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* * * Did you know? The best blocker is Taku the Second with 551 casualties.
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Hello o/
To schedule a match please do get in touch on PM or Discord. Server times I often play around 21:00 evenings (except Thursday), or during daytime.

I text chat if the other Coach is up for it. I've had some good laughs here on FUMBBL win or lose.

I'll always congratulate you on your scores.

Luck & Dice are not good chat. If on occasion I cry Nooooooo!!! at Nuffle please don't be offended, this is an emotional response and is not meant to take away from your coaching skill.

Fouling is an integral part of the game. I might shout CHEAT! when you foul but only because I'm role playing for lulz.

I will raise any time keeping problems in chat. Raising issues with each other in a friendly way can speed up a game without causing any offence.

If one of us is getting their team badly damaged with casualties conceding is acceptable (unless the League or Tournament rules specifically prevent it). We are here to have fun; so if a game is going horribly and you are unhappy please do say so in chat.

As a young teenager I played the occasional game of Blood Bowl against friends, and this fantasy world really captured my imagination. Life moved on and the game lay dormant.

Two decades later I chanced across FUMBBL. The standard of play here is high and it was a tough start. I learnt from my mistakes and found that positioning your players well, and making moves in the right order, can minimise the impact of poor dice.

Having learnt enough to be competitive* my goals now are to improve my attacking plays, and build teams to win tournaments.

*My high water mark is 10th overall with CR 175.99. I am wise enough to realise what that does and doesn't mean. It is a good tracker of recent results, but not a true ranking of the best coaches.


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Matlock Orc Blitzer RIP
Hammerite Orc Blitzer

UI XVII Qualifier: Alabaster Lantern winners with Undead brawlers What A Shambles! invited to the finals.

Bar Brawl CVI (lo) Chorf Skool Chaos Dwarf
Bar Brawl XCI (lo) Chorf Skool Chaos Dwarf
Bar Brawl XCVII (lo) What A Shambles! Undead
Bar Brawl XCIV(lo) What A Shambles! Undead
Bar Brawl XCVII(lo) Fear Nowt Dwarf

RRR 518 Leadbelly Dwarf schedule

NAF Online - BeanBelly 29590
Road to Malta - Songlines (Dark Elf) 2-1-3
Midspring Mayhem - Chaos Wharf (Chaos Dwarf) 3-2-1
Thrudbowl - roOgrrr(Underworld) 3-2-1
Star Wars 2022 - Deathshroud (Undead) 1/2/1
The Good, Bad, Fair and Ugly 2021 - Innocent Farmers(Human) 3/2/1
SteelBowl 2021 - Potężny Stal(Human) 3/1/2
EU Open - Soul Traders(Undead) 2/3/1
Amorical Cup 2020 - Bard Bowl(Human) 2/2/2

Squad Chaos took me to the UKTC 2022 table-top tournament. Team Hashut were 16th of 86. In the individual standings our captain Raging82 was 1st of 344 well played sir!

'Thrudsquigs' were designed and sold for charity by Squad Chaos. Here are three I painted. The first painted Thrudsquigs in the world I believe!