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  • Teams must be 'ready to play' to enter a Tournament. If you have won a Qualifer then you must make sure your team is 'ready to play' before the main draw.
  • Inducements are allowed.
  • Conceding is not allowed.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regular play time in a Knockout style tournament overtime will be played. Overtime is an additional half to be played. If at the end of the 8 turns of overtime the teams are still tied a sudden death dice roll is made to determine the winner.
  • If your game cannot be played before the deadline be sure to inform the tournament staff member (can be found just above the tournament). Each coach is individually responsible for contacting the tournament staff member. Make sure to explain the situation so the tournament staff member knows for which team to forfeit.
  • Games are expected to be played within the 'spirit' of the official tournament scene. this spirit is to be defined and protected by the official tournament manager so if in doubt, ask. This condition is extended to cover games immediately prior to any tournament.
  • In the event of teams scheduled to play in any Tournament both having post game sequences uncompleted, the team with the larger TV is expected to complete their sequence first and within good time for the opponent to complete theirs before the start of the match.
  • Make sure the tournament schedule fits your personal schedule.
  • Deadlines for the official tournaments are Wednesdays at 22:00.


Breaking the rules will result in a ban from all official tournaments. This ban will last one month for first offenders. Breaking the rules in a Major tournament will result in a ban from all official tournaments that lasts at least until the (qualifiers of the) next major tournament has started. Currently drawn tournaments are never affected by this ban.


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Last update: October 19, 2022