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Dark Elf
Dark Elf
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Since October 10th 2015, I've started streaming my bloodbowl games. This is mostly Blood Bowl 2, but also fumbbl.

The Sage
Twitch / Facebook / Youtube / Twitter

About me: I like to chat during games. Also, I'm a (somewhat recovering) elfballer. I don't mind matchups that look hard to win, but do not enjoy having my pixels ground to dust. While I have a few bashy teams, I enjoy agile play a lot more.

Until it became inactive, I was commissioner of the Rush and Pass league: a league with no bashing, no stalling, and no fouling. My favorite team is from that league: Rush and Jump.

#15 coach of 2513

#3 coach of 2514

#1 all-time ranked wood elf coach

2015 113+ point races:
Pro elves (XFL-5/0/0)
Lizadmen (XFL-4/0/1)
Slann (XFL-4/0/1)

Won tournaments:

Warpstone open IX (ranked major)

BUBBLE 2511 (tabletop tourney)
BUBBLE 2512 (tabletop tourney)
BUBBLE 2514 (tabletop tourney)

BUBBLE league fall 2012 (tabletop league)
BUBBLE league spring 2011 (tabletop league)
Dutch champion 2014 (lost the final to Lycos but became highest placed Dutchman)
Amsterdam autumn annihilation cup 2014

HUBBA Bowl IX (HUBBA KO tourney)
HUBBA Bowl VIII (HUBBA KO tourney)
HUBBA Season XII Div 1 (HUBBA league)
HUBBA Season XI Div 1 (HUBBA league)
HUBBA Season X Div 1 (HUBBA league)
HUBBA Season VIII Div 1 (HUBBA league)
Rush and Pass Veterans' League VI (RnP league)
Rush and Pass Veterans' League VII (RnP league)
Lustrian Challenge V Qualifier XIV (Ranked majors qualifier)
Warpstone Open VIII Qualifier II (Ranked majors qualifier)
Scheduled Smack Leg CIII (Ranked minor)
Fighting Cockerel Challenge I Qualifier I (Stunty majors qualifier)
Warpstone Open IX Qualifier I (Ranked majors qualifier)
Warpstone Open X Qualifier V (Ranked majors qualifier)
UI X Qualifier: Bright Lantern (Ranked majors qualifier)
XFL VIII Lizardman (Ranked minor)
XFL IX Pro Elves (Ranked minor)

Other notable achievements:
Was 1st in the BB2 open ladder (then NAF, now COL) for a long time with my dark elves, who went 62/2/0 before their first loss).
Top non-chaos (skaven) in the BB2 COL with 26/0/0
Bubble fall 2011 finalist (tabletop league)
Dutch open 2012 finalist (tabletop tourney)
Dutch open 2014 finalist (tabletop tourney)
Warpstone open VIII finalist (ranked majors)
Shared 2nd place in the LC V group that also contained the two finalists. (ranked majors)
Rush and Pass Veterans' League V finalist (RnP league)
Rush and Pass Veterans' League VIII finalist (RnP league)
Rush and Pass Veterans' League IX finalist (RnP league)
Highest Overall CR:175.91
Highest Overall standing: 11
Highest Ranked CR: 177.15
Highest Ranked standing: 2

To avoid forgetting (!) some, a list of my legendary players:

Rarakod, ST4 basher dark line elf (potioned after 134 games, cured of -MA -AG -ST)
Wistar, MA8 horns basher stormvermin
Rough, basher saurus
Orzul, hitter delf blitzer.
Agile, AG6 retriever/interceptor slann catcher
Block, jumpup mechavermin
Scaly, ST5 LoSaurus
Zoof, AG4 daredevil
Overpriced III, basher slann blitzer
Afroman, AG4 halfling scorer and occasional blitzer
Banehdir the second, AG5 guard dark elf runner
Lion, hitter high elf blitzer
Beard, jumpup squigslayer basher with +AG for legend
Fast, blodge sure hands skink
Badger, AG5 helf thrower (without block!)
Kam II, block fling tree
Herbert Richard 'BO' Baumeister, Vampestigor ballcarrier.
Everyone, pomb delf blitzer
Mr. Guard, blodge fan favorite ball carrier mutant beastman.

Saved replays:
A few good elves hold off the horde of zombies using sidestep.
Welves lose by the snake, but tie by the crowd.
Goblins being horrible little creatures, the ref included.
A nice double chainpush for a touchdown.
Totally outlucking the Tiny Steel Hammers, winning the WO VIII quarterfinal.
Epic top-level elfballing, ball changing hands all the time, ending in an OTTD tie.
No reroll MA7 no sidestep no quick snap OTTD that's saved by diving catch! (turn 16).
Nice OTTD with a reroll-less 5+4+ skink pass.
Every match where skaven do not implode, remember this one.
My pacifistic chaos clear the pitch of 12 humans without any damage skills, or even any frenzy, tackle, or fouling.
OTTD I'm proud of. Planned patsy gets hit by rock, but backup plan lets me get 3 chainpushes on Morg instead.
Turn 16 thrown rock kills epic ST5block guard dark elf lineman Arali.
Crazy orc mirror match. The last quarter contains so much upset!
Fouling a player who wasn't prone when the foul action was declared.

Not mine:
Hate what horrible teams wander the box, glad they sometimes find eachother.
Necro OTTD on defense (10 3 4 8 wolf).
Flying Sammiches 3 vs Agility Monsters 1!
Norse OTTD
Amazing turn 16 pass for a score.
lizards face off against an epic mino. They're both almost cleared, but the mino takes it home.

Fluff pieces:
Spider Queen