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Timezone equals BBT. I will try and get my league games played and try to be as flexible as possible.

About gamefinder: Dorfs, dont call us, we'll call you!

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SYNN's JUDGEMENT its under some stuff-funny shit in chat.

Godfather of Spikkels McRash of Pandemonium Doctrine.

Winner of 145Club Rookie Cup XXIX
With team Corpus Nexus

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Some Stuff

<Bicarb|BBB> stupid bonehead
<Synn> wasn't the ogre's fault
<Synn> was the coach's
<Synn> you should have moved all the guys down one square
<Bicarb|BBB> shh
<Synn> what would i know about one turning...
<Synn> races i have one turned with:
<Synn> vamps
<Synn> undead
<Synn> chaos
<Synn> all elves
<Synn> rats
<Synn> humiesw
<Synn> :D
<Bicarb|BBB> dont forget your mum
<Synn> :/
<Synn> h8in U

*** Synn is now known as GapingAnus

Fumbbl Court Hearing#3437170
Case; Oryx vs Chainsaw
His Honorable Judge Synn presiding

(22:40) <Chainsaw>Synn... I'm getting criticized for clearing a pitch in a major... come to my defense
(22:40) <Oryx>I'm not criticizing you for clearing the pitch
(22:40) * Synn puts on his judge robes
(22:40) <Oryx>haha
(22:40) <Synn>proceed
(22:40) - Synn is now known as Judge_Synn
(22:40) <Oryx>http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=blog&coach=22089
(22:40) <Chainsaw>https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=552227#552227
(22:40) <Judge_Synn>saw the blog
(22:40) <Chainsaw>^ that post by %*$£=!
(22:41) <Judge_Synn>Oryx: what is the charge against chainsaw?
(22:41) <Oryx>he's a whiney dousche who gets mad when other people whine, and a dirty clawpomber to boot
(22:41) <Judge_Synn>ok
(22:41) <Judge_Synn>Chainsaw: do you have a counter charge?
(22:41) <Oryx>synn is so much fun xD
(22:42) <Chainsaw>no, i'm not interested in that
(22:42) <Chainsaw>i'm talking about this
(22:42) <Chainsaw>"Chainsaw going out of his way to needlessly damage the opposing team when he could have just won, by the end of it I was hoping that somehow neither player would win. Watch the replay, and hopefully the winner gets eliminated soon."
(22:42) <Oryx>yeah I realized that after
(22:42) <Oryx>I just assumed you were talking about me
(22:42) <Chainsaw>no
(22:42) <Judge_Synn>would someone please explain that part to me?
(22:42) <Judge_Synn>was this a naama?
(22:42) <Chainsaw>no
(22:42) <Oryx>no
(22:42) <Chainsaw>this was OT, and finally the match was done
(22:42) <Oryx>but chainsaw did stall
(22:42) <Judge_Synn>so how was it "needlessly"?
(22:42) <Oryx>specifically to pitch clear
(22:42) <Oryx>in ot
(22:43) <Oryx>for three turns, I think?
(22:43) <Oryx>maybe 2
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>so he stalled in OT to continue to cause damage
(22:43) <Oryx>yeah
(22:43) <Oryx>XD
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>interesting
(22:43) <Oryx>doesn't bother me though
(22:43) <Chainsaw>to clear the pitch \o/
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>chainsaw
(22:43) <Oryx>and it didn't bother me at the time
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>you are a necro team
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>he is elves right?
(22:43) <Kam>cleaning his boots on his opponents' face before scoring is kinda mandatory in a maor, isn't it?
(22:43) <Retro21>is this the same oryx who created a blog about it
(22:43) <Oryx>yes indeed!
(22:43) <Kam>major*
(22:43) <Chainsaw>yes Judge_Synn
(22:43) <Chainsaw>yes your honour
(22:43) <Judge_Synn>ok
(22:43) <Oryx>it is i, oryx, fellow whiney dousche
(22:44) <Judge_Synn>can't really get props for clearing elves
(22:44) <Judge_Synn>but nice win
(22:44) <Chainsaw>not after props
(22:44) <Judge_Synn>that you can always take credit for
(22:44) <Oryx>he was mad cause I rip'd his legend
(22:44) <Oryx>-D
(22:44) <Oryx>and whined a lot
(22:44) <Judge_Synn>now both of you.... explain the whiney part
(22:44) <Oryx>oh man
(22:44) <Oryx>you should have been there
(22:44) <Oryx>it was epci
(22:44) <Oryx>I whined for like
(22:44) <Judge_Synn>since i have people telling me both of you were 'interesting'
(22:44) <Retro21>whiny douche
(22:44) <Oryx>an hour and a half straight
(22:44) <Retro21>those are the spellings I think
(22:44) <Oryx>oh my bad
(22:44) * Kam agrees: best game so far
(22:44) <Oryx>it was so much fun
(22:44) <Oryx>I just let it all out
(22:44) <Oryx>all my venom
(22:44) <Oryx>and dislike of clawpomb
(22:45) <Chainsaw>even tho his team is av7, mainly
(22:45) <Judge_Synn>i agree with the dislike of clawpomb.... but he is necros
(22:45) * Chainsaw shrugs
(22:45) <Oryx>and 2 legendary clawpomb + ball carrier + mook builds
(22:45) <Judge_Synn>thats allowed
(22:45) <Oryx>and I just
(22:45) <Chainsaw>1 clawpomb, 1 pomb
(22:45) <Chainsaw>get it right
(22:45) <Judge_Synn>now just one clawpomb :)
(22:45) <Oryx>let it spill onto the pitch and flood hte arena
(22:45) <Oryx>and eventually he got tired
(22:45) <Judge_Synn>nicely done Oryx
(22:45) <Oryx>and made a mistake
(22:45) <Oryx>and then
(22:45) <Oryx>I STRUCK
(22:45) <Oryx>AND DID NOTHING
(22:45) <Oryx>but the crowd
(22:45) <Oryx>tehy were vicious
(22:45) <Judge_Synn>if this was tactical trolling... then awesome
(22:45) <Oryx>they were tenacious
(22:45) <Oryx>they were DEADLY
(22:46) <Oryx>and then I almost just straight up lost
(22:46) <Oryx>but luck got me through
(22:46) <Judge_Synn>i have goaded someone into a T15 foul when the game was tied and the ball was not secured
(22:46) <Oryx>lol
(22:46) <Oryx>I don't know if it was really that specific
(22:46) <Oryx>it was
(22:46) <Judge_Synn>be honest
(22:46) <Oryx>letting out all my frustration with the clawpomb culture
(22:46) <Oryx>and a nice side effect
(22:46) <Judge_Synn>were you trolling chainsaw because he naama'ed someone?
(22:46) <Oryx>yeah XD
(22:46) <Chainsaw>no he wasn't
(22:46) <Chainsaw>c'mon
(22:46) <Judge_Synn>i hardly think chainsaw would be an example of a true clawpomber
(22:46) <Oryx>yeah i was XD
(22:47) <Chainsaw>he whinged like a baby with a splinter
(22:47) <Chainsaw>for AN HOUR AND A HALF
(22:47) <Oryx>I told you I was mad that you naama'd fang
(22:47) <Chainsaw>that's not trolling
(22:47) <Chainsaw>that's just pure tears
(22:47) <Oryx>I mean
(22:47) <Oryx>kind of
(22:47) <Oryx>but it wasn't even that bad
(22:47) <Chainsaw>just be honest
(22:47) <Oryx>I didn't lose anyone remarkable XD
(22:47) <Oryx>you thought I was so upset
(22:47) <Chainsaw>you were pissed that you were having your elves beat up
(22:47) <Oryx>but I was just having a good time
(22:47) <Oryx>and letting you know how I felt
(22:47) <Oryx>I mena
(22:47) <Oryx>I expected to be beat up
(22:47) <Oryx>that's what happens
(22:48) <Chainsaw>and totally overlooked the fact that ELVES GET BEAT UP and still can win
(22:48) <Bowlbot>*** Lone Stars 1 vs 2 iceprincesses ***(left this in on purpose because it was a GLT upset)(and Qaz got screwed by server)
(22:48) <Oryx>when your main strategy in game is to po every turn
(22:48) <Judge_Synn>looks like it was a good gamew
(22:48) <Chainsaw>that's the balance of the game
(22:48) <Oryx>it was a great game XD
(22:48) <Chainsaw>it was a brilliant game
(22:48) <Judge_Synn>oryx: your job is to make him pay for the derp
(22:48) <Oryx>I think brilliant is a little too harsh
(22:48) <Chainsaw>take the whining away, i'd have loved it...except that surf part
(22:48) <Judge_Synn>surf?
(22:48) <Oryx>I surfed the pomber to her doom
(22:48) <Chainsaw>killed mah baby
(22:48) <Judge_Synn>awesome
(22:48) <Oryx>I know
(22:48) <Oryx>it was great XD
(22:48) <Oryx>no regen!
(22:48) <Oryx>oh yeah!
(22:48) <Retro21>people are going to whine if youre going to try and clear the pitch
(22:48) <Oryx>only injury I caused all game
(22:49) <Kam>apparently we have a new witness
(22:49) <Judge_Synn>generally retro: people whine if they aren't having fun
(22:49) <Kam>http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=552235#552235
(22:49) <Judge_Synn>the goal is making the beatdowns fun
(22:49) <Judge_Synn>:)
(22:49) <Retro21>or not be a douche about it
(22:49) <Oryx>that's what I'm saying
(22:49) <Oryx>I mena
(22:49) <Oryx>if you're going to rape my face
(22:49) <Oryx>I'm going to talk about it
(22:49) <Retro21>yes
(22:49) <Oryx>and Im not going to say
(22:49) <Oryx>he
(22:50) <Oryx>this so great
(22:50) <Oryx>I love it when you get 8 takeoffs in 24 blocks
(22:50) <Oryx>yay!
(22:50) <Retro21>getting beaten is one thing, getting unnecessarily taken out is another
(22:50) <Oryx>if you're going to get crushed
(22:50) <Kam>but again, the funny thing is I did the very same thing with the Sammiches a few hous before, and didn't get a single reproach
(22:50) <Oryx>then
(22:50) <Oryx>I say, let's have a good time talking it out
(22:50) <Oryx>in this case, shit tlaking it out
(22:50) - Oryx left (Kicked by Bowlbot with the foliowing reason: Please mind your language)
(22:50) - Oryx joined
(22:50) <Oryx>oops
(22:50) <Oryx>my bad
(22:50) <Retro21>lol
(22:50) <Oryx>you know
(22:50) <Oryx>somehow
(22:51) <Oryx>when flings clear the pitch
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>btw chainsaw
(22:51) <Oryx>no one seems mind XD
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>from one vet to another....
(22:51) <Kam>:P
(22:51) <Oryx>honestly
(22:51) * Chainsaw pays attention to Judge_Synn
(22:51) <Oryx>I was cheering when he cleared the ptich
(22:51) <Oryx>I mean, if you get that far
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>when someone raises their hand to be known as a bloody one...
(22:51) <Oryx>might as well finish him
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>this tends to be the outcome
(22:51) <Chainsaw>:)
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>either way
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>Oryx: i render my judgement
(22:51) <Judge_Synn>on the charge of Chainsaw being a clawpomber... i find the defendant innocent
(22:52) <Judge_Synn>he's necros
(22:52) <Chainsaw>\o/
(22:52) <Judge_Synn>not possible if above TV 1800
(22:52) <Retro21>on the charge of Chainsaw being a douche?
(22:52) <Retro21>(sorry)
(22:52) <Retro21>:p
(22:52) <Chainsaw><o/
(22:52) <Judge_Synn>on the charge of Chainsaw being whiney... I find the defendant innocent on a technicality
(22:52) <Oryx>hahaha
(22:52) <Judge_Synn>there is justification
(22:52) <Retro21>\shock
(22:53) <Chainsaw>hey man i admit that, i never said otherwise
(22:53) <Chainsaw>i just said the clear pitch was cool
(22:53) <Chainsaw>when %*$£=!AFK had a moan about it in the forum
(22:53) <Judge_Synn>on the charge of chainsaw being a doosh, i find the defendant guilty
(22:53) <Chainsaw>hell, Oryx agrees with me
(22:53) <Judge_Synn>the sentance is time served on the Naama'ing
(22:53) <poloq7>a douche: "something that crapes the shit off to be flushed down"
(22:53) - poloq7 left (Kicked by Bowlbot with the foliowing reason: Please mind your language)
(22:53) <Oryx>oh @@%!$~! do I get 2 weeks in the stocks?!
(22:53) - poloq7 joined
(22:53) <Judge_Synn>now for the final charge of Chainsaw being a total nubface
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>i find you GUILTY >:|
(22:54) <Chainsaw>GUILTY!
(22:54) <Oryx>lol
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>your sentance... which is to be carried out immediately....
(22:54) <awambawamb>and smiley :D
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>is a Synnful Sprint with rookie pro elves
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>thats 20 games
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>no other elves played
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>i expect you to name one blitzer Chainsaw
(22:54) <Judge_Synn>and one blitzer Oryx
(22:54) <Oryx>rofl
(22:55) <Judge_Synn>you will learn to play together one way or another! :o
(22:55) * Judge_Synn has now completed his judgement
(22:55) <Chainsaw>:)
(22:55) - Judge_Synn is now known as Synn
(22:55) <Synn>now guys: learn to play nice
(22:55) <Synn>it sounds like a really good game
(22:55) <Synn>and fumbbl is too small to make enemies while people are watching :)
(22:56) * awambawamb agrees and starts a R fling team that accepts all challenges
(22:56) <Synn>fat chance in hell
(22:57) <Synn>i make a good judge eh? :)
(22:57) <Oryx>you do
(22:58) <Dhaktokh>best judge around I say. fair and wise old man.
(22:59) <DukeTyrion>Not sure he is wise ... or fair, but I think he is getting old ;-)
(22:59) <Synn>>:|
(22:59) <Dhaktokh>same thing
(22:59) <Oryx>honestly I'm not sure he's a man, either
(22:59) <Synn>>:|
(22:59) <Synn>h8 u all


The(in)famous Paul Hicks after his DP, Leap Troll had been killed;
<paulhicks> ok... are you ready for this?
<paulhicks> bblfg kho
<BowlBot> paulhicks (144.36): Chaos 59/46


<Sttucker13> Well then.
<Sttucker13> Kill Ramtut and tell him to stop hiring stars on his rookie teams, I'm trying to cherrypick here.


This went on when the site was down for maintenance.

<Araznaroth> I hope somebody makes a perfect Larson and cant upload his game now :D
<El_Bernardo> what's a perfect larson?
*** def909 has joined #fumbbl
<Araznaroth> look it up in the forum:)
*** Zodd is now known as rustfungus
<Creationofgod> lol
<Creationofgod> good one
<blader4411> that's helpful xD
<rustfungus> bb d6
<BowlBot> rustfungus: Rolled 4
<Hitonagashi> lol
<Hitonagashi> perfect larson
<Jeffro> 1 completion, 1 cas, 1 interception, 1 TD, 1 MVP all in the same game
<rustfungus> doesnt work on bowlbot :(
<Hitonagashi> yeah
<Hitonagashi> waht Jeffro said :D
<Araznaroth> no serious, its when a player makes a TD CP INT CAS and MVP in one game
*** rustfungus is now known as Zodd
<El_Bernardo> no serious, you're a dick
*** El_Bernardo has been kicked by BowlBot (Please mind your language)
<blader4411> !?
<blader4411> xD
<Jeffro> BOOT
<Jeffro> richard say bye bye! ;)
<Araznaroth> no serious you should buy a sense of humor
<LykeX> That IS a perfect larson


<GhostofSirIsaac> i also dont know why my account was blocked yesterday when its been unblocked for the last 3 months
<Kam> Bob would have told you why
<GhostofSirIsaac> and i havnet played since. Nothing dodgy happened. our game just timed out with terrible internet connection. we were both using iphones to play
<GhostofSirIsaac> its ok Kam im good mates with admins. although i sound whiny, they know im a cool guy
<GhostofSirIsaac> oops i thought this was admin channel
<Kam> I know no whiny person nor "admins"
<GhostofSirIsaac> shut up
<Kam> Bob owns them all anyway
<Kam> (sorry :D)
<GhostofSirIsaac> you are an ant. i would destroy you in a game and in fumbble knowledge
<Dalfort> and spells FUMBBL with an e...


<Bowlbot> Processing round.
<Bowlbot> Found 1 coaches.
<Bowlbot> Not enough coaches to start.
<Ziggyny> Aw.
<Ziggyny> All... by... my... self...


<Kryten> Naamaing Chainsaw in the chat channel


<smallman>wow each game i either get great luck or the opposite
<JamesSeals80>lucky for the next person you play


The Lizards of Yumtum Mountain
One of the nicer Lizard teams out there. Fully fluffed! With custom icons and all! (Can't wait for the day client can use them)

Khornes Murder Squad Return
The (in)Famous Paul Hicks his legendary team that once had Fumbbl's all-time top fouler in its ranks. Nicely rebuilt since then:) Come and join the Skull-Throne!!! (Helas has had to be retired)

Absolutely crazy number of games for a stunty team. Cool how the Lords are the Doctors, Vamplings, the nurses and thalls the patients. Go get Hospitalised! (I still need to play these guys!!!)

Hellbound Charioteers
Very nicely fluffed norse team. Always funny in-game commentary by coach Arktoris. May his team make it past the 1000 game mark. Hail!(Well past it at time of Bbcode edit)

Sleeper in Metropolis
1500 games and counting! Nicest Necromantic team around. Has been home to many nice players. (Actually as i look now on 10/02/2013 they have 2000 games played)

Wot a Skink.
Maybe the last of the surviving (F)action teams?
Home to the great Nemeton, only legend Kroxigor (F)action has ever known.

On 18/6/2009 my coach standing was 666:D

My first

Founder of; DDFF (not active anymore)

Best Replay Ever!!!

How to pinch from other peoples Gallery(pinched from Garion) - https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=gallery3&owner=

FC Scheduler

copy chat= ctrl+c or type /chatwin to re-open.
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