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2024-04-25 06:30:05
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2024-04-25 06:30:05
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Build your own roster!
Hey everyone!
I've posted in forum before, but I figure this would be a better place to put this.
We are about a third of the way through the inaugural season of Point-Economy Blood Bowl League (PEBBL).

What is PEBBL you ask? Well its the perfect league for all of you that think you should be on GW's R&D team. I've built a spreadsheet that gets fairly close to a "line of best fit" for skills, stats, and skill access to accommodate a majority of GW teams +/- 10k. Then I did some biased manipulation to cause some skills to be worth more than what GW valued them at and others cheaper. Then I built a *TON* of automation in the spreadsheet. Now all you have to do is select what you want from a series of drop down menus, make sure there are no red flags, and I will bring your creation to FUMBBL life!* Dwarves, elves and everything in between are viable options, so I'm sure you can build a team that you would be proud to field.

I have 12 current coaches vying for Mad Scientist glory currently. They are divided into 2 divisions based on feedback of temporal availability over a 2 week period per round. Once a division has completed the first series of divisional matches, there will be a 1 week "bye week" for people wanting to adjust their team builds and add any of you crazy people to the mix. They will then compete against everyone in their division for a second time. Following that we will take the top 2 from each division to playoffs with the Championship mostly being a battle of time zones!

Check them out in Season 1 Division A and B.

Currently the division leaders are:
Division A: Rodent Nobility by shook_one. What if you gave Imp nobs armor and a gutter runner and an Ulfwerner? Apparently really, really good things!

Division B: Drowf by Habeli. A bafflingly high scoring dwarf team that leverages kick/throw teammate combos to pile on points alongside very abnormal skill options!

If you would be interested in joining PEBBL follow the discord link below:

We have 2 roles,
Explorer: This is for people that just want to see what the hell I'm talking about and watch the madness unfold. Your teams will still be created and you can play test games but you aren't obligated to join the regular season. Preseason open round-robins are welcome to Explorers.

PEBBL Coach**: This is where the big brains compete for cerebral glory. You are entered into the next available opportunity to compete in the ultimate showdown of game knowledge and game skill***.

The league also self-generates star players from previous**** seasons! Cas leader, TD leader, MVP etc all get created as Stars to carry on the legacy of excellence. The season champions will get to design their own star as well! And for you spicy cooks out there, the FUMBBL community will get to select the "Best Designed Team" to build another star.

So come in here and get creative with us! More information available in the discord!

*Carthage is not a licensed necromancer. Any and all side effects of this abomination of a league are at user's own risk.
** Discord IS required for this and will be used to coordinate matches.
*** Nuffle has final say on what "skill" actually means.
**** Season 1 stars were selected from players I thought fit the mold of what I wanted for stars. After season 1, these will be generated from existing players via a defined selection process.
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Posted by neuro_ on 2024-04-25 20:26:40
i think the craziest fun so far was the rooting-chainsaw-titchies!
Posted by spelledaren on 2024-04-25 22:27:49
For anyone crazy enough.
Posted by daniel7582 on 2024-04-26 16:17:24
"1/6 for the root isn't that bad if you have a lot of them"... I was so naive.
Posted by razmus on 2024-04-29 18:52:32
Coaches from what part of the world would be welcome to playing as PEBBL Coach?
Posted by Carthage on 2024-04-29 20:10:13
Any parts of the world are welcome.

When you select your role, there is also a set of 6 roles that break the day down into 4 hour chunks. Players select which 4 hour blocks (in fumbbl server TZ) they are most often available to play.

I use that then to group the divisions to create the most overlap as possible. This accommodates people that work off-hours a bit better than a strict NA/EU divide.
Posted by Habeli on 2024-04-30 07:01:54
Join now that you can still make players like: https://fumbbl.com/p/position?id=57923 or https://fumbbl.com/p/position?id=57644
and a team nobody wants to play against: https://fumbbl.com/p/team?id=1175470

Or start building up for the next season with a bit less prone to absurdities player builder to make something that would never exist in the WH universe like the Pestilence infected Lizardmen & Skaven Alliance (or could they?)