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My legends:

Shyla, the amazon that thought she was an elf thrower and played like it, even though her sister zons were embarassingly inconsistent at catching her throws. Made it within a handful of completions of being the greatest amazon thrower of all time. My first legend player in my first Blood bowl team ever, will always have a special place in my heart. Pushed into the crowd and beaten to death by renegade human lineman Cary Loudermilk.

Sörin Kader, my high elf thrower who made legend quickly and learned about the art of the "double pass" from friendly coach Stikki's wood elves (holders of most passing records on Fumbbl by a wide margin). His record is 10 completions for 100 yards in a single game, and he's still chasing the high elf passing records. When you've had a "perfect" thrower like this (AG5, accurate, Pass, Safe throw, Strong Arm), every other passer you field will come up short.

Need I say I care? my killiest treeman to date, who's racked up 20 kills at the time of writing. Turns out a ST6 Block Pro Multiblock Grabbing treeman can do a metric fudgeton of damage on the line of scrimmage. Who'd have thunk it?

I don't want to be standing here , AG5 halfling extraordinaire who made all other halflings look like rank amateurs at the ball handling game. Scored on a blitz once (0-turner). One of the original flings on the Throwing roster. Foul killed by Elysium of Trophies, a frog lineman.

Need I say I love you? II , my second treeman legend on the Throwing gang. Coach was patient with him as he developed and let him stay on despite not rolling any double skill-ups... because he got +MA for his second skill... then again for his final skill-up! Lightning fast and nimble on his feet, he's the go-to blitzer for the courageous halflings.

Fifth legend was Edmund, the passing Ogre with Block and Multiblock who just kept punching, punching, then punching some more until he made Legend. Good times against stunties and unskilled linemen.

Sixth legend was ogre Burkhard. Blodge Guard AG3 break tackle ogres turn out to be REALLY good at moving around the field. Usually 2+ with built in reroll, then often another 3+ dodge (possibly with a reroll).

Shai'Ludg , took 72 games to make legend. 26 touchdowns, 35 casualties on record. With her AG4 she is the designated ball handler of the team. Rolled a double for her last skill and became a bona fide Blodgestepper. Once casualtied 5 gnoblars in a single glorious game. Tripped and died on a failed dodge in a game against rats (1 reroll 1, -ST apo into Killed, it was Nuffle's will).

P'Hrin II , took 79 games to make legend. 2 touchdowns, 36 casualties and counting. Killed after 95 games after being pushed into the crowd by chaos dwarves coached by DragonBallZac.

9th Legend
Takigawa Fusanobu II , awesome ogre ball handler of the Chibi Samurai in the Blackbox. Stands proud at MA6, AG3, and with Block to keep him on his feet. 82 games before he made legend.

Wall of Legends that I've killed:
Thursdaynight Guitarclub of She's a Sensation, 1297 SPP
Grizzlybane Brute of In Bonehead We Trust, 397 SPP
Bestia of BierzOrk's, 202 SPP
Zaltapik of Solo Gobos, 178 SPP

The following positionals remain to kill for the collection to be complete:
Chaos Dwarf
Enslaved Minotaur




Tomb Kings
Anointed Thrower

Runt Punter


Underworld Denizens
Skaven Blitzer
Underworld Troll
Gutter Runner

Old World Alliance
Human Lineman
Human Thrower
Human Catcher
Human Blitzer
Dwarf Blocker
Dwarf Runner
Dwarf Blitzer
Dwarf Troll Slayer
Halfling Hopeful

Fungus Flinga