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Elucubrations on Redrafts
Just a few unrelated considerations about redrafting. They've been floating between my ears for a bit and I thought of putting them somewhere, maybe other can add to them or pick holes.

What about my freak Legend?
As much as I'd like your carefully groomed, impossibly long lived stat freaks to disappear in a cloud of tears that then forms the sentence "1350k, BITCHES!" it's just not the case.

debog (400k on first redraft) can stick around for ages, as long as he doesn't want too many other vampires outshining him.

I can take Received Pronunciation into a redraft, plus 10 brand new orc linos, for a meager 810k. That leaves me with 190k-540k worth of upgrades. I'd probably go for a couple of rerolls and a few new or rehired positionals. Playing the first match with no apo, maybe.

What about the often linked Myyrä? That's 360k on the first redraft, 380k on the second, 400k on the third... That still leaves space for 10 beasts, an apo, a couple of rerolls, maybe some redrafted developed players. You are then, by those calculations, milking at least another 60 matches (15x4) out of that fantastic monster. You can probably afford to do that for double that amount of matches, 6 or 7 redrafts, and still have a sort of viable team on game 1 of each season.

So where does that leave MUH META?
In a weird position for sure. For quite some time, until the perms and the sweet release of death take care of the last freak, we won't have the purest distillation of bb20 TM in [C], but a mixed environment.

On one side, new teams and teams that redrafted "properly" or just didn't have any freaks to bring into the new world. On the other, teams that will increasingly look like the non-resurrection version of a 400k Star trying to fit into a NAF style roster. And no pressure on them either: they can wait in P state forever, then play 15 games just to build up some supporting characters, and then take their chances in a Major.

The kicker is that no one will be able to make those freaks in the new system. It's possible to try, just not as easily. And every 15 matches you get to redraft your halfbaked star with a hefty 20k cumulative tax on top. Probably better to get your Legends sorted now.

Mind you I'm not saying this is a problem, I'm just saying [C] is not gonna be your local pickup matches League, only with a thousand coaches in it, but some other beast entirely.

But redrafting is unrealistic!
I was a bit annoyed myself at the reasons given for where players who are not rehired go after a season. It sounded like handwaving. But it's really not!
Rookies just go play as rookies in another team. Sorted.
Players with one skill go play as mercenaries. Or just go do something else for a bit and when they go back to active play they've forgotten what they had learned.
Players with multiple skills become Stars, coaches, or simply retire! This sport is a PTSD machine. One player dies or gets maimed every match. Players see a teammate die every 4 games, on average. That's why they keep asking for more cash every season, they increasingly understand how risky it is. And eventually they quit.

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Posted by Nightbird on 2021-04-02 22:52:29
When you think about how the BB2020 game is set up & the fact that there are many star players available to hire it would seem that centering your team around one or two players is rampant in the old world & this is how the game is meant to be played?
Posted by Java on 2021-04-02 23:15:38
that's an interesting point, but (I think) historically BB has been about team rather than player, and the way bb20 player development is set up it doesn't look very conducing to making new debogs, so to speak

we'll see
Posted by Nelphine on 2021-04-03 00:51:56
looking at how a league like NCBB works out, I'm fully expecting to build those kinds of stars (on some teams). I happen to like teams that are good with the 'stars and scrubs' mentality, so I'll be playing those; and on many of the best positionals, I'll roll a stat as the first thing. Once I get a nice stat, the rest of the positionals won't bother, but then I'll build the entire team around that player. So getting a player like [url=https://fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=12766323]Julian Starr[/url] who made legend in less than 30 games, will be how I play; and now I get to GUARANTEE getting a stat when I want one, even if don't know WHAT stat.. but MV is cheap as hell now, and getting +MV +MV is honestly godly on many teams. I think that's exactly what teams will look like - get some stat freak, and redraft him for 10 seasons.
Posted by Java on 2021-04-04 08:38:04
I can see the appeal of that BUT with random MVPs you might take a little longer, and with stats costing more SPPs than regular skills, you'll need even more. In the meantime your team is basically a rookie team, while your positionals stock up on SPPs to get their first stat. It looks like a long road to me but maybe it'll work out :)
Posted by Nelphine on 2021-04-05 00:28:50
While I hear you, skills are cheaper than they are today. So while you're right, getting that first skill will be slower if its a stat, fleshing out the player after that will be much faster(particularly skill 6, but even skill 5).
Posted by Java on 2021-04-05 23:56:42
that is true. Another thing I can see happening is a a lot of super stars being redrafted and turning into legends almost instantly with a cheap normal or even a random skill.