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Quotes khemri are for poo heads that eat poo and are noobs

Fumbbl badges reset for LRB6 (completed in bold)


Easy! Easy! - Has won a game 5-0.
Good/Great/Superb/WOW - Has won 100/200/500/1000 games.
Reverse Picker - Has won a game playing up 390TV.
Better than Average - Have a 75% win loss record.
Pick Pick Pick - Have a picker and player badge for all R races.


Giant killer - Has beaten a player with 180cr
Revenge - Beat a player with a 5/0/0 or better VS record
Bow to the Master - Has beaten an Admin
Now I am the Master - Beat the first active person who beat you 5 times
My Bunny is… - Have a 10/0/0 record vs someone


Multiblocker - Has killed two people with a single multiblock.
Equal Opportunity - Has killed one of every race.;; Click here to see my death list!
Slaughterer - Has killed one of every position – complete grid.;; Click here to see my death list!
Supernova - Has killed a star player.;; Click here to see my death list!
Big Bang - Has killed every star.;; Click here to see my death list!
Early Retirement - Has killed a legend.
Unnecessary Violence - Has killed a player by fouling turn 16.
Suicide Squad - Kill yourself and your opponent by a both down.
Showboating - Injure every opponent player
Carnage - Kill 5 players in a match.
Grandpatricide – Kill a grandfathered player

Passing & Intercepting

Kack Handed Genius - Complete an AG1/2 Longbomb
Brown Bounce - Score with a bounce pass.
Now You See It - Score with a Dump Off.
12th Man - Pass into the crowd then score on the same turn.
Plucking Hell - Intercept needing a 10 or more.
Not Again - Intercept three times in one game.
We can all QB - Get completions with 6 players in a match
Greatest of Ease - Intercept then pass for a TD without moving.
He’s at the 20 the 10….TD - Score with the ball in your own end zone.
I Didn’t See It - Passblock to intercept twice in one match.
Snow Joke – Get 5 completions in a Blizzard.


Relentless - Foul on all 16 turns.
Self control - Get the ref on turn 1 with 2+ Dp then don’t foul.
REF!! - Have 5 players sent off in the match.
I’ll Show You How - Foul every turn with the highest spp player left.
Paul Hicks - Average 12 fouls a game for 20 games.
FIFA – Bribe the Ref 5 times in a match.
Rage Quit – Foul 20 teams into retirement.

Clever Plays

Pushed On - Score 1 turn TD with an MA 6 player (no blitz)
Complex - Score with 2 dodge, 2 block, a pass and hand off
Torn Apart - Surf 4 players in one turn.
Less than One Turn - Score on a blitz kick off result.
Dodgy Play - Score needing to make 8 or more dodges.

Player awards – Single Match

Larsson - Get a Larsson (cas, comp, int, td)
Perfect Larsson - Get a perfect Larsson (as above with MVP)
Frenzy - Cause 5 cas in one match
Quarterback - Make 5 completions in one match
One Turning Scum - Score 5 TD in one match

Player awards – Lifetime

Back Story - Have a bio for a player of more than 1000 words
I Cannot Die - Get a player with -ma, -st, -ag, -av, n or worse!!
Superhuman - Get a player with +ma, +st, +ag, spikes.
Ancient - Have a player age on every aging roll.
Passer - Have a player with 100 completions
Basher - Have a player with 100 casualties
Finisher - Have a player with 100 TDs
Interceptor - Have a player with 25 interceptions
All Rounder - Have a player with 25cp, 25 cas, 25td, and 5 int
My Knee – Have a player with 5 niggles.

Team awards – Single Match

Teamwork - Every member of the squad gains at least 1spp
Off the Gas - Be cleared from the pitch but still win.
Shared Around - Score with 5 different players.
Come Back Kings - Win from 2 behind at half time.
Skilled Up - 5 or more players gain skill rolls.
That Boy’s got Talent – Skill and hire two journeymen in a game.

Team awards – Lifetime

Galacticos - Have 5 active legends in a single team.
Tenacious - Recover the team from 6 or less players.
Long Lived/Legends - Play 500/1000 games with one team.
Well Known - In chat and say your team name 5 \o/’s = badge
Rich - Have a treasury of 500,000gp
Hard - Have a TV of more than 3000
Bashy - Team cas of more than 1000
Passy - Team completions of more than 1000
Scory - Team TDs of more than 1000
Intercepting Kings - Team Ints of more than 200
Fandabydosie - Have a team with 18ff

Famous Teams

Awe and Wonder – Play and beat 5 of the following teams:

Deathgerbils Revenge
11 Thugz
Terrifying Anarchists
Sleeper in Metropolis
Hellbound Charioteers
Fighting Hellfish
Competative eaters
Blood Falcons
Divine Assassins
Fluffy Kittens and More
Sneaky Plans
Rhazgul's Judgement

Shelved – make an opponent retire a team with at least 250 games.
Fan Factor – Have 50 coaches declare themselves fans of your team.

Fumbbl Fun

Punditry – Have Zen master Blog Rater and Writer Awards.
Always a Prat – Have a 5.9 Rated Blog
Poll Pot – Have 300 coaches answer your poll.
Published – Have an article in the GLN
This could be fun – Start a league
There are enough coaches – Play 100 B Games
Griddled – Complete your Grid
Stunted Development – Play 100 Stunty Games
They love me, they really love me - Get 50 Buddies
Reporter – Comment on 50 games.

Smack Talk – Make your boast in public!!

I Choose You - Nominate a player then kill him in the match
Fixed MVP - State exactly who will score your hat-trick
One handed - State you will win 3-0 with no cas against
Its Mah Ball - State you will clear the pitch.
High Stakes - Loser retires his team (you must win for badge)

Lucky Git
1/36 - Pow a blodger with the ball, -2db no tackle.666 - Make a play to score needing three 6’s
Numerical Advantage - Cas 5 players at a kick off
My Fans!! - 5+ opponents stunned on pitch invasion yours = 0
Blitzer - Get a 3+ favourable blitzes
My Ref - Ref ignores 5 fouls you make with eye on you.
Favourable Bounce - Ball bounces off 3 opposing players onto yours
Untouchable - Player blocked with 10 dice without falling (1tn)
Rolling on Up - Play through the game without needing a reroll.
Magical Mastery - remove five or more players with one fireball

Unlucky Bastard

Diced - Break something in real life in frustrationGone Tripping - Fail a GFI to score twice in the same matchNothing I Can Do - Roll 10 1s or skulls in a row.… - Roll 6 skulls on a single block.That’s got to hurt - Have a 100sp+ player killed by a rock.GET UP!! - Fail 6+ KO rolls in one go.Saw Bonehead - Fail 3 consecutive apothecaries.Fractured - Fail 6 consecutive regens.NOOOO!! - Kill a AG 5+ player on a failed dodge.Wilting – Have 6 players refuse to play because of the heat.Crazy SkillsBig but Graceful - Leap Blitz with a Big Guy for a cas.So Unnecessary - 5+ players on a non Slann team with Diving CatchNot Playing That - Have 4 players in a team with claw/mb/poChanger of Ways - Have a player with 5 mutationsPopularity Contest – Have 3 players with Fan Favourite.WWF – Have 5 players on your team with wrestle.Boing Boing – Have 3 players with AG2 and Leap.Follow the Leader – Have 5 players with Shadowing.TTMFull Belly - Has eaten 10 goblinsPerfect Fling - Has scored by a TTM directly into the end zoneSniper - Has killed a player with a thrown team-mateGreet the Fans - Has thrown a team-mate into the crowd.Bug Your Opponent - Score 3 TTMs in one match.Race specificNecromanticHe’s Back - Rez a player then kill another with the zombieFlesh Gordon - Score a hat trick with a Flesh GolemWight Wash - Get a td, cas and a comp with both wightsI Lych it - Surf and score in a single blitz with a wolfGHOOOOOL - Score 2td each with 2 ghouls in one matchOrcCommunal Larsson - Have 1 BO score, 1 cas, 1 complete and 1 int.AG2 FTW - A Black Orc dodges, picks up and completes.Deadly Wave - Cause a cas with all four blitzers.Last Resort - Score 50 Td with a gobboStar Quality - Play a game having hired 5 stars.Chaos DwarfBull Dozer - Win 10 games with no Bull CentaursHob Gob - Get a legend HobgoblinChucked Up - Have a strong arm, accurate big guy with 20cpsBlock Head - Score two TD’s in 1 game with CD BlockersFire in the Hole - Score a TD with Zzharg Madeye’s BlunderbussAmazonShort Handed - 20 games vs Dwarves with a winning record.Pretty as a Picture - Populate your team with hot women picturesStrong Woman - Cause 50 Cas with an Amazon.Reinforcements - Hire Zara and have her kill a Mummy.Hard Task - Play 20 games at 200+ Ts with a 60% win ratio.KhemriNot Evil - Win 10 games with no mummiesSlow and Steady - Score with two mummies in a gameSkelator - Make a Legend SkeletonQuick and the Dead - One turn with a Blitz-RaJust Wrong - Retire an AG4 Khemri uninjured on principle.GoblinREALLY stupid - Fail all boneheads for 3 consecutive turns.Gobbled Up - Have 3 gobbos eaten in one game.Final Score - Score with a Hail Mary Diving Catch ComboSmall but Deadly - Cause 50 cas with a gobboGrab It - Have 5 players with Diving TackleHalflingDid that Branch Move? - Kill a player with a rooted Treeman.Evil Fling - Kill a player on a -3db.Super Fling - Get 3 Kills with a fling in one game.Oi Dats My Leg - Make 5 consecutive stunty dodges.Dirty Beggers - Have a team with 5 or more DP.DwarfLong Beardy Bomb - Complete a long bomb with a LongbeardSo… much… Guard - Put out 11 players with guard for a drive.Unlikely - 1 Turn with a LongbeardHonourable Death - Have a TS kill a player using dauntless, then die.Mustn’t Grumble - Have a team with 50 games but no retirementsPro ElfUnusual - Get a 300 TR Elf TeamClear! - Clear the pitch of an AV9 TeamStar Player - Legend a CatcherNasty - Field a team with 6 Mighty BlowsNever Been Done - Win an Elite SmackDark ElfCauldron of Blood - Kill two players in a match with a witch elfStabby - Kill an opponent with Harkans DaggerSmall Beginnings - Legend a LinesmanFratricide - Kill/SI 100 High ElvesTackles a Must - Field an all Blodge TeamHigh ElfOut of Position - Get 50 Cp with a Dragon Warrior.Death Star - Hire Prince Morian and get him killed.Actually Challenging - Make 50 Completions with a PW in 15 GamesFight the Good Fight - Kill/SI 100 Dark ElvesBrutal Elves - Cause 9 casualties in a matchWood ElfHard and Fast - Cause 50 cas with a Wood Elf CatcherBoing Boing - Field 6 Players with LeapScore Quickly - Get a Wood Elf to 51spp in 5 gamesJust Another Woodie - Make a Larsson with Jordell5-0 is too easy - Win a game 7-0LizardSpeedy Geckos - Play 25 games with no Sauri and a winning ratioWhat a Tale - Kill a player because of Prehensile TailBlow Dart - Kill a Str5 + player with a skink.5 to Pick up - Score 50 td with a SaurusCold Blooded - Legend a SkinkUndeadSmack Talk - Win a smack without the CountBigger Brothers - Kill/SI 3/4 mummies on a Khemri teamWho Needs Regen - Legend a GhoulWight On - Get a Wight to 51 Spp in 15 games.Horde Mentality - Score 3 touchdowns with Zombies in a gameSkavenNo Weaklings - Play 25 games with no GR and a winning recordPlague Rats - Play 4 rats with foul appearance.Expendable - Win when suffering 8 casualtiesMighty Mouse - Get a Str 5 Rat (not ogre)So Fast - Win 6-0 with all four gutters scoring.OgresDuh - Bonehead 5 ogres in a single turn.Surprise!! - Win a game with no Ogres.Pro-phalatic - Give all your Ogres Pro.Big and Brawny - Cause 50 cas in 10 games.Lupone Clone - Legend a GoblinVampireThe Munchies - Bite 6 thralls in one match.Dodgy Rule - Score 2 OFAB TDs in one matchThrall Power - Make a Legend ThrallBurn the Rerolls - Play 6 Vamps on the pitch for a gameLook into my Eyes - Successfully gaze 3 players then scoreRottersGoing Nowhere - Tentacle 5 players for a turn with no escapeArm and a Leg - Make a Rotter with long legs and extra armsSurvivable - Give five team members spikesBeast Lord - Make a Legend BeastmanIt’s Lodged Somewhere - Score 10 Tds with your Beast.HumansStar Struck - Hire all the Human stars for a matchLithe and Speedy - Score 20 TD with a catcher in 10 gamesBlitz! - Score with all four BlitzersVanilla - Legend a LinesmanOrnery Ogre - Make 15spp for an Ogre in a matchNorseUnexpected - Play 6 Blodge players in a gameEarly Risers - Cause 40 Cas in the first 10 gamesFeign Death - Kill a player jumping up from proneKeep Him Alive - Legend a BlitzerFirst! - Win a Legend SmackChaosBanzai - Play 4 leaping Chaos WarriorsStar Foul - Kill a player fouling with BorakTough Carriers - Only score with CW for 10 games (win. ratio)No use Crying - Make 10 teams RetireThe Number of the Beast - Legend a Minotaur | SLANN (0/4) : | UNDEAD (0/5) : | UNDERWORLD (0/5) : | VAMPIRE (0/2) : | WOOD ELF (0/5) : STAR PLAYER DEATH LIST-TOTAL : 0/56