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Someone elses Dirty Laundry
So.... since it has become the current pop politic in the Blogospheres to hang our insecurities out to dry in front of everyone else... Can Fummbl be the place where can finally decide whether "dice" is a countable our uncountable noun.... Nothing drives me crazier than reading "dices" or "maths" the Brits/Aussies/and South Africans need to get it together man... its DICE they are DICE you roll DICE.
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Posted by koadah on 2019-06-27 01:19:57
Sometimes you only roll a die.

But maffs is still maffs.
Posted by HandyKaufman on 2019-06-27 01:30:58
math is by it's inherent nature uncountable. There is no Math(s). Despite it's infinitude.... it is also semantically wrong to say Math(s)… We don't study Englishes… We don't study Geographies... We don't study Sciences... We don't study Arts... We don't study Physical Educations... "Mom I'm done doing my maths problems... and I don't have any more homeworks… can I play Blood Bowls now?"
Posted by Dalfort on 2019-06-27 01:52:49
Maths is the diminutive form of Mathematics, US English is a bastardisation of UK English which in turn adopted, bastardised or plain stole from multiple other languages before that, so in this age of "acceptance" just accept that others use an "s" as we English have to accept that Yanks can't spell or pronounce a significant amount of our (shared) vocabulary.

I wish you a good day (aka: Have a nice day).
Posted by Gozer_the_Gozerian on 2019-06-27 01:54:28
I hate to be 'that guy' but we do study Arts. For example, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Posted by HandyKaufman on 2019-06-27 02:06:42
Mathematics is AN UNCOUNTABLE NOUN... It is spelt with an "s" like "grass"... "I'm going to go play on the grasses!" And yes I have an MFA so I'm keen to the "Arts" but "art" is like pizza or cake. If you have one pizza you don't say "how many pizzas would you like?" you say "How much pizza would you like" same with art if you have one field of study... say painting... "Do you like my art?" not "Do you like my arts?" but if you are in the university where there is dance, music, theater, drawing then you have the arts.. Math and Dice are not countable. "Today I'm going to do algebras and calculusses."
Posted by fidius on 2019-06-27 02:17:14
Handy, are you goofing on Elvis?
Posted by koadah on 2019-06-27 02:41:01
What? People count dice all the time.

Maths is maths. You could call it turnips if you want. It would still be maths.
Posted by HandyKaufman on 2019-06-27 02:59:50
one turnup two turnups

one math?

"Uh hey waiter I'll have one sandwich no make that two sandwiches... and can I have two maths to go with that?"

I mean even spell check red underlines maths…. It's so basic...
Posted by RedPuma on 2019-06-27 06:33:52
I love discussions like that! :D
So a quick google research tells me that there actually is no right or wrong with math/s - both are accepted. That being said, the book I use over here in Germany to teach English uses maths.

Dice are definitely countable. You should throw 2 dice blocks, but Cesar only rolled (casted?) one die when he crossed the Rubicon. Alea iacta est.
Posted by Throweck on 2019-06-27 09:34:23
First world problems.

It’s origin was a plural in Greek ‘mathematika’ (the a denoting a plural of all things maths like). It was then translated into English as a plural but held a singular meaning. You are judging a 100 year old word by today’s standards.

I think it was than changed in America along with other English words such as colour/color. (Color comes up in my spell check)

I think you have to try and respect origins in some forms like this one. Just because America does it one way does not make it right.

My final point...it drives me crazy when people type Fumbbl when it’s actually FUMBBL.

He who casts the first stone...etc.

Posted by DukeTyrion on 2019-06-28 17:48:09
When I was in school, I studied Mathematics, not Mathematic, so it's Maths.

Statistics gets shortened to Stats, not Stat...

Agree on the Dice though, the singular of which is Die
Posted by fidius on 2019-07-01 05:15:36
Quiz for DT: Name the English/American hard rock/glam metal supergroup formed in 1987, reuniting Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain with singer John Waite and bassist Ricky Phillips, his former bandmates in The Babys, along with Journey guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo.