mar 20, 2019 - 04:31 Reply with quote Back to top

reserved for FOUL_A_THON.
Gentlemen, did u know that every 3 min a elf or GR manages to stand back up? And every 10min a WD scores a TD cause of this? This is a outrage. So this season i would like to see this injustice to the game balanced. If we could just get 5 dead players from this a little gobbo will smile.

This use to be a old favourite of mine to run a while back in a cyanide league. I watch every game, yes every game (it helps me inprove my playing aswell), and calculate fouls done. Every1 plays wether u like it or not.
Scoring goes as follows:
foul- 1 point
stun- 2 point
KO-3 point
BH-4 point
SI- 5 point
kill 10 point
send off- -5 point

U will get the -5 for send off even if a bribe or argue the call works

"only you can make a change to a healthy GR life"

Singed Poor Scoundrels: 51
Styx αnd Warpstones: 38
Lupine Fiasco: 29
Waaaaghton Redskins: 22
Nuffle's Decaydence: 18
Didgeridead: 15
In De Nile: 14
Cloud 11 Stormbreakers: 13
Blackwater Cockfighters: 13
Pugs Not Drugs: 9
Immortalis Inquietus: 8
Bronzed Raiders: 7
Morning Breakfast Cereal: 5
Secret Wasteland Love: 5
Blue mountain giants: 4
Lab Rat Elysium: 4
[adult swim]: 4
Redgum's Rationalists: 4
Chrimean Chimera: 4
Skye Hoppers!: 3
Bravado: 2
Cocoa Speed: 1
Unicorn Gunfight: 1
Haunted All-Sorts: 0
Yeast Lords: 0
Port Royal Poachers:0
Loec's Loggers: 0
TingBuDong: 0
Wildwood Windlords: 0
Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters: -1
Aattaallii LavaBulls (SWL): -2
Salzenmund Salamanders: -4

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Joined: Aug 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Mar 20, 2019 - 08:38 Reply with quote Back to top

For SWL LXXVI I will be the Deathwatch overseer. All deaths will be tabulated and reported with the help of my glamourous assistant, Bogan Picnic, fresh from graduating at the Norscan Peninsula University, and her team of scriveners. We hope to publish full statistics enabling every player to answer the question 'Am I Going To Die Or Not?' before each game. We pledge to take this role incredibly seriously, and never once laugh at any player with a stupid name when tragedy inevitably strikes.


Joined: May 21, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 23, 2019 - 07:23 Reply with quote Back to top

Im not going to write a long rant here, but I've been pretty vocal about disliking the Wants to Retire system. Its just aging again.

This season I lost every dice roll and I have to pay 150000 more than the next highest team. This is a method of losing in the off season that I loathe. Rebuy is a cool and strategic system of pinning the competition at mid-high TV, whereas WTR is highly random and in my view awful system.

If this random off season spike causes me to lose games in prem I will duck out of the SWL until this system is removed. I could be proven wrong on its impact, and I could be the only one who hates this, but its not even remotely fun for me.

Joined: Oct 18, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 23, 2019 - 22:20 Reply with quote Back to top


Impak may want to retire, but the Fantasy League is here to stay!!!
Have you dreamed of the day where Hergal Goldbrew grinds up the pitch as The Ur-Nugget grinds down the opposition? Or does a passing game between Jade and Vilot Voom excite you more? Regardless of the game, it's a lot of spp and the SWL fantasy league is the perfect place to keep track of that.

The SWL Fantasy League is the perfect opportunity to add flair, excitement and passion in following SWL. How does it work? Select 11+ players from 11+ different teams and watch as they give you their hard-earned SPP. The fantasy team with the most SPP by the end of the season will be awarded the Fantasy Cup (currently held by Mushoomy).



-You have a 1200 budget to buy players. A player's total cost is their positional price plus their skill cost.

-You may spend 1250 on your team if you include a big guy on your roster. A big guy includes Trolls, Ogres, Mummies Etc. This number does not increase if you were to choose more than one big guy.

-Rosters must have a minimum of 11 players. Like a normal bloodbowl team, there is a maximum of 16 players

-Only one player from each SWL team. For example, you can not have two players from Unicorn Gunfight.

-Maximum of one position type per race. This means you are unable to get 2 Undead ghouls, but you may get 1 Necromantic ghoul and 1 Undead Ghoul. (Yes, that means if you wish, you can field 3 types of skaven linemen!)

-Players must not be hired if they have earned spp in Season 76 of SWL. This means any player that has earned spp in season 76 is ineligible for your fantasy team.

-You may not choose a player from your own SWL team. This is to ensure full focus on SWL. This also means if you are not currently an SWL player, you may still participate in the Fantasy League.

-MVP's are not included in SPP Total.

The team that has totalled the most SPP by the end of the season will be crowned the champ of the Fantasy League.

Please PM me your fantasy teams ASAP. Deadline is THE END OF ROUND 1 OF SWL. In your PM, please use this format:

Player Name - Cost - Team - Race + Position - Player ID

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your favourite players will have played their round 1 games so hand those teams in to me ASAP! Please ensure that your team complies with the rules before sending it to me. Let's get those SPP's rolling!

Teams are currently undergoing the rebuy process. Some obvious picks may want to retire. Please be aware of this and check the rebuy link to see whether the player you want wants to retire or not.


Last Season's Winning Team
Image Impak (Waaaaghton Redskins) - 40spp in 7 games
Image Vilot Voom (Wildwood Windlords) - 19spp in 5 games
Image Sylvester Clumsyhammer (East Farkner Journeymens Club) - 4spp in 2 games
Image Hergal Goldbrew (Blue Mountain Giants) - 24spp in 7 games
Image Rainbow Pudding (Unicorn Gunfight) - 10spp in 6 games
Image Deng x Xiaoping (TingBuDong) - 12spp in 7 games
Image Red Aymar (Bravado) - 9spp in 6 games
Image Húbon (Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters) - 16spp in 7 games
Image Jade (Morning Breakfast Cereal) - 12spp in 7 games
Image Spazzles McCafferty Laffington (Lupine Fiasco) - 16spp in 7 games
Image Wonton Violence (Singed Poor Scoundrels) - 0spp in 7 games
Total:162spp in 68 games

Joined: Sep 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Mar 24, 2019 - 02:03 Reply with quote Back to top

Please apply your newly drafted teams to SWL at the bottom of this page https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=647&p=teams

Joined: Sep 02, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 24, 2019 - 05:41 Reply with quote Back to top

Relezite wrote:
I've been pretty vocal about disliking the Wants to Retire system.
~This is a method of losing in the off season that I loathe. Rebuy is a cool and strategic system of pinning the competition at mid-high TV, whereas WTR is highly random and in my view awful system.

I went through these emotions over the years at various stages in LRB4 with aging, on the PC game and in discussion with a number of IRL players with relations to TT leagues moving to BB16. What you've said is all completely correct, but I'm at peace with it now - and this is why.

We're all here for the same reasons pretty much. We're all gamerfolk at a range of competitive levels, and enjoy the 2 main themes of this game (football simulation and a fantasy settings). With this is mind our love for the game extends beyond a clever card game mechanic or a GRRM novel theme, but into the realm of a legacy game where the game isn't the 16 turns itself, but an open ended campaign that runs for as long as we want to run our teams. This is really attractive from a story telling perspective, and gives not only a great experience for ourselves, our opponents and spectators, but also creates an open ended world that offer a level or diversity far beyond what is available in a fixed game such as things like chess or backgammon, firson shooters and Magic the Gathering.

That said, with the attraction being the scope of longevity, we need to be reminded that the game needs to be good too. The above mentioned board games, PC games and CCG's are all made with uncountable possibilities, and yet they have all evolved to the point that there are favoured gambits, known camp spots, and defined metagames. Whilst we still love them, there is an amount of staleness that exists that makes us look for other games sometimes. The same can be said for bloodbowl.

In the tabletop tournament scene, there are tiers of races exist that informally denote which teams are the optimal teams for certain TV ranges. With the logistics of progression tournaments being cumbersome from an admin perspective, this is what drives the meta in the same fashion. That is where league is different. It is ongoing and you can build what you want with no limits but your imagination.

But there's a problem here... We're all competitive gamers and we instinctively move our team towards optimal builds (which is fine), and with a near-infinite amount of time, a meta will develop here too. In LRB 4 is was WDR, The Stinkers, The Stone Smashers, Mort Avaritia, and the Zen Adepts. In CRP we had the Colliders, Mort Volente, The Glee Club, The PSA and 404.

Rant Intermission - match highlights for you perusal.

Having lived the gauntlet that was LRB4 (and loved it), I can honestly say that although CRP was so much better it was the right time to move on there too. There was a sameness from season to season, a staleness that was hurting the game.

Sure, I shed a tear or two about letting the Glee Club go (as I also did with the Blitz and Sting), but for the sake of gameplay I'm pretty happy with this. Whilst it sucked to lose players to aging back in the day, under BB16, there is a breath that can be taken knowing that teams can now build other players.

We can all argue that it's unfair and completely random to have players impacted by "Wants to Retire" rolls. But it's all part of the agreed meta that has the same chance of impacting every other team in the same way. It's a random die roll. The same as dying to a "Throw a Rock", a "Wizard Lightning Bolt" or a "Have to play OldBugman".

If anything, the fact that we can push the retirement gives us the flexibility to phase players out of the team. Yes it sucks, but any poor roll sucks and they're going to happen in a game like this, and the freshness, diversity and sustainability we're getting in the SWL is awesome right now, and to do this we need a mechanic that doesn't allow apex predators to be apex predators indefinitely. This might mean that SWL does not scratch the competitive itch in the same way that ranked majors and blackbox do, but the ruleset is pretty solid - and also in line with Grandma Wendy, which is just going to make to more attractive to new coaches.

I wish you the best the season, as I'd hate to see you go - you're a great guy and an asset to the league* - but at the end of the day, you have to enjoy it, and to do that you need to be hyper-aware of rule set and the fact that it does this to everyone eventually. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Hope that helps perspective...


* and Sandune is chasing a 4th straight title, to equal my record. Please kill his wardancers.

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

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Post   Posted: Mar 24, 2019 - 08:24 Reply with quote Back to top

Lovely balanced, articulate & well thought out explanation. Hopefully I'll understand it by the end of the week (which is no reflection on you, as the vampire said to the mirror).

Everybody loves an Underfrog!
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