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Posted by: Christer on Monday, September 06, 2021 - 01:28
As of today, the new Competitive division is open for new teams. This marks an enormous milestone and signifies the official support for BB2020 rules on FUMBBL.

This process has been very long and required an enormous effort from a number of people whom without we'd never have managed to get here. A huge thank you to Candlejack and Stowelly who've helped out with the FFB code and Java, Neilwat, Stimme, Tussock and a long list of other people who have been instrumental in testing the client, enabling a smooth transition to the new client.

While official support starts today, there's still a lot of work remaining (re-enabling the blackbox in the new environment, seasons, and opening up team migration from the old R and B divisions to the bb2020 environment are a few of the major steps for the near future.

As with any other big step we take, though, there are bound to be bugs and issues. If you run into any please don't hesitate to get in touch on Discord or through the forum. If possible, try to avoid direct messages to me or other staff members about bugs as it's likely going to cause extra work to respond to people individually.

Either way, we hope you'll enjoy the new rules!
Wozzaa on Sep 06, 2021 - 01:51
Amazing work team. Thank you so much.
    mrt1212 on Sep 06, 2021 - 02:14
    *tears in eyes*

    Praise Nuffle!
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    Zoesky on Sep 16, 2021 - 10:04
    Yeah! Many thanks to all involved!
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Cosmodon on Sep 06, 2021 - 02:37
You guys are awesome.
Tulkas_jrrt on Sep 06, 2021 - 08:29
That is HUGE ! Congratulation to you Christer !
SideshowBob on Sep 06, 2021 - 09:58
Incredibowl! Great work guys!
Mathfuric on Sep 06, 2021 - 13:14
The work you have all put in to make this happen is greatly appreciated.

A big thanks to Christer and everyone whom helped.

argos_72 on Sep 06, 2021 - 13:52
you have been great guys! Really! Huge effort! Thanks!
KidCrestHill on Sep 06, 2021 - 14:53
Hip Hip Hooray
Tulkas_jrrt on Sep 06, 2021 - 17:17
Thanks a lot!
MinnesotaChris on Sep 06, 2021 - 18:03
Awesome! Thanks!
fxiii on Sep 06, 2021 - 18:39
Fantastic job, cheers mates !!
Phags on Sep 06, 2021 - 18:54
Thanks for great job
MattDakka on Sep 06, 2021 - 19:07
Huge thanks to everybody involved, truly an outstanding fruit of passion, commitment and hard work! Looking forward to the migration!
LenniMM on Sep 06, 2021 - 20:13
Very cool! About to play the first match just now
TheFear on Sep 06, 2021 - 20:20
Well done everyone. You are all superstars!
deeferdan on Sep 06, 2021 - 20:56
Thanks so much all!!
Lewdgrip on Sep 06, 2021 - 21:27
Great team effort. Thanks guys for not letting us down. You are awesome.
Zlefin on Sep 06, 2021 - 23:06
Though I now realize I'd made a team for that 2020 testing league, but now that this is up everyone's there instead, and there's no way to transfer it from that; I hadn't even gotten to play a game with it yet. Sadly the name is now used up though so I'll have to come up with something else.
iena on Sep 07, 2021 - 04:12
Thank you very much ! great work !
Grumsson on Sep 07, 2021 - 10:28
Sounds great!
And good job with the hard work!
PassFinder on Sep 07, 2021 - 10:40
Really you are all AMAZING Guys THANK YOU !!!! What a VERY VERY GOOD DAY!!!
garyt1 on Sep 07, 2021 - 14:10
A fantastic achievement!
Especially with BB3 delayed, that should give fumbbl some lead time.
PurpleChest on Sep 07, 2021 - 22:54
simply amazing
Teowulf on Sep 08, 2021 - 12:29
neuro_ on Sep 08, 2021 - 23:54
all your work is appreciated! much love :D
Joost on Sep 09, 2021 - 09:26
Incredible job guys, thanks for the effort!
Dhaktokh on Sep 10, 2021 - 08:45
Totally awesome!
Superlynx on Sep 14, 2021 - 18:58
Dear Christer and team, thanks for your - I have to phrase it that way - benevolence. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your altruistic efforts. Thanks guys!
mobo on Sep 15, 2021 - 19:44
Thanks guys! You are Hall of famers!!!
Rawlf on Sep 16, 2021 - 09:04
Incredible job! Thank you so much.
Pedda on Sep 17, 2021 - 14:17
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!
    Topas on Sep 17, 2021 - 19:55
    Awesome. Many thanks!
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Joe1982 on Sep 18, 2021 - 00:49
Huge thanks to all the team - you are keeping something unique and special alive and well.
nwelch34 on Sep 19, 2021 - 04:00
You guys are the best, Thank you very much
Kneecapper on Sep 20, 2021 - 15:18
Amamzing work thanks too all involved
ragnar_lodbrok on Sep 23, 2021 - 23:15
foulappearemce on Sep 25, 2021 - 19:05
Very nice, but uh, why aren't the slann team inluded?
StarJump on Sep 27, 2021 - 15:36
Thanks for all mate!!!
Silviackk on Apr 21, 2022 - 08:23
Cheers for all these changes and
I can imagine the huge job that was to program and apply there !
Thancks a lot!

Hum I have to add good luck for the next updates...
like maybe...a new BBox in the future?...
I m not in a hurry but humm ...
We are a lot of coaches to be very excited in BBBB !