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Shambling Undead
Shambling Undead
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
I don’t play much anymore, most of my time here is spent blogging about painting or helping out with the White Isle League and the White Isle Fringe.
Twitter profile where I often preview newly painted models.
Facebook group with pics of all the teams I have done.
My Instagram page.

CR Development under the old system.
External link to my gallery with all the WIL seal and trophy images.
Stats vs other coaches

Best Cherrypicker Rating: 183.53 (old system)
Highest Rank: 3rd (old system)
Blackbox stats

Favourite teams: Undead, Humans, Dark Elves
Least favourite: Khemri, Amazons & Orcs

I prefer to find games through IRC (and would recommend using it), but have accepted challenges from PM's in the past.

Fumbbl Goals (in no particular order)
1) Get CR over 180 Achieved
2) Get in the top 10 Achieved
3) Win a Smack Achieved
4) Fill the Grid Achieved
5) Do well in a Major, 4th round of the FC with a rubbish team. Aim is to win a qualifier / last 16
6) Build a high TR team (250+)
7) Have a legend player
8) Get into the Premier of the White Isle League Achieved
9) Win PBI Achieved twice
10) Get all 42 player and Fanatic awards in [R]

Win a Royal Rookie Rumble
Win a Scheduled Smack Achieved
Win a Regular Smack
Win each type of Smack
Win a Tour Achieved
Win a Minor
Win a SFC
Win a Pacifist Clash Achieved
Win an XFL
Win a Major Qualifier
Win a Major

Fumbbl Achievments
1) Was overall champ in NFL season 4.
2) Won one of only 13 FUMBBL Pacifist Clash's number XII.
3) Have remained undefeated in my 1st 5 stable games.
4) Pulled off a huge upset in Fumbbl Cup VI Round 3 against a much fancied Orc team.
5) Got all 42 player and picker awards in my 1st 210 [R] games.
6) Won PBI twice in a row with Rotters
7) Was 5th = in the FUMBBL Tour 2009
8) 1st coach on FUMBBL to fill the grid and play all 441 possible games with the 21 official races.
9) Was involved in FUMBBL's Bloodiest game. This did involve overtime, but was a competitive game unlike the 2 cheaters that now hold the record.
10) Ran the 2nd batch of Fumbbl Block Dice raising over $700 for the site.

According to Russo, These are my Bloodbowl stats.
0-1 Beast of Spubbbba - 3 5 1 10 Foul Appearance, Tentacles, Two Heads, Regen, Feeble Blow 130K
Beast of Spubbbba
Probably the foulest creation of all time and a Scottish one to boot, hence Foul Appearance, Tentacles and Two Heads, despite his enourmous foul body despoiling your vision, he has a Feeble Blow and he -1 from all Armour rolls. Wimp that he is...

I have been a member of the White Isle League since January 2007.
Played humans for 152 games before switching to Undead. I also have roles as a league admin, creating the images for new season seals and run the feeder league, the White Isle Fringe.

Races in order of number of teams in FUMBBL

My thoughts on the game.
I've been playing Bloodbowl for 15 years on and off, started with 2nd edition and played a lot when 3rd Ed and Deathzone came out. I went off the game with the living rulebook as it seemed the rules were changing every 5 minutes.
I got back into the game last year when my local GW started a league up that used LRB4 but has now moved to LRB5, which overall I prefer.
When I first came to FUMBBL I was pretty cautious and mostly played in Academy or Stunty and against friends whilst I got used to LRB4 again and the Java client, which is why my win % is quite high.
After taking a bashy, agile and all rounder team up to 150 I started playing in [R].
I like to think I'm above average but still make the odd silly mistake (I need a quite a few more games to get used to 2D BB) or go for glorious but unlikely plays, losing or drawing games I really should win.

I play for fun rather than just to win, though I'll still try my best. Idealy my opponent will enjoy the game even should I beat him 4-0. I like to have a bit of a chat during a game every now and again, if i'm quiet it may be because I've got stuff I know I should be getting back to, like sleep. I play at average speed, though I may slow down a tad if there's a big messy scrum with lots of guards or a tough choice with what to do next, but it's pretty rare occurrence that the 4 min whistle is heard, unless I'm chatting with my opponent.

I love making teams up, in fact I like doing that almost as much as playing with them. It's a real shame I can't change their names once the team is started as I like to base the player's 2nd names on their exploits on the pitch. One of the things I like best about LRB5 is not having to take high FF so starting teams (elves in particular) can be a bit more varied.

Fouling and Bashing
I’m not a big fouler as it tends not to be worth it under the crp rules. However some targets are so important that even a stun can be worth getting sent off. I also feel that being prone shouldn’t be safer than standing up and on principle will often foul players who have used the pile on skill.
I play all races and will go for their strengths, aiming to take out opposing players to help me win and gain spp’s. I do enjoy like beating up seemingly stronger teams, so if you give my elves lots of free hits and surf opportunities don’t be surprised if I take them.
I don’t care about my players and will happily sacrifice them to win 1 off games. Leagues have a different meta, so sometimes it is better to keep a team healthy for long term gains.

Crowd Surfing
I think It's funny and don't mind it being done to me, if I get a chance I'll surf your players, as even if they are stunned they're out of the game until the next drive. I won't use my blitz to do it if i have a 1D block on the ball carrier or it will take 2 players away from the action however. If you are crowd surf happy I'll glady sacrifice a lineman to the crowd if it helps me win. Doing chain pushing or frenzied crowd surfs are to be applauded and if you pull 1 off I'll think it's cool even if it results in the death of my best player.

It's a very sensible tactic and wins games whilst protecting your players, and often causes your opponent to burn Re-rolls. If you give me a chance to safely stall I will. I'll only score if it's more dangerous to wait any longer, either because you risk getting the ball back or my players will take more hits. If I score early when I can stall it may well be cos I think I can score more or am having fun and want more action.

Whining & Trash Talk
If Nuffle is sticking it to you i'll sympathise, but 16 turns of whining will begin to try even my patience, especially if you are doing 1D blocks and wondering why you keep getting turnovers. Some games are lost on luck but it balances out and a good coach will still win more often than not when the dice go against him.
I'll always be polite and say "gratz" when you score and "gg" when the games over. If both players like a bit of good natured trash talk or sledging that can add to the fun and I'm more likely to play dirty against a friend than a stranger as bragging rights are more important than CR to me. If I don't like how you act or play the game I'll avoid games with you in the future but won't go bad mouthing you in public.
Constant whining when you're playing bad and telling me how lucky I am when I'm playing better than you is quite insulting, but you'll have to really push it to annoy me. If you are attempting lots of 1D blocks and 3+ dodges sooner or later you will fail, most people who complain about being unlucky just aren't very good.
Of course sometimes nuffle will leave you with virtually no chance, but take it like a man, it builds character.

I won’t concede ever. If an emergency comes up, I’ll let you know I have to go and leave the game, rescheduling when I can.
Issuing and Accepting Challenges
I accept the vast majority of game offers, I'll only refuse if I'm really outclassed (though occasionally I'll accept them as I like a challenge) or if I'm a bit bored of playing against that particular type of team.
Should someone offer me a game where their team is much worse than mine then I may not be able to resist and will probably say yes, but I'll aim to score lots rather than kill lots.
I always try and offer fair match ups, but will give away handicaps or TS if the game looks fun.

Reasons I'll turn games down
1) If I feel like you are offering me a stupidly unfair game, I'll glady play against stronger teams, especially if my opponent is new or has low CR, but once you get above 160 CR I expect you to offer me a reasonable match up. I'll also refuse if a inexperienced opponent offers me a game in which he is a serious disadvantage (though I may accept if I'm feeling evil on occasion).
2) I'm bored of playing against that race (especially if it's Orcs).
3) I don't want to play you. If you are a known cherrypicker, elfballer, slow player or whiner I'll probably say no. If I say yes, it may be to foul you a lot.

100th Game on FUMBBL
100th Win on FUMBBL
200th Game and biggest loss
100th Win in [R]
300th Game
200th Win
400th Game massacre of Russo :D
FUMBBL player icons
List of colours for bios

1st Hundred Ranked Games 49/25/26
2nd Hundred Ranked Games 59/22/19
3rd Hundred Ranked Games 55/22/27
4th Hundred Ranked Games 58/17/21
5th Hundred Ranked Games 65/18/17
6th Hundred Ranked Games 57/16/27

One of the 5 founding members of the "FCUK" Fearless Coaches of the United Kingdom a new stable along the lines of the LOA.
The other members are:
Wiki Page
Group Page

Funny chat stuff
[23:11] <Russo> spubbbba, has no friends except me

[17:35] *** vanessa (~gatitaarc@114.Red-88-18-164.staticIP.rima-tde.net) joined
[17:35] <hungaryray> a girl!
[17:35] <TheSpoonyBard> FEMALES
[17:36] <hungaryray> : O
[17:36] <TheSpoonyBard> MAN THE TORPEDOES
[17:36] *** vanessa quit (Quit )
[17:36] <TheSpoonyBard> \o/
[17:36] <hungaryray> LOL
[17:36] <TheSpoonyBard> we are safe
[17:36] <TheSpoonyBard> for now
[17:36] <hungaryray> lmao!!!!!
[17:36] <hungaryray> XD

[21:49] <;@PeteW> grats spub
[21:49] <;@PeteW> you are the blighty nemesis!

Chatting to Synn after this game.
[19:29] <Synn> two dead mummies?
[19:29] <Synn> you
[19:29] <Synn> flipping (Word changed to protect the innocent)
[19:29] <Synn> rule!
[19:29] <Synn> :D
[19:29] <Synn> the penguins were cheering for you
[19:29] <Synn> good luck in the next rounds

WIL coaches in FUMBBL Cup V

Stable Record
Round 1, 2-1 win over Chewie of SCUM.
Round 2, 1-1 draw against Borgen of LoA Wolfpack
Round 4, 3-0 win over Phil78 of LoA Blighty
Exhibition, 3-0 win over PeteW of Stable PeteW
Round 6, 1-0 win over Wreckage of LoA Blighty

Tournament record

Feeble Cherryboys [FCUK]
Lost in final of Vet CXXIV to Necromantics
Lost in 1st round of SMACK Elite CCVI to Orcs in OT
Lost in the 4th round of Fumbbl Cup VI to Orcs on a cointoss
Lost in the 3rd round of Warpstone Open III to Wood Elves

Undead 210 Challenge
Lost in 1st Round of FUMBBL SMACK Elite CCV to Chaos Dwarfs on a cointoss
Lost in final of Pro CLXXIX to Norse
Won SMACK Sched PRO XXXVIII defeating Undead in the final.
Lost in Roun 2 of FUMBBL Tour 2009 V-1 TR200 to Dwarfs

Smack Roller Coaster
Lost in 1st round of Rookie CX to Ogres in OT
Lost in Final of Experienced LVIII to Halflings
Lost in round 3 of FUMBBL Tour 2010 I-1 TR150 to Undead.
Lost in round 3 of FUMBBL Tour 2010 IV - 1 TR150 to Chaos Dwarfs.

Red Hot Amazons
Lost in the semi of Pacifist Clash VII to Pro Elves
Lost in the 2nd round of FUMBBL Tour 2009 IV-1 TR125 to Orcs.
Won FUMBBL Tour 2009 VI-1 TR150 defeating Undead in the final.

Transvestite Dwarf Passers
Won Pacifist Clash XII defeating Skaven in the final.

I'm Gonna fill the Grid Sukka
7th out of 8 in Speed Freaks VIII 2 draws vs Dwarfs, and 2 losses vs Norse and Necromantics.

Anuvva Orc team 4 da Grid
Lost in the final of Veteran CCXLV to Chaos Dwarfs in OT.
Winner of FUMBBL Tour IV-3 defeating Dwarfs in the final.
Won FUMBBL SMACK Sched PRO XX defeating Orcs in the final.
Winner of FUMBBL Tour 2010 III - 1 TR200 defeating Dwarfs in the final after OT.

Fill the Grid Khemri
Won FUMBBL SMACK Sched VET XII defeating Rotters in the final.
Lost in round 2 of FUMBBL Minors 175TR IV-3 to Amazons.
Lost in round 1 of FUMBBL Tour 2009 VIII-1 TR175 to humans.

British Battling Bullfishes
Lost in round 1 of FUMBBL Minors 125TR III-2 to Undead
Lost in round 1 of FUMBBL Tour 2009 II-3 TR150 to Chaos Dwarfs

Dark Elf 210 Challenge
Lost in round 2 of 2009 FUMBBL Tour 200TR I-2 to Dark Elves in OT.
Lost in round 1 of FUMBBL Minors 225TR FE I-2 to Chaos Dwarfs in OT.
Lost in the final of Qualifier III to Dark Elves.

Norse 210 Challenge
Lost in the Final of FUMBBL Minors 150TR II-2 to Norse.

Touring Orcs
Lost in the Semi Final of FUMBBL SMACK Sched EXP XXXIV to Undead.

Not Another [F] Elf Team
Lost in round 1 of FUMBBL Cup X to Orcs in OT.