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Snot out of the bag 4-round 3 Circus Nurglimus won 2:0
In the hidden corners of the old tavern, a suffocating scent of plague and decay lingered, emanating from the Nurgle cultists. The dark and damp walls were adorned with strange symbols, and the dim light of candles illuminated the gathered tables tucked away in the shadows. Amidst this grim scenery, three figures sat at one of the wooden tables. Their presence evoked unease among the other patrons, who kept their distance, sensing the ominous aura surrounding them.

One of the men, distinguished by his scarlet cloak and rotting hat, picked up an apple from a basket on the table. As soon as he touched the fruit, it began to rot and decompose, filling the tavern with a putrid stench. Undeterred by the sight, the second man caught a fly, which he promptly bit into and washed down with his drink, ignoring the looks of disgust from the other guests.

Andy: (holding the rotting apple) Oh, look what I've found! The perfect apple for our purposes. Soon, it will awaken with true life!

Andre: (catching a fly and dropping it into his goblet) Haha, just look at this, our little dancing fly! It will be another element of our performance. Let people wonder how we do it!

Guts: (laughing and tossing a ball of decay between his hands) All for the art, gentlemen! Plague, decay, these are our elements. Let everyone question our methods!

Andy: Hey, guys! What a game, what a victory! We sure showed those giants who's boss!

Andre: You betcha, Andy! We crushed 'em! 2:0 for our team!

Guts: Haha, not too shabby, fellas! But lemme tell ya, the best part was when our boss, Tom, scored both touchdowns! That guy's unstoppable!

Andy: But lemme tell ya, I was itching to score some points too! That was supposed to be my job, after all.

Andre: Those giants gave us a real beating, no doubt about it. Some of our teammates barely made it through. But ya know what was somethin' else? Tom runnin' like crazy with the ball, bein' chased by those giants! We were all cheerin' him on from the bench, and he kept runnin' like a true champ. Hilarious, I tell ya!

Guts: Haha, yeah, Tom looked like a crazed rabbit out there! I bet he had a blast. As for me, fellas, my juggling skills were on fire today! I was untouchable, not a single giant stood a chance!

Andy: Man, Guts, your juggling was somethin' else! I gotta hand it to ya, you really know how to impress.

Andre: But let me tell ya, one of them giants couldn't handle Guts's showmanship anymore. He just couldn't take it and knocked him out of the stadium with one mighty punch. Talk about a showstopper!

Guts: Haha, well, I may have pushed him too far, but it was worth it! What a game, guys. Now it's time to celebrate our well-deserved victory!

Andy: Alright, boys, grab a drink! Beers for the winners! Here's to our team and the incredible victory!

Andre: And a toast to Tom, our fearless leader! Long live Tom!

Guts: Haha, let's drink to that, fellas! Cheers to our skills, the fun we had, and the future victories waitin' for us!

(The three individuals raise their mugs and continue their conversation about the team's upcoming adventures and successes. While the other guests kept their distance, the men reveled in their macabre experiments, preparing for their next spectacular performances in the name of Nurgle.)

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