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2022-05-16 14:17:58
11 votes, rating 5.9
CIBBL is recruiting - Come and write you own history!

Like the unstoppable Teutogen Guard of the Hammers of the White Wolves CIBBL (CabalVision Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) pushes forward relentlessly!

New myths, legends and tales ever emerging from the sweaty astrogranite fields.

CIBBL is one of the largest custom-roster scheduled league on FUMBBL (currently approaching 100 coaches) and one of the largest active scheduled leagues on FUMBBL.

More importantly it is the place where stories are born!

Will the loss of Jennev Moire be inspiration for a new star at the Outcasts?

Can anyone prevent Idmon reaching legendary status?

Will Kethrep "The Silent" continue to defy the skeletal stereptype?

How is this guy still alive?

CIBBL is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of 2020 + SL2020 teams and 2020+ rules, along with some modifications, edits and possible extras. CIBBL uses a unique, personal ruleset. For more information, see the group HERE.

CIBBL is now entering the Autumn season of Year Nine. As a new season is starting, now is the time for you to start writing your own legacy!

We are looking for committed and competitive coaches to join CIBBL, but your journey is up to you. Maybe you want to create fouling history with Hobgoblins? Perhaps you want to chase the longest winning streak in the league? To us the games are important but the stories & rivalries are what make CIBBL unique.

Up for the challenge and willing to embrace the CIBBL universe? Send me a PM if you are interested.
Available rosters are:

- Albion
- Amazon
- Blood Dragon
- Centigor
- Chaos
- Clan Eshin
- Clan Mors
- Clan Moulder
- Clan Skryre
- Daemons of Khorne
- Daemons of Malal
- Daemons of Nurgle
- Daemons of Slaanesh
- Daemons of Tzeentch
- Elemental - Fire
- Elemental - Water
- Forest Halfling
- Giant
- Gnoblar
- Hobgoblin
- Ironbreakers
- Ka-Sabar
- Khorne
- Kislev
- Kurnous
- Lahmian
- Lizardman
- Lumbria
- Minotaur
- Necrarch
- Ninja Flings
- Nippon
- Norse
- Numas
- Nurgle
- Old World Alliance
- Savage Orc
- Simyin
- Skaven
- Slann
- Squig
- Troll
- Were

Any questions or comments, please feel free to pop in at our Discord hideout or bring them up in private by PM.


"Top league to be a part of - really fantastic staff.
The best part; loads of spectators for all your games and if you’re new they will cheer you and boo your opponent all the way!

Great fun - join today!

When that guy pronounced that he had invented Blood Bowl, this is the sort of thing he was envisaging. CIBBL brings the game to life just that bit more with a real feeling of story and history to it, all so well put together and maintained by the CIBBL staff.
Loads of great coaches and loads of different teams make you want every FUMBBL game to be a CIBBL game." (Sweep12121)

"Best league I've ever been part of!" (Garion)

"Top admin staff and coach community, top tournament structure, top fluff and extras, top new teams and stars...top fun!" (Rbthma)

"I think the nicest thing I can say about CIBBL in terms of leagues etc is that I never ever thought I would play in a proper scheduled one. And CIBBL in terms of fumbbl-wide looks to me to have filled a void I didn't even know existed." (ArrestedDevelopment)

"As a new player with no idea what I'm doing, I have found CIBBL to be an exceptionally welcoming and friendly community, regardless of whether it's chattering in the Discord, spectating games (either in real-time or using the new Rewind functionality of the Cabalvision boxes) or losing them. Most fun you can have on FUMBBL!" (datom)

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Posted by Diablange on 2022-05-16 14:23:42
Great stuff !:)

Come and join ! Plenty of super rosters available ! :)

@C0ddlefish, you might want to modify the link hidden behind Jennev Moire's icon, as it goes to Idmon's page. :)
Posted by C0ddlefish on 2022-05-16 14:37:13
thanks Diablange
Posted by Kondor on 2022-05-17 08:34:35
I miss not being a part of CIBBL. When will the season kick off? I have commitments for the last part of June but I may sign up if I can get rolling in July.
Posted by Kondor on 2022-05-17 08:35:34
Is CIBBL now running BB2020? Are there plans to switch to BB2020?
Posted by C0ddlefish on 2022-05-17 11:01:25
Hey Kondor, yes 2020 rules on the pitch. But without redraft (so we can build our legends) means we still use the 2016 dice rolling system for skill ups at 6, 16, 31 SSP etc.

New season is likely to be early to mid June.
Posted by C0ddlefish on 2022-05-17 11:07:54
Typically a 10 day cycle so you'd probably be looking at needing to play 2 games in june